There he was again.

Draco stopped at the end of the hall, watching the small boy taking pictures of Harry. Draco didn’t see Romilda Vane or any of the other Harry Potter fangirls around, so it couldn’t be that they had asked him to. Draco did vaguely remember the same boy doing this in the past years as well; taking pictures of Harry Potter.

Draco did know that he wanted some pictures. Aside from a few newspaper clippings of Harry, Draco didn’t have many pictures of Harry.

He only had the pictures for research of course. Harry Potter was his mortal enemy and planned to destroy Voldemort and Draco mapped out every detail of Harry’s face not because of his stunning green eyes and sexy hair but rather that he would be going up against him during the war.

Draco had no interest in the handsome Gryffindor’s olive skin and he certainly didn’t fantasize about running his hands over the boy’s chest. And if he fancied a wank and Harry’s picture happened to be in his site at the same time, well, what a coincidence.

Draco shivered at the thought, and these were what led him to go after the small boy. “Oi, Creevey!” He shouted, hoping that was the boy’s name.

The Gryffindor turned his gaze from his most recent picture to look at Draco. He immediately took a step away and Draco could tell that he was a little frightened.

“Are you taking pictures of Potter?” Draco asked with a sneer, stopping a few inches in front of the boy. “Um, er, y-yes!” The boy stuttered, fumbling with his camera.

Draco stayed silent for some time, giving him a glare. Finally, “How much for one?” “W-what?” Creevey said, starring at Draco like he was insane. “How much for a bloody picture of Potter? Know what, here, 10 galleons, should be enough, yeah?” Draco barked. He grabbed the galleons out of his robe pocket and gave it to Creevey.

Colin Creevey starred at him, surprised to say the least, before nodding slowly. “O-okay. Here?” The boy said, hesitantly handing Draco a picture. It was lovely, a picture of Harry turning and smiling, laughing with Weasley.

Draco bit back his smile and spun around, starting the leave. Then he turned back and glared at Creevey. “If you tell anyone about this I will rip off your arms and throw them in the trash along with that stupid camera of yours, understood?”

Patron Harry Potter Signs

Aries- Fred and George Weasley (April 1, 1978)
Taurus- Professor Sprout (April 15)
Gemini- Draco Malfoy (June 5, 1980)
Cancer- Dudley Dursley (June 23, 1980)
Leo- Harry Potter (July 31, 1980)
Virgo- Hermione Granger (September 19, 1978)
Libra- Minerva McGonagall (October 4)
Scorpio- Molly Weasley (October 30)
Sagittarius- Rubeus Hagrid (December 6)
Capricorn- Severus Snape (January 9, 1960)
Aquarius- Arthur Weasley (February 6)
Pisces- Ronald Weasley (March 1, 1980)