A year ago today - I designed Blue Screen in a stream, and @askinfresh started up the blog - @ask-bluescreen

So… today is Blue Screen’s birthday! 

I am still tied up with a lot of stuff - trying to finish my master program as well as other drawing items that I need to finish. So all I can get out today is a quick sketch of Screen with a slice of cake! 

Happy birthday Screen - I hope I can put more focus on you after college is complete. 

Blue Screen by @7goodangel and @askinfresh

My own Kanken & a busy weekend

I somehow managed to survive another week of studying and taking an exam. Now there is only one left to go. 
Normally, my weekends tend to be pretty calm in comparison to the rest of the week, but since it was my mom’s birthday on Sunday, we had do prepare a bunch of stuff for it. We baked two cakes and some muffins, cleaned and tidied up the kitchen and the living room and overall just tried to get done as many things as possible. Meanwhile, I was trying to study as well and not lose my mind over it.
But one event really made my week. I now own a real Kånken backpack!! I have been thinking about getting one for over a year now and when I saw that someones was selling theirs on Instagram, I took a chance and bought it. After some issues with my bank (I’m still mad at them, nothing seems to work out the way it should be), it arrived on Friday.
Although it has a few signs of usage, I think I can fix it and make it look better.