If Sasuke and Naruto had their own free will, this is what would totally happen in front of the entire village

But sadly they can’t since they are being controlled by the evil -sarcasm- Kishimoto-sensei at the moment.

bianca is going to break up with the guy she
- actually liked and wanted to be in a relationship with tbh (she freaking went to his game when she thought sports were stupid and had about -323123 school spirit after his friends were rude as fuck to her)
-put her life on the line and was abused to protect him from vince and his thugs
-is willing to murder someone and go to jail so that everything will end finally
-rats out everyone in the gang to the cops (theoretically this could have put them in even more danger. being in jail doesn’t mean they couldn’t have had people on the outside find drew or bianca and kill one if not both of them)
-didn’t want to be with until he broke up with katie because she wasn’t “that” girl anymore
-got engaged to in high school omf
-whose family she’s pretty much a part of
-she nominated for school president when he’s not the brightest kid there was but she believed he could do it (even when he thought it was a joke and didn’t believe in himself)

yes ok degrassi it makes perfect sense that bianca would want to break up with drew just because she’s away at school 100% accurate so good you make all the sense