i wrote this a week ago 

I’ve never felt the need to believe in a god
I don’t need the comfort of life after death
I don’t need a heaven and hell
The only thing I’ve ever believed in was love
The only heaven I’ve ever felt was her arms around me
I’m not sure if it’s sad or if it’s brave
the way I continue to look for love after her
I’m not sure if it’s sad or if it’s poetic
the way I keep believing in something that’s hurting me instead of believing in something that would supposedly save me
I guess I thought she was the only one who could save me
and for a while I thought she was
Then I saw more of the devil in her than I did of the angel she played to be
It’s funny how demons can seem like angels
and how hell can feel like heaven
I’ve always thought of religion as deceiving
I’ve always thought of it as something to comfort people
but now that I’ve seen how deceiving love can be,
the only comfort from love I need is for it to stay the hell away from me
maybe instead of believing in love
I should of believed in god
maybe instead of falling in love again
I should go to fucking church


I could really appreciate him now – could properly see every beautiful line of his perfect face, of his long, flawless body with my strong new eyes, every angle and every plane of him. I could taste his pure, vivid scent on my tongue and feel the unbelievable silkiness of his marble skin under my sensitive fingertips.


with a heart full of both grief and content and eyes filled with embarrassing and proud tears, today i visited the standing symbol of the bangladeshi struggle–dedicated to the millions of innocents we lost in the 1971 genocide. i just want to say: i love my country. i love my desh. we are struggling, but we are free

(jatio sriti shoudho // national martyrs’ memorial)


Eh oui, Tumblr fait des siennes et je ne peux pas poster le strip entier sans me retrouver avec un machin difforme et flou, même en le coupant en plusieurs morceaux… donc voilà! 

Ça fait un moment que je voulais parler de ce sujet car il me tient vraiment à coeur et je ne trouve pas que l’on l’aborde assez par les temps qui courent. 
La misogynie intériorisée est réelle, elle fait des dégâts, et moi j’en ai ras la culotte, MAIS! On combat pas le mal par le mal, alors répandons une attitude positive pour combattre ce fléau c: 

Bonne lecture à toutes/tous!