The News
  • Draco: Hey, Potter!
  • Harry: What do you want, Malfoy?
  • Draco: Have you heard the news?
  • Harry: ...what news?
  • Draco: *smirks* Figures. Well I just thought I ought to let you know. Poor Potter, always last to hear any piece of news concerning yourself.
  • Harry: *glares* Just tell me!
  • Draco: So eager! Very well. I'm bisexual.
  • Harry: ...
  • Harry: what
  • Harry: This is your news?
  • Harry: This is your news that concerns me?
  • Draco: *narrows eyes* Well I should hope that it does.
  • Harry: *examines Malfoy*
  • Harry: *considers*
  • Harry: Touché. Pick me up at eight.

au where harry’s raised by voldemort. he doesn’t go to hogwarts and doesn’t know he’s wizard. he’s completely servile and doesn’t talk much, but he often takes notice of a boy who comes and goes through the manor.

are you kidding me
  • Draco: I heard that Potter has a little crush on Weasley girl over there
  • Harry: um I don't even like girls Malfoy
  • Draco: ArE yOu KiDdInG mE aFtEr aLl ThIs TiMe YoU nEvEr LiKeD gIrLs AnD yOu HaVe NeVeR bOtHeReD tO tElL mE
  • Harry: why do you have something to say, Malfoy? *smirks*

ok so i’ve just watched The Amazing Spiderman and i got Remus feels while watching Peter so here you go, a young Remus Lupin imagine

also, if anyone wants part 2, it could be their date, them already being together, smut, just request and i’ll write:)

i’m sorry i posted it again, tumblr was playin with meh

word count: 1204

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It was a cold day of winter at Hogwarts, snow covering the windows and the grounds, so it was safe to say that not one student was outside. Of course, there were a lot of things to do in the castle, such as annoying Filch, pranks, annoying Peeves (or him annoying you), playing chess, muggle-borns playing hide and seek, there was a lot to do. But with all these things to do, there were certain people that were extremely bored.

You and your friend, Lily, were in the common room, near the fire. She had her nose buried in a book, as always, and you were simply staring at the fire with a cup of hot tea in your hands, a blanket wrapped around you. You two were enjoying the silence, although you weren’t the only people in the common room; it was quiet, and that was what you both needed.

“Oi, Evans, Y/L/N, come here, let’s play a game!” you turn around and see four boys climbing out of the portait hole; Sirius, James, Peter and Remus, the four Marauders. Sirius, being the one who called you, looked at you with a smirk on his face. “Oh, come on, it’s not like you have something better to do,” he whined. It was somehow true, you didn’t. But Lily was.

You looked at the four boys, until your eyes lay on Remus and you look away quickly, blushing. It was alright, you could blame it on the fire. “Well, I don’t know… Lily?”

“No way, I’m reading.” She shook her head.“

“Please, Lily,” you beg. You could use come distraction from your thoughts right now.

She sighed and close her book, which made a loud noise. “Fine,” she said firmly. “But if you make us break the rules…”

“We won’t, Evans, now come on, let’s make a circle,” Sirius says excitedly as he sits down on the carpet, along with the others, so you were sitting between him and Lily. James, being head over heels for Lily, sat next to her, and took out of his pocket an empty bottle of firewhisky. “I start!” yells Sirius as he spins the bottle, all of your eyes watchin it intently.

It landed on Sirius and James. “Truth or dare, young man?” Sirius cocked an eyebrow at his bestfriend.

“Dare,” he said, looking at Sirius intensely.

“I dare you to go to Filch and ask him girl advice.” He smirked, as you all let out a laugh. James agreed, and soon enough we were all in wandeing the corridors in search for Filch.


“Oh, my God,” you laugh, trying to catch your breath as you enter in the common room again.

“He said to stick a dung bomb up her arse,” James laughed so loud it echoed through the corridors.

They sat back in the circle and James spun the bottle, it making an annoying sound as it spun, everyone curious who’s going to be the next one. It stopped on James and you. “Truth or Dare, Y/N?” You quickly glanced at Remus, although you didn’t know why and catch him already staring at you.

“Truth,” you answer, moving your glance back on James.

“Do you fancy someone?” You roll your eyes at the stupid question, although a blush appears on your cheeks, knowing that the person was in the room.

“Maybe,” you answer.

“That’s not how you should answer!” James exclaims, smirking.“Who is it, Y/N?”

“Yes, I do fancy someone. I’m not telling you who it is, you’re only allowed one question,” you say as you spin the bottle. It stopped at you and Sirius. “Oh, are you joking!” you cried.

“Well, Y/N, I give you two options. Truth, you say who you fancy. Dare, you kiss him.”

“How do you know it’s a he? Maybe it’s a she, maybe I’m a lesbian,” you look at him with your eyebrows raised.

“We both know you’re not. Now, your choice.”

