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Mini-Bones Rant

Okay I know it’s been years since Zack left the show.
However, every time I watch the old ones I see plot holes.
I loved Zack, and I always pay attention to very small detail.
In one episode, they need to kill his beetles, this bothers him because they have names.
In another, he is visibly shaken at the remains of a child.
I understand that Zack was overly rational, and logic ruled his mind.
but I see not logical connection in a character who was against killing bugs because they had names, becoming the apprentice of a murderer.
Like I see no connection at all.
And after he came back after being shipped to the looney bin, it’s like everyone forgot him.
Which is just weird considering how much they loved him. I mean he was Hodgins’ best friend.

I’m not saying that it shouldn’t of happened, or that Zack was completely innocent.
It’s just not the character profile at all in my opinion.

Me trying to get over Zack Addy
  • Me 1: ok I'm going to do it
  • Me 2: Who are you trying to fool?
  • Me 1: He had a good run in the show
  • Me 2: NO how can you betray Zack?
  • Me 1: But.
  • Me 2: ENOUGH! You know how this ends
  • Me 1: *cries over the battle between emotional conflict and rational thoughts*
  • Merely one thing bones does to me.
Ok, now that I'm out of shock I think...

Maybe Zach knew Dr. B was in danger and kidnapped her to protect her.

They just made it seem like he was the big bad.

That is now the only explaination I will except, unless they come up with a better pne, where he IS NOT the murderer!

Am I the only one that still misses Zach?

Honestly, every time I watch Bones reruns, I always wish Zach could come back. But, I know its never gonna happen.

Why? Why did he have to be the apprentice of a cannibalistic serial killer? WHY DID HE DO THIS TO ME?

I know it’s been years (like 5?) since he left the show, but I miss Zach. I love Zach. He was like the genius, awkward kid brother that you had to love.