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A Jearmin Au

Okay, jearmin au I just thought of let’s go. Yes. It’s a mafia (ish) au. I’m trash.

-Okay so firstly this au is set in one of those worlds in the far future where everything is polluted and dying and people have to wear gas masks all the time

-Of course there are nice bubbles that aren’t dying and the air is fresh

-So countries are split into nice bubbles and those polluted impoverished areas

-Jean comes from this impoverished area

-So Jean is a lackey for a big crime organization

-Clean air is basically like a drug, so they sell that, it’s very much illegal

- This crime organization pays of most of the police, but the C.S.I or F.B.I whatever are still on their asses

-Jean gets promoted and suddenly he knows all of these things, dangerous things

-The C.S.I or F.B.I or whoever you want them to be gets in touch with him and that’s where the story starts off

-Because now Jean is an informant for the F.B.I

-Why? That’s where Armin comes in. Armin is still in this polluted horrible smoky area

-Jean had to leave him there for whatever reason with of course the promise to come back for him

-Armin’s lungs are in bad shape, he’s always coughing

-Jean decided to be an informant for the authorities if they promise to get Armin into the nice fresh place with him. He also wants his guaranteed safety

-Of course the authorities want this crime organization down so badly that they agree 100%

-So of course they get Armin, and he’s dirty and coughing mess.


-Again, Armin is still very much ill from the horrible air

-Again, Jean is very much in danger because he’s an informant to the F.B.I

-Jearmin cuddles with angsty conversations

-There’s a point where Jean wants to drop out, but the F.B.I is like we can get Armin medicine too

-Armin gets frequent fevers

-Jean keeps being an informant of course

-Armin is always blaming himself for putting Jean in this situation

-Jean is always blaming himself for leaving Armin behind

-There will probably be some relationship issues

-Jean probably almost dies

-The gang Jean is in is called the Titans


-Mikasa can be the girl who communicates with Jean on behalf of the F.B.I, she enjoys Armin’s company

-Eren is her partner, he also enjoys Armin’s company, hates Jean though, but not really

-Both Mikasa and Eren come from the impoverished section of the city

-Marco is still dead, sorry

-Erwin is head of the organization, Levi is his right hand guy. They can date if you want

-Reiner can be another member of the titans, along with Annie, and Bertholdt, and Ymir haha

-Ymir is still hella gay and still hella in love with Historia

-Same thing with Reiner and Bertholdt, hella gay

-They’re all pretty cool

-Maybe they find out about Armin and what Jean is doing and are like what the hell I’ll help you out.

-Please write or draw it. (Give me credit if you do)

-Hit me up if you want to talk about this or Jearmin in general.

You see, my biggest fear is that you’re gonna tell the next girl about me. About how I used to cry for no reason, and flinch when you left garbage all in my car, and told you I never wanted to see you again…3 times. So I hold my breath and listen as you share the ways of your past. How “she was amazing in bed” and “did this thing with her tongue.” But what stands out more is the way you pull away, every time I say her name, each time making me feel a little less sure of myself. You say it’s over and all you want is me, but the truth, that god forsaken truth, is that you cannot forget her, or the others before me. So for that reason, however un-ideal, I find comfort in the idea that you’ll tell the next girl how I used to cry for no reason, and get upset over garbage, but you’ll also tell her about the way I held your hand everywhere we drove, and played with your hair when you were upset. And down the road you’ll think of me, and despite claiming you did your best, you’ll rethink it all and realize your 110%….was more like 4.