Thoughts on where Ava's Demon will pick up

•Ava’s powers won’t last forever, so she’ll need to find a way off of this planet before she looses power

•The battery of Titan’s second in command and the destruction of one of their main bases will not go unnoticed/repercussions will follow 

•Ava’s face has been electronically saved by the guards and now she can be traced/identified, as well as linked to Odin, Maggie, and Gil

•Raven when last seen seems relatively sympathetic with Odin’s cause and reasoning, while Crow is stuck deep in thought. The end decision of what to do with Odin will likely be made solely by Crow

•Crow and Raven have the easiest means of escape, and the escape of Odin and others rides on Crow’s decision to either take him or let him go 

•Gil has no successful future left in Titan’s medical field as is now, and will likely either escape the planet as Ava continues to rampage or seek protection from her under Titan reinforcements, should they arrive

•Maggie will follow him 

•Olai will likely be in touch with the Arrow sisters shortly after things begin to play out, so possible Olai reveal soon

•There’s going to be a lot more death on the planet; Gev and Fira likely won’t make it

•Nevy is becoming more and more drawn out and stressed so to speak, signaling more surfacing memories (noted by her change in appearance/manner of speech)

•Wrathia is probably having the time of her life right now

•Pedri, when he next appears, will become more and more insistent on pushing Odin to find Wrathia

Feel free to add stuff in too!

So, on a controversial topic. I am glad the Ava’s Demon tag is full of actually AD stuff (fan art, text posts, theories) instead of what was there a few months ago. (Non-Ava’s Demon followers can look away now)

I miss the comic, and was willing to go without updates to avoid the fandom. Seriously, we used to be the “nice” fandom, what the hell happened? I hope Michelle starts updating soon, and hopefully the fandom will be able to enjoy it without throwing a temper tantrum.

Sorry if bringing this up again isn’t the best idea, but it’s relevant to me now that I am back in the Ava’s Demon fandom.

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