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I’m not in the habit of writing non-romantic imagines for the Doctor and I don’t plan to be, but since this was my first request for the Second Doctor… I thought I’d make an exception. This was actually pretty fun to write.

The best part, you think, is that the Doctor cares, and he doesn’t even know the whole truth. He cares because he does, not because he thinks he has any obligation to you, and not because you told him that you are just one more dirty little secret that Gallifrey has kept from him. And that’s probably the most important reason you have for not telling him.

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If you try to take all the various origin stories for the cybermen as canon (we’re up to at least four now)

You get the unnerving sense that the cybermen existing is some kind of fixed point in time, that humans/mondasians will just always arrive at that point sooner or later

You can prevent the cybermen from existing but they’ll pop up again through some other means. They’re inevitable.