Draco's foolproof plan
  • Draco:okay, here's the plan to humiliate him
  • Draco:i'm going to go distract Potter
  • Goyle:okay you do that
  • Draco:you guys wait here in the slytherin common room
  • Crabbe:that's really far from the library
  • Draco:it'll work trust me
  • Draco:i'll lure him out somehow until he follows me to the gryffindor common room
  • Goyle:okay then what do we do
  • Draco:stay here still
  • Crabbe/Goyle:...
  • Draco:once we're inside, i'll lure him into his dorm
  • Draco:then i'll follow him into his bed
  • Draco:and finally i'll stay the night
  • Draco:the end
  • Goyle:what exactly was the plan again
  • Draco:for me to fuck potter remember?
Harry on a picnic date with Ginny

Harry: the stars sure are beautiful tonight.

Ginny: they sure are.

Harry: you know who else is beautiful??

Ginny, crossing her arms and grumbling: let me guess… Malfoy?

Harry, clicking his fingers and walking backwards away from the picnic: you got me there.

Will You Be Mine Forever

Prompt/Request: ‘’an imagine where after a couple years of dating draco ask you in marriage?’’ - Anonymous.

‘’could you do an imagine where it’s the readers and Draco’s wedding?’’ - Anonymous.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy + Reader / Y/N.
Word Count: 2k+
Note: Suprise! An extra long imagine, with a ‘’Keep Reading’’ button since it’s such a long post. Never have written an imagine this long and I’m very proud of it too. :) Hope you like it!

+     +     +     +     +     +

It was already years after the Battle of Hogwarts, the second Wizarding War. You and Draco both left and went to search for an apartment far away from wizarding world. Well, in fact, it was still inside the wizarding world, but just far enough where no further problems could elaborate.

Last weekend though, was a disaster. There was this huge fight between the two of you. Since Draco came home late again, for the 100th time maybe, you started to complain a bit. The fact that Draco was a bit tipsy, made it worse. He began to scream, almost slapped you and threw photos and tableware on the ground. Shattered glass everywhere, screams and tears were shared and when a whole was created in the wall, you decided it was time to leave.

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anonymous asked:

having a baby with draco malfoy would involve

Having a baby with Draco Malfoy would involve…

  • Him completely melting whenever he’s around your baby
  • Him kissing your forehead and then your baby’s forehead
  • Complimenting him on how much of a good father he is
  • Narcissa giving you parenting tips
  • Lucius loving spending time with your baby more than he actually lets on
  • Harry congratulating him
  • Narcissa always wanting to babysit as she loves your baby so much
  • Pulling funny faces to make your baby laugh
  • Him being nervous of holding your baby at first
  • Raising your baby to be accepting of Muggle-borns
Draco Malfoy: Secret Affair


“hi! I’m in lurvee with your writing, and I was wondering if you could do a Draco one where he says something that makes you. really insecure and kind of shut down? thank you so much!!”

I’m in “Lurvee” with you ^.^ lol. Thanks for requesting XD it means the world, and guys please request I don’t care if you send me a million requests spam me, I <3 writing imagines for you all. 

But I’m going to be taking a short break later in the day to do homework, it’s due at 8:00 central time online. EW!!!! but whatever. 

ANYWAY!!!!!!!!! Enjoy:

Draco was a very weary of his appearance, he was always nervous about what people thought about him, he wanted everyone to think he was tough and couldn’t be messed with. That’s probably why he didn’t want anyone to know he was secretly dating you.

At night you’d both sneak away from the dorms and explore the castle, you’ve probably made out in every room in the castle. You really loved your private rendezvous, but you really did wish you could do normal couple things. Like dating at hogsmeade, double dating with your friends, and holding hands in the halls. Draco pretended as if you didn’t exist.

You couldn’t really put your finger on why he was so worried about dating you. Was it the fact that you were in another house? or was it because you were a mud-blood. He told you he was stupid for being prejudice against people who weren’t pure-bloods like him, it was just him repeating his family. You forgave him for it, but it seemed to you that he was still worried about what people would think of his mud-blood girl friend.

