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Zack’s back (x)

“As you can see Zack was very fond of Dr. Brennan.”

“These are your clothes, Bones. The victim is meant to be you.”

Voice over: None of you have come to see me in some time. 

Zack, you don’t have to do this! Zack, listen to me! (Screaming)

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zack addy + flirting (or trying to at least)

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“We’ve got a case.” Hodgins knocked on Dr. Brennan’s door. 

“Come with me, Ms. Y/L/N.” She led you out. “I’m very pleased with your work so far and very happy that you could come in today.” 

“It’s an honor, Dr. Brennan.” You smiled and followed her. 

“Oh, Ms. Y/L/N,” Zack fixed his lab coat, “it’s nice to have you back.” 

“Thank you, Dr. Addy. It’s a pleasure as always.” You smiled at him innocently. 

“Dr. Addy and Ms. Y/L/N, you may begin cleaning the bones now.” Dr. Brennan pulled off her latex gloves and exited the platform. 

“Centuries ago, prostitution was seen as a reputable profession for women.” Zack looked down at the victim as he said this. This was not the type of conversation he really wanted to have with you. He knew that this was not how people talked socially to someone they were attracted to.

“Do you know where the term ‘hooker’ comes from?” You raised an eyebrow.

Zack simply shook his head. 

“A souther general during the Civil War was named Joseph Hooker. He moved from town to town, pillaging and taking anything he wanted, him and his band of merry men. A group of women would constantly follow them. Soon enough, they began to call them Hooker’s, as in Hooker’s girls. Slowly, it simply turned into a euphemism for a working girl.” You looked up at him to gage his reaction. 

“That’s fascinating.” Zack’s eyes sparkled. You could swear it. 

Something inside him clicked. He knew that you were trying to meet him halfway and that his awkwardness and trepidation didn’t frighten you. 

“Thank you.” You nodded and chuckled. 

“Do you know a lot about the Civil War?” He cleared his throat. 

“I do. You should come by some time and see my collection.” 

“I’d like that.” He was beaming. “Maybe, we could, uh, get something to eat first?” 

You could tell he was nervous. “I’d like that a lot.” 

I think my nerd was showing on this one. I know some weird facts sometimes. Thanks for welcoming them! 

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