One of my favorite things about writing this fanfiction where Regulus comes back as a ghost/spirit/guardian angel/…thing and is literally chained to Draco and has to prevent the ferret from making the same mistakes that he did is that Regulus has missed so much in eighteen years! And it’s fun just writing little scenes where Draco has to fill him in on things. Like:

Regulus sighed and whispered, “Ah man…”


“Nothing,” Regulus sadly said, “I had just hoped that Voldemort would be defeated by now.”

His heart sank as he realized that his attempt to destroy the locket had been for nothing. His death had been for nothing.

“If it helps,” Draco spoke up, “He was defeated.”

“But you said-”

“He was gone for about thirteen years,” Draco explained, “But he came back.”

Regulus merely stared at him.

“Yeah,” Draco muttered, “It’s a long story.”

And that’s only one bullet on the long list of things that Regulus has to figure out. Other bullets include:

  • So James did marry Evans?

  • Wait…James is dead?

  • Why is Snape the Potions Master?

  • Hang on…Snape’s good?

  • How did Evans react to th-she’s dead too!?

  • What do you mean Peter Pettigrew betrayed them!?

  • My brother was in Azkaban for twelve years!?


Drarry muggle AU in which they're the mascots for rival schools.

If Draco Malfoy was anything, it was superior. It was a well-known fact amongst his peers, something that was simply accepted by all. All except the boy inside a lion mascot costume at Gryffin High, his rival school. This boy, whose name Draco still wasn’t aware of, didn’t seem to understand Draco’s importance, nor did he seem to care to acknowledge it.

This was Draco’s senior year and he wasn’t about to let the halftime dance go to some lesser boy. He stretched, ignoring the heat radiating within the snake costume he was wearing, and glared at the figure mimicking him across the football field. He wished he could see the boy inside the costume so he could put a face to the devil. Draco only knew it was a male because during a sophomore year dance-off, the boy did a backflip, then leaned in close to Draco’s face and spoke in a low drawl.

“Show me what you’ve got, babe.”

Now that Gryffin High was back on Slytherin’s turf for the homecoming game, Draco knew that he had to prove to the mystery guy just how much he’d ‘got’. The boy was now jogging in place, eyes fixated on Draco.

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Love Over Jealousy.

Author: myown–littleuniverse
Word Count: 1354
Main Characters: Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco x Reader, Harry x Reader


Request: “May I please have a one shot where y/n and Draco have a very big argument, and break it offa and when ever one does something, the other gets jealous? You can end it off as you like.” (A/N : It contains two endings because the person who requested said “end it off as you like” and I tried to please anyone ^^// sorry for any mistakes) 

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Headcanon that Draco can’t express emotions well at all but he doesn’t have to admit anything out loud because Harry just /knows/. Because Draco doesn’t express that he might possibly care a little bit by saying it. He does other little things that show it over time.

And after a while, he chooses to stop responding snarkily to everything Harry says because they’ve been forced to grow up, and Harry knows what game he’s playing and none of it works on him. There’s no point to it anymore.