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Isn't draco a pretty lame character? I don't mean to offend, but I can't really see why people like him so much (except because Tom Felton is, yknow, hot).

Personally I kind of find him fascinating. He’s the product of two purists and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth which to some already makes him just another pompous and annoying asshole but I guess I’ve always seen more in him than that. He’s a product of his upbringing and his surroundings but I’ll admit he was just really annoying to me until I reached Half Blood Prince and then you really get a good look into who he is as a character. You see that he’s not just a pompous purist but that he’s a human being. He’s trying to do what’s been asked of him (forced upon him really) and he’s cracking under the pressure time and again and you really see that all of that confidence and cockiness he has throughout the books is just one big show. You can see that Draco wants more in his life rather than the path that has been set out for him, and in Half Blood Prince and the Deathly Hallows he actually became my favorite character pretty much. I think when you look at him as a human being and not just a villain you can really see the insecurities and all the nuances that he has that makes him “Draco Malfoy,” and there is so much more to him than surface level. 

Also I refuse to believe the bull that you should hate Draco because he’s an awful human being (and yet love Snape I mean c’mon) because you really have to think about his family, his circumstances, his world, everything that goes into what made him who he is. HBP changed my outlook on him and I guess his transition in that book is what made him fascinating and great to me.  

Comes home drunk: Draco. His father is being a dick and trying to get him to join the death eaters. 

Tops in bed: They switch, although Draco rather be on top, he can’t say no to Harry. 

Does the laundry: Harry, and Draco is all confused and wondering why Harry knows how to do laundry. He always thought Potter was treated like royalty. 

Cleans the mess: Draco insist on using a House Elf, but Harry refuses and cleans it himself. Draco doesn’t know how badly the Dursley’s treated his boyfriend yet. 

Leaves a mess: Neither really leave a mess, but after a while dust begins to build up, and it must be swept. 

Throws food at the other: Harry starts it, and for once, Draco lets go and acts like a child. What his father doesn’t know won’t kill him. 

Spins around in the squeaky chair: Harry, and Draco just watches his boyfriend act childish. He doesn’t mind, it’s nice seeing him act like a human, instead of a boy brought into a war that wasn’t his fault. 

Gets jealous easiest: Harry. Draco is very popular in the Slytherin house, and the daughters of the death eaters are constantly asking him out on a date.  Draco gets jealous too, especially with how Cedric looks at his boyfriend. 

Cuddles the other: Draco isn’t much of a cuddle person, unless he’s in a bad mood. Harry, however, loves to cuddle and always has his head laying on Draco’s stomach. 

Feeds the pets: They both have individual pets, Hedwig hasn’t forgiven Draco yet, and pecks at his fingers. 

Cooks the meals: Harry, and he tells Draco how he is used to cooking. Draco realizes that Harry was treated poorly at his muggle relatives and vows to curse them one day.  

Spends the longest time getting ready: Draco, he needs to use a lot of gel to get that hair slicked back the way he wants it. 

And who spends the most money: They both spend about the same amount, and Draco learns how Harry is often giving money to charities. Wizard and non wizard. He just smiles, and knows he has  the kindest boyfriend.