You sigh dramatically. You thought this was gonna be fun, you never thought you were going to be forced to admit your feelings towards Remus, or worse, kiss him. Not that it would be bad to kiss him, because quite frankly, you played your first kiss in your head a million times, but not in these circumstances. Either way, you weren’t exactly forced to do any of those, you could easily leave. But you didn’t want to be a coward. “Fine, you wanna know who I fancy?” you throw your arms in the air with exasperation, as they all looked at you curiously. Lily obviously knew, as she was your bestfriend, but the four Marauders didn’t, and you weren’t keen to tell them. “It’s one of you.”

“No, Y/N, you have to tell us-”

“Says who?” you say as you get up.

“T-the game? Y/N, come on! Don’t leave us like this,” Sirius whines. “It’s not fair. At least give us a clue!”

You thought for a bit. You had to say something that none of them would get it, only Remus. He’d be the only one who would get it, because of course, it’s about him. There was something that he onle shared with you. “It’s the one who has a stack of chocolate,” you smile playfully and go towards the girls’ dormitories.

“But none of us has that!” you hear Sirius yell after you, but you were already in your room, ready to sit on the bed, when you hear steps rushing up the stairs and then the door opens, Remus standing at the entrance, panting.

“Y/N,” he said breathlessly. “I mean, I-um, there is no one else with a stack of chocolate by any chance, is it?” he asks looking at you hopefully, a slight blush covering his cheeks.

You take a step closer as you were both a few inches away from each other. “From all I know there’s only you.” You shrug.

“Well, I-I, um, I… don’t know what I’m saying,” he laughs and clears his voice.

“Just say it.”

He opened his mouth to say something, but decided against it and closed it. Instead, he placed his hands on your waist and brushed his lips against yours, pulling you into a deep kiss. As you weren’t expecting that, you took a few seconds to answer his kiss and move your hands to cup his cheeks, enjoying everything you ever imagined these past few months.

As you pull away, your hands still remain on his cheeks and his on your waist. “The boys are probably mad because I have a stack of chocolate and I didn’t tell them,” he said and you laughed. “If you haven’t noticed yet, I like you too, Y/N.”

“I do now.”

“Then go out with me! W-we could go to a bookshop, I know you love books, we could also get tea and we could just read-”

“Remus,” you said firmly. He looked at you concerned. “That’d be amazing, but don’t stress that much for me, please. It’s just me, Y/N.”

“The fact that it’s just you, Y/N, absolutely drives me crazy,” he whispers before pulling you into another kiss.

Draco and Ginny talking about Harry would include:

Request: Anon asked: “can you write a fic where Draco and Ginny become friends and just talk about Harry all day long”

A/N: So like I said in my reply, I really liked this prompt, but thought it would work best as a hc. It’s my first one, and I’m not sure if it’s all that great, but let me know what you think! And if you can find my Half-Blooded Prince reference, ten points to (insert your house name here)! 


  • Draco not-so-subtlety staring as Harry picks at his food during dinner 
  • Ginny catching his eye and her own widening in suprise
  • He’d play it off with a scowl and turn his head, praying to Merlin that the distance between the Slytherin and Gryffindor tables was great enough to hide his pink cheeks
  • It wasn't 
  • And that’s how it all started
  • The trio looking at Ginny in confusion when she snorts laughter out of no where 
  • Ginny was just at war between amusement and jealousy 
  • Amusement won out, eventually 
  • Confronting Draco about it the next day 
  • “Malfoy’s don’t blush, Weasley. You must’ve mistaken it for a glare.“ 
  • She just causally shrugged and walked over to the subject of conversation
  • Wiggling her eyebrows at Draco as she ran her hand down a very flustered Harry’s arm 
  • He clenched his jaw and stomped away like the baby he was 
  • “Admit it.“ 
  • “What do you want Weasley?!" 
  • “You so like him." 
  • "Well, so do you!" 
  • Draco smirking as her face begins to match the hue of her famous red locks with that single statement 
  • “He’s got really nice hair…” 
  • Draco laughing 
  • That’s why you like him?!” 
  • “I’m just– I’m just saying, it’s a contributing factor!” 
  • “…You’re not wrong.” 
  • Them gushing about him for the rest of the week day and being glad that somebody else can relate to their rantings 
  • Sneaking glances at him together behind the book shelves in the library
  • “Is this considered stalking?” (Ginny)
  • “Please, we were here first.” 
  • It was lowkey stalking
  • But Draco trying to be cool about it, obviously
  • Having that one meaningful smile between each other that just earned strange glances from both their housemates. 
  • Harry being the three c’s: Conflicted, concerned… and so, utterly clueless
  • “Did you see the way he rode his broom today?”
  • “And that smile–”
  • “–Don’t even get me started.” 

