Creepypasta #1142: The Yellowstone Incident

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Out of respect for their families, I will refrain from using the real names.

The story made national headlines. It was reported that, while visiting the Yellowstone National Park, a man had accidentally fallen into what he believed at the time to be a hot spring. This pool would, in fact, be highly acidic, killing the twenty-six-year-old John Doe within moments of exposure. Both Doe and his sister Jane Doe were said to have deviated from the safety of the park’s boardwalk before the accident occurred. The victim and his sister were accused of entering an unauthorized area with the intention of “hot potting” (soaking in thermal pools).

While a few of the details mentioned beforehand reflect the actual events that transpired, the majority of what was reported had been rearranged and manipulated. I know this because I had witnessed the actual events that transpired first hand. For the past two years, I have been a volunteer intern in Yellowstone’s preventive SAR (Search and Rescue) program. The program allowed me to further my knowledge in the medical field by working in and around the various emergency scenarios that took place within the park.

Dispatch responded to an emergency call placed by an individual who reported that he and his wife had encountered an incoherent woman, later identified as Jane. Doe had apparently fallen into a state of hysteria. The couple was able to ascertain very little from Doe between her broken speech patterns and loud outbursts. The only word they’d be able to make out would be the name of her brother, a name that she would continue to repeat in a chant-like pattern.

We arrived near 8 pm, only to find that Doe was no longer in a state of panic. The man who originally placed the call explained that Doe’s loud ranting had suddenly ceased within seconds. When we encountered Doe, she had been sitting on a bench, enveloped in some sort of trance-like stare. It was only after was addressed her directly that she snapped out of this daze. Once she had become aware of her surroundings, Jane Doe insisted on leading us on a trail, just northwest of the pork chop geyser in the Norris basin.

Jane Doe would not respond to our questions. She would only repeat the words, “he’s dead”, before reverting to a state of silence.

We discovered the body of John Doe floating in the center of the pool. It was at this time that Jane began showing signs of an emotional breakdown, as she tried desperately to thwart the other rescue workers from approaching the edge of the pool. She was instantly distraught, screaming that there was something in the pool, something that would kill us all.

Impending night coupled with an oncoming electrical storm forced us to abandon our initial efforts.

Once we returned to the park medical facility, we attempted to question Jane Doe once again, in the hopes that she’d be able to shed light on the morbid scenario. It was apparent that Jane had taken the time to gather what mental faculties she had been left with. She explained that her brother had been lured to the pool. She continued on frantically, saying that she began to film the entire event because she knew nobody would believe her. Jane produced her cell phone and proceeded to play the prerecorded video. A video that I myself would view along with a handful of others.

Due to the detailed nature of the recording, I’ve taken the time to craft a transcript based on my own viewing. Some elements have been left out or paraphrased due to my own limited recollection.

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