happy belated valentines, i suppose! i just realized i never posted this spread…so without further ado, here it is!

«…κι αν υπαρχει παράδεισος τοτε είναι στα μάτια σου…»


βράδυ ξάστερο, φρικτό
ώρα 9 το πρωί
δεν έχει ήλιο
είναι πρωί

όταν εκστομίζω πόσο σε θέλω
να'ξερες πόσο πεθαίνω

αναπόληση μιας παλιάς εποχής
κι ανιαρά, ανιαρά
χαμογέλασα λες και μου λειπει

να προσεχεις
φέρε ένα παυσίπονο
τώρα ξύπνησες;

πόσο σιχαμένοι γίναμε
ένας θεός ξέρει

τις αμαρτίες μου
τις πλήρωσα
τώρα ψαχνω γι αλλες

πόσο σε θέλω
πόσο σε θέλω;
πόσο σε θέλω…


How I made my pencil case!

***DISCLAIMER: while making this, i wasn’t 100% focused on making a tutorial, and only took photos when i remembered! so this isn’t very detailed!

Skill level: medium-ish? you can look up tutorials on certain sewing techniques if you want it to be more refined!

I’m not very good at explaining, so if you look at the original photos i posted, it should help consolidate what i say!

look under the cut!

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Ted, as suggested by my dearest @tedbundystuff, based on this story. This is the most cartoonish and stylized pic I ever uploaded here.

So I started slowly down the road, stopping every once in a while and picking a flower. […] I’d walk maybe ten yards off the road and pick a couple more flowers. By this time I had a genuine bouquet.

- Ted Bundy


Merry Christmas (And happy holidays!) to the RT community! This was just a little project I was working on to avoid studying for finals so I hope you enjoy it! 

“Take a Good Look”

This is a six card spread designed to help you take a good look at yourself, your current situation, and what you are (or are not) doing to move forward.

Card One- Self
This card represents your self and your current issue/situation/problem. In other words, this is your present.

Card Two- Reflection
This card represents what you should be focusing on or putting your energy into. In other words, this card is your goals or aspirations.

Card Three- Foundation
This card represents what you are using to distract yourself from or cover up the issue. In other words, this card is your coping mechanism.

Card Four- Mascara
This card represents what you aren’t seeing or are unaware of. In other words, this card points to contributing factors.

Card Five- Lipstick
This card represents what you need to hear right now. In short, this card is advice for you.

Card Six- The Vanity
This card represents the underlying cause or issue that is holding up this facade. In other words, this is the root of your problem.

Feel free to use this spread for fun or as practice on yourself, friends, or family, but please refrain from monetizing this spread. If you do choose to use this spread, I’d love to hear your experience and what you thought or how it helped you. Don’t hesitate to message me and tell me your story.

This is an original spread crafted by Izzie at tarot-cards-and-tea.
The cards featured are the backs of the second edition of The Wild Unknown Tarot (copyright Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown)

Mercury Retrograde Cycle – Dec. 19, 2016-Jan. 8, 2017


The planet Mercury will be entering a retrograde cycle in the Earth sign Capricorn on December 19, 2016, until January 8 of 2017.  It is a period where Mercury “goes backwards”. However, this is an optical illusion.When Mercury goes retrograde, you can expect communications to go haywire.  This occurs approximately 3-4 times a year.

Mercury is the ruler of communication, clear thinking, as well as travel.  During the retrograde cycle, things may start to get ugly in these areas.

What to do:

  • Stay Calm.  Everyone goes through it and it effects everyone differently. Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo, and those with Gemini or Virgo placements may feel the difficulties of the retrograde more than others. 
  • Try and go with the flow. Things are most likely not going to go your way since Mercury wants us to think backwards spiritually.  It wants us to re-evaluate our thinking and re-evaluate areas in our lives that may need some work.
  • Take extra precautions. 
  • Be good to yourself!

What NOT to do:

  • Refrain from large purchases such as buying a house, car, electronic devices, etc.  Most likely, computers may crash, cars may break down more than usual and travel will be more difficult during this period as well.
  • Do not enter new relationships. This is a time of reflection and re-evaluation.  Exes are likely to appear! Do NOT go back to them either, because it is likely the spark will die out after the retrograde is over.
  • Avoid large contracts or entering into a commitment.  Many started projects remain unfinished during a Mercury retrograde.
  • Don’t start a job. Things are not what they seem to be during a Mercury retrograde period!
  • Avoid moving in with someone. People may not be “themselves” during a retrograde cycle, and once Mercury goes direct, this person may be a totally different person.

Other things you can expect:

  • Deceitful people; especially with Neptune in Pisces.
  • Sleep deprivation is likely.
  • Greater stress is likely.
  • Slower thought process
  • Travel delays or traffic
  • More arguments with friends/family
  • Unhappy/more angry people

Best of luck everyone! 


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first post of the year 🎊🍾 and i’m using my bujo again!!! ✨💌 one of my new years resolution is to post more of my own content, so here’s to a fresh start 🤓