Post war AU where Slughorn asks his 8th year class to write on a piece of parchment their personal definition of love before he shows them how to brew the proper amorentia, and Draco is flustered because he doesn’t know what it’s like.

That evening, he doesn’t return to his dorm and spends the night by the black lake, staring off into space and drowning himself in his thoughts yet again. Although this time, he hopes for at least a single thought on love to surface.
There is none.

Draco then becomes frustrated because shouldn’t he know this? Shouodn’t he know how to define such a simple and common emotion?
Didn’t he know love?

This only frustrates Draco even more, and the soft glow of moonlight highlighting his mark does not help him one bit. He picks up a rock in anger and throws it into the lake, screaming a release.

“I know I should be respecting your privacy, but could you keep it down?” a voice interrupts his stupor.

It’s Potter.
Draco scoffs.
Great. Just what he needed.
He was irritated. Potter wasn’t supposed to be here. No one was supposed to be here. But then again, he was too drained to even argue, so he obliged.

Silence filled the air for a few moments, until Harry decided to speak up. At first Draco was reluctant, but he eventually gave into Harry’s attempt to start a conversation. Besides, they weren’t really enemies anymore. They’ve moved past that, and it was a mutual agreement.

Surprisingly, they end up spending the remaining hours of the night talking.
It felt good, Draco had to admit. It felt good to talk to someone. It felt even better to talk to someone who understood.

The next day, without putting much thought to it, Draco passes his parchment to Slughorn without a word.

Slughorn raises his eyebrows in curiosity and asks Draco what he meant by what he wrote, and Draco smiles but doesn’t answer.

“Love is a single strike of lightning in the midst of a strong storm. Very curious, Mr. Malfoy, eh?” Slughorn eyes him with apprehension.

Draco turns crismon, not at all expecting that Slughorn would read his submission aloud for the whole class to hear.

Harry sees the back of Draco’s ears turn red as well, and a knowing smile creeps into his lips. “Come to think of it, sir,” he interjects, making Draco turn to him, eyes wide with shock, “it’s not very curious at all.”

Harry turns to Draco and throws him a subtle wink, leaving him dazed for the rest of the hour.

Divination X-files Part 2
  • Hermione: I hate him! That felt good. No, that felt brilliant.
  • Ron: *cough* Aww, Hermione.
  • Harry: *whispers* She could say that. (shares naughty eye contact with Ron)
  • Hermione: Sorry, what were you saying? I'm too angry to pay attention.
  • Harry: Nothing. Why did it feel brilliant again?
  • Hermione: Because it's Malfoy!
  • (Harry and Ron doubles over in laughter)

here’s a 10k fic i wrote with draco as a ballet dancer and also draco with flowers on his dark mark // credit to certain parts at the end

Draco took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Straightening his posture, he relaxed his muscles as much as he could at the same time as staying tall and upright. “Thank god for the Room of Requirement,” he thought, glad he had somewhere to be alone.

His left hand gripped the bar loosely while his other arm was curved out in front of him, fingers perfectly placed and barely curved inwards. Long, lean legs were pressed together, his feet pointed out in a wide angle. An impeccable first position.

Wandlessly and silently, he cast a charm on a magical record player (it played any music you needed) to start new music, and the sound of a piano filled the room. Adagio Sostenuto, Sergey Rachmaninov. Draco let the music flow through his body, taking his limbs with it. He danced around the room, drifting gracefully on his feet.

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Skinny Love

Originally posted by ambitionandcocaine

part one

His words stung her deep. I don’t need you

She hurried down the Hogwarts halls, trying her best to avoid not slamming into any walls. The paintings watched her as she walked, but she ignored all of them. The girl’s black cloak billowed out behind her as she jogged. She was late for breakfast and she knew it. She knew he would be there, but her stomach was craving food. She was ravenous. She hadn’t eaten in a while because she had been trying so hard to avoid him. Laughter and chatter floated out of the Grand Hall and she tried her best to calm the nausea within her. 

Not many students noticed as she entered, but she didn’t care. It was better for her, really. She didn’t need everyone’s eyes on her. She took a deep breath and marched over to the Gryffindor table, quickly settling herself down beside Hermione. She knew he was watching, she could feel his eyes burning into her back. Hermione greeted her with a small smile, but returned to the book she was reading. Harry nodded his head as a way of saying hi and she reciprocated numbly. 

“Bloody hell, are you okay?” Ron asked the girl as she snuck a look over her shoulder to see him still watching her. She swallowed as their eyes connected and turned back to Ron. 

“I’m fine.” She replied, her voice monotone.

“You don’t look fine.” 

“Then stop looking.” She hissed, her eyes darkening. The girl stood up and stormed out of the hall, all eyes on her; he watched her leave and after a moment, rose from his seat and followed. 

This is my first imagine/ part of my fic, so I thought I’d post it. Please send me requests if you’d like one made just for you!

