odin arrow: g-gil?? nah what a jerk what a — [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of gil spill out of jacket] w-what  a fcking asshole i these aren’t mine I’m just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen I just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of gil scatter across the floor] shit fuck I’m holding them for a friend just l-l-LISTEN

A Collection of Quotes in preparation for meta, shhhh don’t worry about it nbd nbd
  • “There’s nothing better than a self made monster.” [Lucy “ArcturusOne” Zephyr]
  • “In the beginning, Pandora was chaos… and then there was Jack.“ [Opportunity Hall of History pt 1]
  • “The Handsome One“ [Opp. HoH pt 3]
  • “There is only one word to describe what Jack has become to Pandora: a hero.” [Opp. HoH pt 4]
  • “Jack damn you!” [dying Hyperion engineer] 
  • “Jack as my witness, you’ll die!” [aggroed H. Eng]
  • “Thank Jack! He owed me money!” [H. Eng. on comrade death]
  • “…so his doubles can do all his hand-kissing and baby-shaking for him.” [Angel]
  • “That pocket watch also records audio – Jack loved to listen to the praise of his underlings.” [Angel]
  • “Did you know that some people on this planet still believe in silly superstitions like angels, demons, and ancient alien warriors? We like to call them ‘bandits’,“ [Opportunity echo of Jack] 
  • “Did you know you’re staring at the future site of the opportunity pleasure palace? That’s right – for a thousand bucks, you’ll be able to spend an hour with a life-sized likeness of me.” [Opportunity information kiosk #2]
  • “The Hyperion corporation wishes to clarify that the bright light you saw after death was our digistruct technology, not a higher power. Not higher than Hyperion, anyway.” [Opportunity New-U Station
  • “Hey, kids! Did you know what your mommies and daddies gave up so you could live in Opportunity? Literally nothing! Your families are paid to be here – I’m the one who feeds and protects everyone. Remember: we should all love our parents, but love me more.” [Opp. Info kiosk #4]
  • “Robots, remember your three governing laws: Jack is your God, Threshers are your enemies, and both consider you disposable.” [Hyperion Dam Overhead Speaker]
  • “Why… it is man’s endeavor to become god! How’s that for an enigmatic answer?” [Coyote, Gunnerkrigg Court, Chapter 20][this doesn’t have to do with borderlands specifically I just think it’s a good quote]
  • “Do not fear about the afterlife, Hyperion customer. Hell is reserved for pedophiles, and people who buy Jakobs munitions.” [Lynchwood New-U Station]

Walked up to the bartender, “Hello. I’d like to fill out an application.” Bartender: “Ok, sure. One sec.” Guy at the bar #1: *scoffs* Application? Ha!“ Guy at the bar #2: "yea! I’d hire him on the spot!” *Guys at bar cheers and down a shot*

Yo, legit, I have been feeling. my. self. lately! And apparently people are noticing. 😎😘😏 #trans #ftm #mybodyissexy #ifeelgood