I’m sorry but I’ve got something to say.

You have to earn the title Daddy. It’s not just something that comes straight away with a dd/lg relationship. I’ve come across few fake Daddies over the past 2 years and even been in a relationship with one recently. You are wrong. You don’t get to treat a little like shit and say ‘It’s alright I’m your Daddy i can do what I want’

Daddies are meant to be supportive of you and the same should be reciprocated from littles to a Daddy.

You’ll know its a real daddy by knowing what his intentions are. No daddy should be bringing up anything sexual upon meeting you nor should the conversation always gravitate to that topic. If he genuinely cares for you then it’ll become apparent in the small gestures that he does. You’ll see the effort he puts in making you happy and you will notice that every time you talk its easy to talk about everything. His job is to care for you and make you his priority and the same again should be reciprocated. Any good daddy should be doing this and if he isn’t putting the effort than he isn’t the right one for you.

From personal experience I have never been fully little because of my mental health. My problems were pushed to the side and forgotten about as long as he got what he wanted. I wasn’t able to go into my headspace because he 'Didn’t have time for my little side’ but as soon as he wanted anything sexual? 'Be a good girl for daddy’ 'daddy wants this…’

Be wary of whom you trust.

Us littles are special and should be treated as such