If you want a part two, just let me know

Draco X Bullied! Reader

You were getting bullied daily by Pansy and some other snobby Slytherin girls for a while now and at first it didn’t bother you, but then, things started to get more serious…

You’d receive threatening notes and you’d get your essays you stayed up late at night critiquing were stolen from you. They put flour in your hairdryer so when you turned it on…well let’s just say it took you an extra hour to get the flour out of your hair. All of this was done because you were dating the Slytherin Prince. Draco Malfoy had chosen you to be his lover and you were thrilled to bits the first month or two but that was before the bullying began.

You sat in the Great Hall next to your very best friends Fred and George Weasley who were chatting about their plots to prank Filch soon, you couldn’t remain focused because of the glares you were getting from Pansy. “Are you alright Y/N?” asked Fred.

“You look a little pale.” added George, putting a hand to your forehead.

“I’m fine, so you mentioned something about fever fudge?” you said, waving the subject at hand away.

“Yeah, it’s far from perfected though.” sighed the twins.

“I see, well keep trying boys.” you said with a smile. Your gaze traveled back to Pansy and the twins followed it.

“She still giving you a hard time?” asked George.

“Yeah…” you mumbled.

“Why don’t you stick up for yourself?” asked Fred.

“I would but she just makes it worse whenever I try.” you grumbled. Fred and George gave you a look that was basically a picture of concern.

“Well, then get your boyfriend to do it.” suggested George. As if on cue, Draco walked through the doors of the Dining Hall and sat himself down at the Slytherin table.

He gave you a smile and beckoned you over to sit beside him but you darted your eyes around, pretending that you didn’t notice.

“Seriously Y/N, that’s so obvious you’re faking that you didn’t see him.” laughed George.

“Well I’m sorry I just don’t want to deal with Pansy the Queen of The Bitches.” you said, sassily. Fred and George both chuckled.

“If you had that fire around her she wouldn’t bully you as much.” Fred pointed out. You shook your head defiantly.

“No, I couldn’t.”

“Yeah you could. Besides, doesn’t it get annoying with all those girls buzzing around you like flys all day?” asked George. He did have a point but you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of being right.

“We’d go with you.” said Fred, grabbing hold of your shoulder.

“Well…if you boys promise to stay with me the entire time.” you sighed.

“Yes!” cheered the twins. They stood up and gave each other a high five and hoisted you from your seat. “It’s showtime.” they laughed. You nodded and marched over to Pansy whom was clinging to your boyfriend.

“Pugsy, I mean, Pansy, get your hands off of Draco please.” you commanded. She whipped around to look at you. She glared daggers at you.

“Why would I do that?”

“Because I hate you.” muttered Draco.

“Your jokes are so funny Dray.~” she said.

“You know what’s a funny joke Pansy? Your existence. I mean seriously look at you, you’re a bitch with low self esteem so you take it out on me.” you snapped. Draco looked at you, looking quite impressed with your sharp tongue.

Pansy scoffed and stood up.

“Well look at you, your just one of Draco’s charity cases.” she said, placing a hand on her hip. You looked back at the twins and they just gave you the thumbs up.

“No she isn’t!” shouted Draco. His bellow echoed throughout the Great Hall. “I chose her for a reason,” he said, standing up, “I chose her because she isn’t a pug that needs every makeup product imaginable slapped on her face to make herself look like a doll to raise her self esteem. She’s a better woman than you’ll ever be Pansy so stop flirting with me and stop bulling her!” he snapped. He walked over to you and took your hand.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” mumbled Pansy.

“Yes, you do, her friends have told me everything you’ve done to her so stop bullying my girlfriend you bitch.” hollered Draco. All eyes were on the tense exchange happening at the Slytherin table. Pansy just stood there, dumbfounded.

To make Draco’s words even more passionate, he pulled you towards him and gently pressed his lips against yours, it took you a moment to actually kiss back since you were almost stuck in stupor.

You heard Pansy let out a sob and her heels clacking against the ground as she ran from the scene playing in front of her. When Draco pulled away from you he gave you a smug smirk. “I’ll always be yours.” he whispered, wrapping you into a warm embrace.

“Maybe you should have a few drinks so I can…” Potter paused and looked uncomfortable.

“Can what?” Draco asked. He was sitting so close to Potter’s body. His knee was resting against Potter’s thigh and all Draco wanted to do was take Potter’s jacket off, open up Potter’s shirt and run his hands all over Potter’s body. God, he wanted to press his hands against Potter’s skin, massage him all over and—if he could—rub his cock against it.

“Why do you want to get me drunk, Potter?” Draco asked, his face close to Potter’s ear and he was sure his hot breath would send shivers down Potter’s spine.

“So I can seduce you.”

Draco was thrown back with that confession for a second, but he didn’t recoil. “You don’t have to get me drunk to seduce me, Potter.”