Every dragon has its secrets. And I’ll show them all to you. {x}

This scene makes us know that Valka has had interactions with Night Furies before meeting Toothless. She knows this secret spot on Toothless’ neck right away, also aware of what it does. She also knows what species he is without asking Hiccup. I truly hope we find out for sure if she has been around other Night Furies and what she knows about them! Maybe she knows where they went… or maybe where they are? She has so many secrets!


Get To Know Me Meme: Favorite Characters [1/?]

↳ Elena Fisher

Elena Fisher is a bright and self-reliant investigator of historical mysteries, an American journalist, TV personality and Foreign Correspondent. She was born in Florida according to Naughty Dog bios and official game guides. In the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune manual, it states that Elena eventually gained fame by taking part in a reality show on TV, then began hosting one of her own. Her TV show is successful and it airs on a premiere cable network, yet despite this, it still has a small budget. Because of this, Elena hosts the show herself, while her producers manage costs.”

¿Por qué Willy odia a Vegetta? #2
  • Vegetta:Willy, quiero que probemos cosas nuevas. Ya que estoy en Madrid y tú en Barcelona...
  • Willy:¿Sí?
  • Vegetta:¡Vamos a tener sexo telefónico!
  • Willy:(...) No.
  • Vegetta:Anda Willy, chiqui, peque, principesco, andaaaaaaa~
  • Willy:(...) (...) No.
  • Vegetta:Vale, pues ya me buscaré a alguien que satisfaga mis...
  • Willy:Está bien, a ver, ¿qué quieres que haga?
  • Vegetta:Pues... Te diré cosas calientes, ¿vale?
  • Willy:Bueno... vale...
  • Vegetta:La estufa, el Sol, el Verano... *Suenan carcajadas*
  • Willy:Te odio. Te odio tanto...

Spirit healers. This super rare specialization that takes such great innate ability and intense training to perfect and control. There to support others, heal them, amp them up for a fight, stay out of the thick of it. They can be damn feared because they’ll keep their party up and fighting. But they’re also gentle. They’re the doctors, the caretakers. They help people. 

But…spirit healers probably see the worst of it. They see the deaths. They treat the wounds. How often do they feel weak or powerless? (How often does a spirit healer think if only I were a better healer, or, if only I were a battlemage - how much more good could I do, how many more people could I protect.)

And here’s Anders, an incredibly powerful spirit healer, getting right into the middle of battle. Right into the heart of the cause. A spirit healer, a natural nurturer, building a bomb, removing the compromise, ready for war.

And here’s Fiona, an incredibly powerful spirit healer, leader of the mage rebellion, looking forward to the future of her people, ready for war.

What I’m saying is, sometimes a bone needs to be broken to be reset, and the healers would know this better than anyone else.

And I just love that the most powerful mages and figures of the mage rebellion are spirit healers, of all things.