That Time of the Month for Princess
  • Princess:Daddy.
  • Daddy:Yes?
  • Princess:Will you bring me ice cream?
  • Daddy:Not tonight.
  • Princess:Daddy I feel so bad it feels like my tummy is being mutilated.
  • Daddy:I'm sorry baby but I can't bring you anything.
  • Princess:I'm going to die.
  • Daddy:No you are not.
  • Princess:This is the cat meow princess died.

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today was bullshit. Didn’t make shit for money today at work because we were doing an “event” and I made probs 25% of what I make in a normal day. a dab of this incredibly delicious nug run was v necessary.

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≧✯◡✯≦  I’m making a masterpost of my favorite posts which I’m deciding to share with you all. ☜(*▽*)☞ BOLDS ARE FAVES 

** This took me a great deal of time to make, so I hope you all truly find this very helpful. I would love to hear some feedback for you all. I’ve tagged each original poster.  (ALPHABETICAL ORDER) as well.  Enjoy xoxo **

001; Essays-

002; Exams-

003; Food-

004; Handwriting-

005; Note-Taking-


006; Organization-

007; Procrastination-

008; Reading-

009; Self-Care-

010; Studying-


011; Tips-

Today marks my first year as part of the studyblr community so I thought I’d make a post about making a studyblr….makes sense?

What is a Studyblr?
It’s a blog about studying! Study + Tumblr = studyblr. 
Basically it’s a blog to motivate, encourage you to study, to help you learn new methods and to access resources and help from other studyblrs!

Why Make a Studyblr?
There are so many reasons! Here’s a few:

  • a massive student support system
  • new organisation methods
  • learn how to take nice notes!!
  • make new friends with similar interests
  • get help when you’re struggling
  • get motivated to study
  • become more focused 
  • achieve goals!!
  • lots of free printables
  • learn to learn anything
  • tips everywhere
  • masterposts on anything and everything
  • ~aesthetic~

There’s a few popular things in the community and to save you from having to ask what they are here’s a list:

Screensavers/Tab Pages/Apps


Bullet Journals

100 Days of Productivity
100 Days of Productivity is a really good initiative were you post your study picture, (or whatever you want I guess!) and tag it with 100 Days of Productivity. 

What to post?
Literally anything to do with studying, academics etc! For example:

  • Study Pictures (also knows as #studyspo)
  • Study Guides
  • Study Tips
  • Resources for topics, subjects etc.

What to Tag Your Posts With:

  • studyblr
  • studyspo
  • studybls individual tracked tags: for example mine is elkstudies. Most studyblrs that have a tag have theirs listed in their bio!
  • subject you’re studying
  • stationery

Tips for Getting Started:

  • Get Involved !!!
  • Talk to others
  • Encourage others
  • Make your own posts!

Other Study Medias:

*Other Posts

A reminder that
  • bisexual boys who have a girlfriend are still part of the LGBT+ community
  • bisexual boys who’ve never kissed a boy before are still part of the LGBT+ community
  • bisexual boys who are more attracted to girls than to boys are still part of the LGBT+ community
  • bisexual boys who’ve never had a boyfriend/girlfriend before are still part of the LGBT+ community
  • bisexuals are part of the LGBT+ community

I used to be the Queen of Procrastination, but there’s reason + ways I’ve overcome my problem. 

  • Do assignments when they’re given to you. Easy said than done, right? Wrong! It’s such a simple process, that a lot of us make such a big deal out of, just because we are lazy. When a teacher assigns work, do it that day. If it doesn’t require a lot of steps such as an essay, then you have no excuse to not finish it when it’s given to you.

- side note: I do my work as soon as I get home. I can’t study in a library because it’s too quiet for me. Honestly I’m able to get all of my work done in my room, on my bed. If you have enough discipline, you can keep yourself from trying to fall asleep. If you honestly can’t do this, then instead of heading back to your room, stay on campus and go to the library after class, or find a cafe. 

  • Get your priorities straight. You’re in school and there to get a better education so you can help make a difference in this world with efficient knowledge. Especially if you’re in college, why waste money when you’re not even going to do your work? These are the questions you seriously need to start asking yourself.
  • Your GPA only affects YOU. I know a lot of people say a GPA doesn’t define their worth, but in college…it does. We need to stop looking at everything with roses in our face. If you were so set out on not caring about your GPA, then you shouldn’t be in school in the first place. This life is very challenging and someone’s always going to outshine you. Procrastinating on work, is like procrastinating on life. You’re showing that you’re okay with someone showing you up.
  • Stop making excuses. You have NO excuse for not having work done. Unless you have a death in the family, seriously get injured, or having a form of disability that counteracts with your learning…you need to stop letting yourself down. I know a lot of people who suffer from serious anxiety and other situations, but still get their work done. I don’t want to hear your excuse & your teacher might not care tbh. 

- side note: breaking this habit early will definitely help you improve in the future. Procrastination can spread to your field of work also, and that’s when you’ll get fired from your job. Building discipline is very essential.

  • Nipping procrastination in the bud gives you more free-time. Have you had to cancel plans because you decided to do your work last minute? Well guess what, you’re stopping yourself from being able to also enjoy life. If you get your work done now, you can play later.
  • Write out your goals. Put your goals in your face, I have mine on a chalk board in my room. Write down what you want to achieve in life/school. When you physically see your goals, it will motivate you more. 
  • Work with a study group. I always stress having a study group in my posts because it honestly is what helped me the most. Have some friends, and work together. Literally, your whole perspective on work will change if the group is effective and you’ll all actually doing work.
  • Get off of Tumblr. Stop trying to focus your attention on social media, and other distractions. If you start allowing yourself to actually focus, you’ll enjoy doing your work more.

- side note: You’ll realize your grades will start to improve. Good grades help us strive even further in doing our work on time. I’m always ready to turn work in and find out my grade. This concept has helped me get over my severe laziness. 

I hope these tips help you all, and remember…continue being STUDIOUS! feel free to message me anytime for more advice and helpful tips!! - xoxo Domi :*


Fandom + Aesthetic: Shirley Bennett (Community)

heyyo!! so i realized that a lot of studyblrs probably love math as much as i do, and i thought that it would be really cool for us to have a network to share our love for all things mathematical! and so, i am excited to announce the formation of… the mathblrs!

about the net

  • it’ll be a group blog with mainly/entirely math related posts!
  • members can reblog their + other people’s posts, as well as make their own math guides/posts on the blog
  • anyone in and out of the net can ask us math q’s!
  • we will track #themathblrs so we can see/reblog any math related content with that tag

how to join

  • must be following me and themathblrs
  • reblog this post!
  • fill out this form
  • there’s no limit to the number of members! everyone who has a general interest in anything math related and wants to meet other people with similar interests is welcome!!
  • also, you don’t technically have to be a studyblr, so don’t worry about that

one you’re a member!

  • members will be added periodically, not all at once
  • i’ll message you once you’ve been added to the blog!
  • every member will have an individual tag for their original posts + reblogs [ ex: mine will be #etudiance ]
  • make a lot of new friends who share your love for math!
  • also, there will be a guide/intro post saved in the drafts of the blog, for all members to take a look at once they’re added and if they’re confused about something

if you have any questions feel free to message me!! i’m so excited about this and i hope it turns out great!

- Aza