Hey, you want to know who Scorpius Malfoy reminds me of? 

Luna Lovegood. 

And I don’t just mean in the sense of blond, dead mum, dad’s trying his best, bullied, unpopular, odd. 

I mean that Luna Lovegood is a beautiful character because despite the hardship she faces, despite the ridicule she endures, she’s wise, and gentle, and thoughtful, and kind, and she never changes who she really is. 

Scorpius? He’s very much the same. Scorpius is unbearably sunny and nerdy and wonderful, even when he has no reason to be.

And it really makes me happy. You know why? Because Luna Lovegood was one of the most important characters in the series. She became the perfect role model for children everywhere in that she showed how important it was to be yourself, how valuable the smallest of actions could be, and that you could keep smiling and keep giving to others and keep being the kindest and most beautiful of souls even when the world was determined to beat you down. 

And the world could always do with more characters like that. 

  • Sirius loves his job most of the time. It is not exactly what he’s ever dreamed of, but he helps people and gets to argue with assholes, it’s all good. Maybe law is not his true call, but hey, he knows he is a good lawyer, so what’s the problem? 
  • Huh, there are a lot of problems actually, but Sirius doesn’t like to think about them.
  • It’s real life, not a damn novel after all. He has to survive.
  • Sirius’s life is boring. He wakes up at 6, spends all day in his office and then either goes home alone (he can’t even get a dog, he has no time for it) or visits James and Lily or Peter. They always want to see him, but Sirius doesn’t want to see anyone lately. He’s tired, maybe.
  • The fact that he meets the man his dreams when he’d long given up on relationships proves how cruel the world is. The fact that he meets the man of his dreams when he’s almost given up on everything left proves that sometimes it is not.
  • Sirius doesn’t believe in a book romance or love at first sight, but if he said that nothing changed the moment Remus Lupin walked in his office, he’d lie.
  • Because Remus is magical. His messy tawny curls, tentative smile, large sweater and clumsy movements look so out of place, but so naturally charming that Sirius has to look away from him to think normally.
  • Remus’s case isn’t complicated. It isn’t even his case, but the small bookshop’s he works in and he is the only employee except the owner, who never had time to talk in person. Sirius didn’t have any reason to ask him to come again. No reason at all.
  • He did ask him to come again. Then again and again, and every day before the trial. They barely talk about the case, too busy arguing about Disney and Marvel, and Remus always brings his favorite tea.
  • Sirius might be gone. 
  • But it’s not his fault, anyone would be gone after seeing Remus. Or talking to him, especially after talking to him.
  • Remus is smart, Remus is funny, Remus is nice
  • Sirius is boring, sad and whiny. There’s no way Remus’ll want to hang out with him after this ends. Sirius wants the trial to never happen.
  • It is an interesting coincidence that since Remus appeared in his life, Sirius started feeling like drawing again. It’s painful at first and his works are not half as good as they used to be, but it brings the air back to him. He feels free again.
  • James, Lily and Peter are happy for him. He joins more often than before and he actually enjoys time with them. They are so excited to see him back that Sirius feels guilty about avoiding them for so long, but better late than never, right?
  • Even his job doesn’t seem a chore anymore. He slowly learns to like it.
  • Everything is too good to be real, Sirius knows it. He also knows that soon Remus will go away and it hurts more than it should.
  • The trial ends well for the bookshop, which isn’t surprising. The case was really easy. Remus comes up to Sirius after it, which is kind of surprising.
  • He says something about the trial and the owner of the bookshop, says thanks, but Sirius can’t manage to listen or reply properly. The thought that it’s their last conversation doesn’t leave his head. 
  • This is why he freezes when he hears next Remus’s words. He must be hallucinating.
  • “What?”
  • “I said, do you maybe want to have a coffee together some time? As a date.”
  • Is double hallucination a thing? God, he hopes not.
  • “Yes! I mean, yeah, sure, I really do want. Coffee. And a date. Maybe now?”
  • Waiting seems stupid now that he knows Remus wants him too. If they don’t have a date right now, he’ll think about it all the time.
  • Remus grins widely and nods, taking Sirius’s hand in his. They head outside and maybe, they’ll be fine. As long as Remus holds his hand like that, they’ll work it all out. 
the houses as things in autumn
  • hufflepuff:apple pie, yellow leaves, mums, comfy slippers, maple syrup, fairs, halloween candy, gourds, handmade quilts, rain boots, pumpkin patches, halloween costumes for dogs, trick or treating, scented candles, big scarves, warm socks, cornucopias, homemade bread
  • ravenclaw:fireplaces, old houses, graveyards, the moon going behind a cloud, beanies, crunching leaves underfoot, cold breezes, pea coats, knitting, edgar allen poe novels, creaky stairs, black and white horror films, hot tea, wooden barns, handmade costumes, horseback riding, apple orchards, lighting candles
  • slytherin:black cats, ghost stories, foreign horror films, mulled wine, caramel apples, long cloaks, tall boots, white pumpkins, cranberry sauce, carriage rides, leaves falling, nutmeg, lanterns, wide brimmed hats, dark lipstick, shortbread cookies, espresso, overcast days, elaborate costumes
  • gryffindor:jumping into a pile of leaves, jack-o-lanterns, haunted hayrides, disney channel halloween movies, apple cider, the monster mash, pumpkin pie, red lipstick, candy apples, foliage, flannels, cinnamon, pumpkin spice lattes, brick sidewalks, the salem witch museum, halloween parties, copper jewelry, football games, homemade donuts, ankle boots, big sweaters

Let Harry Potter rest… this boy… lived in an abusive household that treated him like a servant until he was 11, and then still on and off until he was 17… he had an evil/racist/classist asshole coming after him all throughout school… he was hormonal… he lost his godfather after spending just enough time with him to form a familial bond… people were constantly coming for him, calling him a liar and crazy… he’s had a rough time okay… let him nap… eat some soup… watch some shitty tv… go to a club or a bar or smthng IDK… don’t make him become an auror, husband, and father months after battling in a life changing war… give him a break… he deserves it…

Many witches and wizards, talented though they are in the area of loud bangs and smells and sudden disappearings, are yet unable to penetrate the veiled mysteries of the future.

—Sybill Trelawney



I was tagged by @unconvenchinal-charm (thanks Anthony!) for this 3 characters who I think I am like. I have always thought I was like Belle with my love for books and brown hair and eyes. All growing up I was her. Second, as much as I always wanted to be Lizzie I am probably more of Jane. But both are good. Then lastly, I couldn’t fight out who to put, I thought of alot of characters but right now Neville Longbottom feels right.

I tag @popcandy @lovely-heathen and @tazzygal and anyone else. This was fun.