You’ve been dating him in private for almost six months, all your friends wondered why you never said yes to a guy who would ask you out. But nobody knew about you and Draco, and you were getting a bit tired of it.

It was lunch time and you were sitting next to Ron, across from Harry and Hermoine, they were all talking about the Yule ball coming up. You didn’t say much you just watched the Slytherin table angrily, as you saw Pansy flirting profusely with Draco, and you weren’t sure if Draco was flirting back or not, but you knew he wasn’t opposed to it by the smile on his face.

“Y/N!” Hermoine shouted, “Hmm?” you ask snapping back into reality. “What are you starring at?” she asked, “Um… nothing, I was just thinking about something…” you lie. “Or someone?” Ron teases, you roll your eyes. “Are you waiting on someone to ask you to the ball?” Ron asks. “I don’t know…” you answer half paying attention, half thinking about Draco. 

“Who’s the lucky fellow?” he asks, “no one..” you lie a bit aggravated by Ron’s bombardment of questions. “Ron stop talking with your mouth full!” Hermoine snaps at him, and you smirk gracious that Hermoine butted in. 

After lunch you hurried to catch up with Draco, you wanted to know if you could go to the Yule ball together. Instead of waiting for your friends you ran after Draco. 

“Draco!” you yelled after him, he was all alone walking to class. He turned around sort of confused that you were calling him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, people were passing by you scurrying to get to class, and you both stood in the middle of the hall. “I really wanted to talk to you…” “can’t it wait?” he whispered angrily at you. “Well I wanted to know if..  um you wanted to take me to.. the yule ball… you know as your date..” you spoke nervously. 

The halls emptied and there was nobody in the hall except Draco and you. You were going to be late to class, but you didn’t care.

“Y/N… you know how I feel about keeping our relationship secret..” “Why?” you asked bluntly cutting him off. “You know how people talk, and if I were to go to the ball with someone like you people…” “Someone like me?” you asked hurt, “am I not as good as you, is it because I’m a mud-blood? and I’m not a pure blood like you?” 

Draco groans, “Y/N is this really the time to talk about this?” “well what is there to talk about, I’m not good enough to date you…” “Y/N you know that’s not what I mean..” “Then why won’t you take me to the ball!” you ask your face turning red and warm tears puddling in the corner of your eyes. 

“Why shouldn’t I say yes if someone is willing to go to the ball with me… I’m tired of hiding Draco.. if you love me, if you truly loved me you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with me..” “Y/N..” he .tries to answer but you keep going. “Do you know how it makes me feel to be beneath you.. and see other girls you think are better than me throwing themselves at you!” you shout.

“Y/N, what are you talking about!?” he furrows his eyebrows.

“Oh don’t act dumb, I see Pansy throwing herself at you all the time, and you do NOTHING!” finally your tears begin to stream down your face. “I’m not a pure-blood, I’m not a slytherin, all I know is I love you… and you make me feel terrible about myself…” he looks down at his feet speechlessly. “I just want to be enough, I don’t want to be your dirty little secret anymore!” 

“I’m late to class…” he seethes and turns his back on you. You scream at him impulsively and in a hurt state, “Draco I hate you!” you sob, and then turn around towards the north tower towards the Gryfindor common room.

You hear a voice yelling after you, you keep going if it’s Draco you don’t want to hear it. Once you’re in the safe proximity of the common room you huddle into a ball on the couch in front of the fire-place. 

“Y/N” you turn around to find Harry standing in the entrance of the room. You sniffle and wipe at your tears, “what are you doing here Harry?” “I came to see why you were late to class, and I heard you and Draco.”

“How much did you hear?” you ask. “Enough,” he answered sitting down on the couch next to you. 

“Harry I’m an idiot…” you cry, and he puts his arm around your shoulders you bury your face into his shoulder. “Why would I think such a brat would change to care for me?” “Y/N you’re not stupid, we can’t help who we fall in love with…” he comforts you. “Do we really have to go to class?” you sniff and laugh dryly at your attempt to lighten the mood.

“No..” you feel him smile, “I’ll stay here with you.” 

