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A beautiful depiction of the #Mestizaje and #Mulatez of #PuertoRicans who everyday wrestle with the fact that our blood drips of slavery and freedom, capture and conquest, poverty and wealth, colonized and colonizer, injustice and justice. In the words of the late Ada María Isasi-Díaz, this is our identity: “Mestizaje and mulatez are what ‘socially situates’ us Hispanics in the USA. This means that mestizaje and mulatez as the theological locus of Hispanics delineate the finite alternatives we have for thinking, conceiving, expressing our theology. For example, because mestizaje and mulatez socially situate our theology, our theology cannot but understand all racism and ethnic prejudice as sin and embracing of diversity as virtue. This means that the coming of the kin-dom of God has to do with a coming together of peoples, with no one being excluded and at the expense of no one. Furthermore, mestizaje and mulatez mean that the unfolding of the kingdom of God happens when instead of working to become part of structures of exclusion we struggle to do away with such structures. Because of the way mainline society thinks about mestizas and mulatas, we cannot but think about the divine in non-elitist, non-hierarchical ways.”
#Taino #Slave #Conquistador