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In case a bellarke kiss happens in s4 (I'm almost sure) Do you have any thought about how that kiss could be?

I know everyone’s all keen on Big Celebration Kisses or on quiet tender romantic kisses… and there’s the age old question of who should initiate?  Advantages for both, but I’m thinking… late season 4, after some big dramas… Clarke gives him some anvil-sized SIGNALS and then Bellamy makes a move.

Maybe play it super understated and like, they’re LOOKING AT EACH OTHER a lot for one episode, like noticeably a lot, and then like after the fracas is done and the audience is all 

“BUT WAIT there’s three whole minutes left and the main plot is ending what do we need these three minutes for??”

and then it shifts to Clarke going to Bellamy’s room and he’s sitting at a desk and she comes in and closes the door and they either make really small talk or like barely talk, and she gives him like A LOOK so he stands up, crosses the room, and kisses her

serious kissing

the two of them pulling off clothes and Clarke leans against the door and we get some real suggestive camera work and you see Bellamy kiss his way down her neck to stop and mouth at her collarbone then he goes completely out of frame IN A DOWNWARD MOTION and then 

cut to black                         


“if there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?” - ghostbusters, pentatonix

3/100 days of productivity | 1/30 days studyblr challenge

Hello persons! Yeah, I started the challenge by @hayley-studies, yaay!

Check out my supplies, scattered on the living room floor… Sorry guys.

Here you can see my notebook, my binder, my pencil cases (and what’s inside the pink one), glues (<3), clips, post-its, my smol pendrive and a lil box with stickers!

Aaaaaand my bullet journal! It’s a little strange? Yes, principally because my ruler is broken and I didn’t knew what to do with the cover so I did this… Sorry, mom, dad. R.I.P., ruler.

let me give U a practical example: recently, I’ve been getting msgs from ppl who feel they have harmful opinions, or who need clarification about certain opinions they feel they should hold but don’t understand entirely – but they are afraid to ask for help or guidance from others because they don’t want to be shamed, made to feel as though they are violent ppl, or mischaracterised as entitled; they don’t want “examples” to be made of them – they’re not really sure where to begin looking, and usually aren’t even asking for me to explain it to them; they’d just like me to point them in the way of resources

these are ppl who are willing to learn and who want to grow, and feel alienated and shameful because of those aggressive and vengeful politics and methodologies I’ve been talking about – and I’m sure all of us have felt this way at least once

it’s not that no one should ever feel shame for being wrong or harmful – but if shame/fear/insecurity is the primary motivation for someone adopting a set of opinions, rather than real understanding, we have a problem

aggressive, shame-based, divisive, vengeful politics are a traumatizing and traumatized way of going abt trying to bring abt change in others – and ultimately ineffective; I don’t mean that ppl shld never be angry, shld never feel vengeful, shld never lash out; I don’t mean that these don’t have a place – these communicate important and valuable information, and draw attention to exasperation, to suffering, to exhaustion, to injustice

but they are also necessarily shocking, alienating, repulsive, and often centre around wanting others to be harmed or feel the harm that one feels – which, again, can all be appropriate, and all have their place; but ultimately, they cannot encompass the breadth n depth that messages/politics of love and unity can; they can’t touch that universal, fundamental vulnerability in humanness that love and unity can

the problem is that so many of us are invested in there being someone morally reprehensible so that, in comparison, we are morally superior; we are accidentally invested in maintaining certain systems of violence that can reliably generate that kind of moral superiority and self-esteem for us

sometimes, we don’t actually want to change “those people” because their existence makes us feel better about ourselves; we tell ourselves that it’s not our responsibility to change them, that we shouldn’t have to feel any kind of connection to them, because they haven’t done anything to deserve connection to us – since they’re morally reprehensible

it’s certainly not our fault that they exist in the first place, and we don’t deserve for them to exist and to continue to do violence – but we can’t honestly say we’re invested in their change and growth

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performative feminity v performative functionality - is there a difference for trans women?

I personally think that no matter what you do, it’s gonna be used against you by whoever wants for whatever reason; there’s literally no way to win in terms of yr personal affect and presentation, if you are a trans woman.

and like tbh rendering the ethics of gender and presentation under capitalism on an individual moral level is not the best praxis imo anyways. 


Strangers gather to brighten Pokemon Go player’s day after he was bullied.

The mum’s reaction made me tear up.

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what's purging?

Purging (in the trans sense, not the ED sense) is like the act of getting all yr stuff associated with being trans (clothes, makeup, what have you) and like throwing it all away in the hope that like you can like quit and like get back to being a normal cis person. Purging happens mostly (but not exclusively) like in the stages before coming out be that months or decades, and lots of later transitioning people have had multiple times that they have like purged all their stuff.

it’s pretty common to find discussion of purging in most pre late 00s books abt trans women and like sites like Susan’s place or tsroadmap