A/N Sorrrrry this ended so terribly for the couple! buttttttttt if you want a part 2 let me know, I didn’t want to make it so long… how do you guys feel about long Imagines? let me know do you prefer them in lengthy parts, or do you want me to type the whole thing in one post?

Draco Malfoy X Reader - Secrecy

As you sat on a seat in the common room, a majority of the house cheered. Gryffindor had just won a Quidditch match against Slytherin, so all the Quidditch-enthusiasts were celebrating. Your best friends, Alyssa Kane and Tricia Walters, were among the celebrating Gryffindors, and were actively trying to encourage you to join in the festivities. You brushed them away, trying to find a point of escape.

It wasn’t that you didn’t want to celebrate with your friends or enjoy the win, you just had someplace to be. Though they had lost, you still planned to congratulate your boyfriend, Draco Malfoy, on how well he played. You two also had plans to meet after the game, only because you hadn’t been considering the possibility of being swept away as you were.

“Come on, (N/N), why are you in such a sour mood?” Tricia asked, brushing her black hair away from her face. “We won, after all!”

“I know, I was watching the game,” you replied grumpily, leaning back against the couch and crossing your arms. You weren’t usually this sour with your friends, but you had been trying to leave for a while now. They just weren’t getting the memo that you wanted them to leave you be.

“Why’re you so down?” Alyssa wondered, plopping down next to you on the couch. “I saw you talking with Malfoy after the game, has he said something rude?” You lifted your head to look at your friend. They didn’t exactly know you were dating Draco; Alyssa and Tricia hated Draco, Blaise, Crabbe, and Goyle more than anyone could imagine. You weren’t exactly sure if it was just the Gryffindor/Slytherin spat, or something else, but they would throw insults at the other group like there was no tomorrow. You couldn’t possibly tell your friends about you and Draco’s relationship. Draco agreed, and nobody knew of your relationship.

“Yeah, but I shot back something worse,” you lied, standing from the couch and walking toward the portrait. “I have to go find my brother,” you told them as they shot you quizzical looks. Your younger brother was in Ravenclaw, and you were overly protective of him. They nodded as though they understood, and you stepped out of the common room. As soon as you were out in the hallway, you took off in a run.

You arrived by the entrance of the dungeons quickly, finding Draco and running over to him.

“You played wonderfully,” you told him, planting a quick kiss on his lips.

“We lost,” he grumbled, wrapping an arm around your waist and leaning down to kiss your forehead. “If stupid Potter hadn’t gotten the Snitch…”

“Be quiet, you still played fantastically.” You and Draco’s relationship was one built on pure love. You both joked with the other; there were friendly jokes and not-so friendly jokes, but the jokes were always said with the utmost respect, and they were always filled with nothing but love. The relationship had only one evident flaw: the secrecy. Other than that, you two were hopelessly in love with no worries or problems.

Draco began to lead you down the hall, out in the direction of the Quidditch pitch. You had both come to realize that the Quidditch pitch was deserted when the teams weren’t practicing, so it had become your place to just sit. When you arrived at the pitch, you both laid in the center of the field, staring up at the stars.

“They saw us talking after the game,” you told him as you tried to pick out a constellation in the stars.

“‘They’ as in your incompetent friends, correct?”

“They aren’t exactly incompetent, but yes. I hate having to use this level of secrecy with everyone, Draco.” You turned on your side to look at him, and he did the same with you. “Is it really necessary?” This got him thinking; was it really necessary, or just something the two of you were doing as a precaution?

“The next time we’re with our friends and we see each other, (N/N), we tell them, okay?”


The next morning, you, Alyssa, and Tricia were all walking to The Great Hall, for breakfast and stuff. Alyssa and Tricia were walking next to each other while you were walking in front of them, backwards. They were supposed to be your guides, but they weren’t paying much attention to where you were going. They were only bugging you on where you had gone the night before. You just kept saying you had to find your brother, but they did not seem to believe that anymore.

Just as you were in the middle of saying, “I told you, I had to find Jake,” you tripped over the heel of your (half a size too large) shoe. You fell backward and prepared for impact with the floor…. but instead landed in someone’s arms.

