Quick reminder that

  • It’s pretty much canon that Lucius abused Draco
  • All of Draco’s racist, pureblood supremacist views were wholly instilled in him by his parents

  • Harry and Draco were enemies - they attacked and hurt each other just about equally. Draco was a bully to many, like Neville, but not to Harry
  • Draco saved Harry, Hermione and Ron’s lives in the Manor by lying about not knowing who they were. And if you say he only did it because he thought Harry’s side was the winning side, shut up, no he didn’t. At the time, it seemed like Voldemort was indestructible, and that Harry Potter would definitely die.

  • Draco was forced into being a Death Eater, and even when the lives of himself and his parents hung over him, he couldn’t murder anyone
  • Draco was redeemed
  • JK Rowling’s future for Draco was bullshit and I respect that she’s the Author and all, but that would be so not what happened so don’t rely on that ending as proof of anything. Draco Malfoy would have had his mind blown by everything his parents had ever told him being a dirty rotten lie, and would have spent pretty much the rest of his life being not a single bit like his father, making it up to all he hurt, and becoming say, a Healer, to help everyone after the war.  

Thank you and have a nice day xxx

It really annoys me when people use the fact that Draco went back over to Voldemort’s side (the scene where Voldemort hugs him) as a reason to support his “evilness.” Anyone with a half a brain would realize that, had Draco stayed on Hogwarts’ side, his parents would get killed right then and there. This whole war, Draco has just been trying to keep them alive. He wanted to be on the good side—Harry’s side— but chose to go over simply to save their lives.

(Tech’s note: before anyone asks, because they always do, yes this only happened in the film.)

Dear Draco fandom-

I get it. He’s a neat character, I also actually like him a lot! 

But please-  He was not afraid of or abused by his father. He was not a victim of parental abuse. He was not ignored, or hurt, or unloved by his father. I see this is a big theme amongst his fans, and him having daddy-issues makes him into a more romantic and troubled character and I understand the appeal of that but it’s just not true. 

Lucius, who:

  • Listened to Draco whine about Harry all summer enough to be exasperated with it. 
  • Who made a big fuss over his grades at Hogwarts, disappointed Draco didn’t do as well as a muggleborn, Hermione Granger.  
  • Who got him onto the Quidditch team and bought his team all new brooms.
  • Who raised all hell when Draco was attacked by Buckbeak- enough to attempt to get the creature killed. 
  • Who was visibly distraught over his son’s whereabouts in the Shrieking Shack and who literally asked Voldemort if he could leave to find his son and was totally defeated when he was denied this.
  • Who was shut down by Voldemort for suggesting they go to Hogwarts to find Harry Potter because Voldy knew he all he wanted was to find Draco. 
  • Who, wandless, completely abandoned Voldemort and the Death Eaters during the Battle of Hogwarts and risked his own life to find his son. 

Let’s also mention Draco’s distress at his father being imprisoned in Azkaban, enough to nearly curse Harry because he blames his rival for his father’s incarceration.  Who was also hugely distressed not only at his own potential death at the hands of Voldemort should he not kill Dumbledore, but also at the threat of his parents being killed as well. 

So please. Consider this: Draco was not a troubled character in the beginning. He was a spoiled rotten brat, actually. But he BECOMES a troubled character during the time of Voldemort’s return, and after the Battle of Hogwarts- in which he is forced into a terrible task, he likely was tortured and likely had to witness his parents being tortured, in which he is likely also aware that he is being forced into these situations not because HE is being punished, but because his FATHER is being punished. Remember that? Lucius fell from Voldemort’s good books, and he’s paying the price for it- and Voldemort is doing it through his son, because Voldemort KNOWS that Draco is precious to Lucius and Narcissa. Voldemort is targeting Draco because he knows it’s probably killing Lucius inside to see his 16 year old son forced to do things no 16 year old boy should be doing. 

So. Please keep that in mind, okay?  

ok but imagine: after harry leaves hermione and ron to set off to the forbidden forest to die, he meets draco on the way. draco tells harry to wait and tries to stop him from going to voldemort and tears up and can’t find the words to tell him how he feels. when harry tries to leave anyway and draco calls him back by his first name he realizes that it wasn’t hate that made draco bully him all these years

Okay but like Harry and Draco becoming friends later in life because they end up sitting next to each other @ ministry meetings and offhandedly crack sarcastic/snarky jokes and chuckle quietly, trying not to disrupt the meeting. And then they start conspiring to pull pranks together and sometimes sneak off during meetings or charm objects to bounce off some uptight official’s head – just think of all the mischief these two could cause, siriusly.

All Organic

Pairing: Draco x Hermione (Dramione)
Setting: Coffee shop AU 
Word Count: 2271 words
Notes: the xx really is gold, tbh

To be completely honest, Hermione applies to work at Brew Glory because the décor is perfect.

There are freshly cut flowers in big glass vases littered strategically around the repurposed shophouse. The paintings on the walls look curated. The floor is a sheet of perfectly even cement and the tables and chairs are hewn out of reclaimed wood. Everything is bright and airy and beautifully industrial with a touch of home and they make patrons pay $13 for a pot of tea, so really. Hermione is not ashamed when she admits to listening to enough Fleet Foxes, the xx, and DCFC to be considered part of the local college hipster community.

Also, she kind of really needs a job, because her parents are upper middle class but not that upper middle class, darling, and this is the only place within sprinting distance from the campus library that’s hiring.

The manager, a tall black senior from the business school, eyes her dubiously as she slides her résumé across the table. “I don’t see how winning best delegate in three high school Model UN conferences and getting 2400 on the SATs qualifies you to make coffee.”

“It shows commitment and excellent memory,” Hermione offers. “Furthermore, I can bake a variety of sugar-free cakes and pastries that are fully organic and don’t taste like shit.”

The manager glances around the bustling coffee shop, eyes lingering on the two clearly overworked baristas manning the counter. She can pinpoint the exact moment when he caves and figures that it probably doesn’t matter what her coffee tastes like, because Brew Glory attracts its clientele on the strength of it being so damn pretty.

He hands her a denim apron trimmed with faux leather and tells her to report at three the next day.

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