honeybyunbyun asked:

hey i really love your arts. they are really awesome ❤ it would be so cool if you can draw natsu and lucy together with their future child. It would be so cute ❤ *fingers crossed* pls?

Thankl you so much! Natsu and Lucy together with their child/ baby/ Nashi was requested quite often..so here you go =)

Been extremely depressed and not sure what to do with my life lately… I’ve been TRYING so damn hard to get my youtube channel growing and it just seems like my life is still falling apart… But I’m holding my ground, I keep telling myself I WILL do this, and I just keep fighting every day. I want nothing more than to inspire people and help them through their lives, because I know just how hard life can really get. Between being abused by someone who said they loved me, to becoming a single mother, and kidney failure, I know how it feels to feel completely beaten down and worn to the point of breaking. But I’ve survived this long and I’ll survive even longer. I want to brighten everyone’s day now and again with silly videos and let them know that things aren’t that bad, even when they seem like they’ve reached their worst. There’s always something or someone to be thankful for, and it kills me to know that I’ve felt so low before, and to know that SO many people out there feel the exact same way and need someone to help them see that life is beautiful. There is NOTHING in your life that makes you less of a person. Everyone is beautiful and EVERYONE deserves to know that, especially when they’re at their weakest. That’s the message I hope to spread…
Anyway, I decided to vent through art and wound up drawing therealjacksepticeye & markiplier. Hope you guys like it… :)
I planned on drawing the whole gang but… I just lost my gusto to do it.