“Set her down, Malfoy,” Tricia said sharply, and you realized Draco was the one who caught you. He pushed you on to your feet and you turned to him briefly, mouthing “Thank you.” He gave you a quick nod and turned to walk into The Great Hall, his friends trailing behind. Suddenly, you thought of what you two had agreed on last night.

“Wait, Draco!” He stopped and turned to look at you. Blaise shot you a curious look, and Alyssa raised an eyebrow. “I mean, Malfoy. Come back for a moment.” Draco made his way back to you.

“Yes, (Y/N)- I mean, (L/N)?” He sounded rude, but you could tell by the little glint in his eye that he was teasing. You bit your lip to hold back a smile.

“Don’t you have…. something to tell them?” you asked, motioning to your friends. He started to shake his head, but stopped midway.

“What is this daft idiot talking about, Draco?” Blaise questioned, looking between the two of you.

“Daft?” Alyssa repeated, stepping closer to Blaise. “If anyone’s daft here, it’s you…” The two began to bicker, and you sighed. The plan wasn’t going to go into effect today.

“Alyssa, Tricia, go find a seat, I’ll deal with Dra- Malfoy.” The two sent glares in the direction of the Slytherin crew before walking off to the Gryffindor table.

“I’ll deal with her,” Draco told his ‘friends’, “Just go sit.” They headed off to the Slytherin table, leaving only you and Draco.

“It isn’t a good idea to tell them,” you both said at the same time. You giggled before continuing. On your own, this time.

“We could love each other to the moon and back. We do love each other to the moon and back. But they’ll still hate you, or me, and it won’t ever change. We should just keep this relationship a secret.”

“Secrecy is the best answer, in some situations,” Draco agreed, nodding his head.

“Besides, it’s more fun this way! Kind of exciting, almost a forbidden love of Romeo and Juliet level!” He stared at you with a blank face. “Shakespeare? A tragedy? One of his greatest works?” Draco shook his head. “He was a Muggle playwright. Genius, really.”

“I’ll never understand Muggles.”

“I’ll make you understand. Now come on, let’s go outside until Defense.”

“To the Quidditch pitch?”

“No, I’d say we’d be able to sit in the courtyard without being seen.” You both scurried from the doorway of The Great Hall. As you walked, you planted a fast, yet sweet, kiss on Draco’s lips. “If we hurry, I’ll have enough time to explain Romeo and Juliet to you.”

“You’re too much.”

“But you love me. In secret, of course.”

“Of course.”

“Where is (Y/N)?”

“Last I saw, she was with Malfoy.”

“…” Alyssa and Tricia both stood from the Gryffindor table in sync, nearly sprinting out of The Great Hall. “Where do you think he’d have taken her?” Alyssa asked, looking down the halls for any signs of life.

“I have no clue,” Tricia answered, equally anxious to find her friend. They both had the complete wrong idea; they thought Draco had taken you to a dark closet and attacked you (they have big imaginations…).

“Do you think they could have gone outside?” Alyssa walked over to the window and peered out, looking around the courtyard to find you. “Merlin, Tricia, come over here. Now.”

“Did you find her?” Tricia ran to the window and looked out, directing her gaze to where Alyssa was looking. “Oh, my God…. That’s absolutely disgusting….” Your two best friends were looking out the window, looks of disgust on their faces.

“We’ll talk to her in Defense,” Alyssa decided, Tricia nodding in agreement. They walked back to the Great Hall, where Blaise and Pansy were exiting.

“If you’re looking for Malfoy, look out that window over there,” Tricia said, pointing to the window. The two Slytherins rushed to the window, and the Gryffindors made their way back to the table.



“Blaise, did you know about this?!” Pansy glanced out the window once more, crossing her arms. “Why wouldn’t you tell me?”

“Because he didn’t think to tell me, either,” Blaise snapped, shutting Pansy up. She glared out the window in jealousy, not pleased by the sight that sat out the window.

Down in the courtyard were you and Draco, sitting on a bench and kissing. Pansy huffed in anger.

“I hate secrets,” whined Pansy, who spun around and marched back into the Great Hall.