Doctor Who episodes | Story: 021 | season 3 [4/10]  
↳ The Daleks’ Master Plan

“She didn’t understand. She couldn’t understand. She wanted to save our lives. And perhaps the lives of all the other beings of the Solar System. I hope she’s found her Perfection. Oh, how I shall always remember her as one of the Daughters of the Gods. Yes, as one of the Daughters of the Gods.”

yes it sucks that we won’t get new Doctor Who until Christmas but 

there is always more Doctor Who

this is a great time to look back for more content to get you through the hiatus, given that there is so much:

  • haven’t watched any of the delight that is Classic Who? this would be a good time to start and you can do so here! (and if you’re unsure of how to go about doing so because you’re daunted by the size or something, feel free to message me because I have recommendations on how to ease into it)
  • tried Classic Who but couldn’t get past the low production values? or finished Classic Who? try the audios, where you get the Classic doctors but can create all the visuals in your imagination while still getting all the voices and the sound affects as they should be (these are great for doing things like housework or long bus rides)
  • more of a reader? there’s always the Eighth Doctor adventures novels which will keep you busy for quite a while and trust me you need more Eight in your life because he is a precious darling and you will love him very quickly (but watch the 1996 movie first to get more of a feel for him) 

one does not simply run out of Doctor Who