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I think that the main thing that bothers me about the PSA is just that they seem like they're kind of going out of their way to piss people off. That just seems kind of immature to me, but I guess I overall trust that they know what they're doing

I honestly am not sure why they went ahead and posted it. Like I agree with the video, but like. In all honesty they didnt want to show tucker’s skin color because it’d cause a ruckus. 

lmao the jake tag is so awkward to be in rn because so many people are happy about aro jake and i sympathize w that feel, but i’m just like… there’s a good chance that’s gonna get directly jossed…….. and they’re gonna be soooo disappointed and angry and feel cheated about it, and i can also sympathize w that feel and i don’t want anyone to feel it, but i also don’t wanna be like “i think you’re misinterpreting this in a huge way and are only setting yourself up for disappointment”, so i’m stuck just kinda watching people celebrate and cringing internally

also im ngl being told jake is Definitely Canon Aro And If You Disagree You Are Arophobic feels personally invalidating to me + lacking in context and nuance in ways that are irritating for reasons of applying to me personally + inconsiderate of what is a good healthy way to parse a situation that i relate to a lot

can we just. undo this upd8. it somehow manages to be an all-around bad move for everyone