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hi kiwi! just wanted to stop by and say that i've really looked up to your art for a long time. you have such a grasp on character design and ur ocs? perfection!! also if ur feelin it, can i get a lil ophi doodle? thanks and can't wait to see more improvement from u in the future!

thank you so much this is so nice :’) im packing right now cuz we’re moving tomorrow so i cant draw something right this second but heres one of the drawings that might go into the art book im making

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OOF i found ur blog and tbh this sounds like every other ask but i rlly love ur art style and now u may or may not be a huge inspiration now?? ur art style is just so cool and stuff! ur coloring is lit too!! also if u know what danganronpa gaiden: killer killer is i would. love to see hijirihara in ur style

is it weird i imagine him sitting in a bowl of noodles being called king of ramen?

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