Just a guide I threw together for @edorazzi​ and any cosplayers who were wondering about the placement of Ladybug’s spots (and @miracurefladyblog​ if you guys don’t have one yet)

If you’re particular about the spots being the right size, I’d say all the ones on her torso (25) and thighs (26) are large, and all the ones on her arms (26) and below her knees (26) are small. So…51 large and 52 small (or 57 small if you include the mask).


I would like to speak to you of Haven—the village in the Frostbacks, close to the Temple of Sacred Ashes. It was home to the Disciples of Andraste, as they called themselves. After the Hero of Ferelden discovered the Temple of Sacred Ashes…what remained of the cult moved on, and Haven was abandoned to the ice and the snow.