Young Avengers AU Roundup!

Want some good AUs? Here you go!

Animorphs AU
Avatar AU
Bakery AU
Coffee Shop AU (1, 2, 3)
Cowboy AU
Divergent AU
Dragons AU
Fandom AU
Gamer AU
Hogwarts AU
Marvel Cinematic Universe AU
Merpeople AU
Pacific Rim AU
Pizza Shop AU
Prince & Princess AU
Roller Derby AU
Star Wars AU
Summer Camp AU
Tamora Pierce AU
Teacher AU
Theatre AU (1, 2)
Vampire AU
Werewolves AU 
Zombie AU


It’s finally here! This is the first in a series I’ll be making explaining various aspects of tjlc in one easy to find and share place. You can head over to youtube to see the list of sources I consulted when creating this video. I really hope you all like it!