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Mini-Bones Rant

Okay I know it’s been years since Zack left the show.
However, every time I watch the old ones I see plot holes.
I loved Zack, and I always pay attention to very small detail.
In one episode, they need to kill his beetles, this bothers him because they have names.
In another, he is visibly shaken at the remains of a child.
I understand that Zack was overly rational, and logic ruled his mind.
but I see not logical connection in a character who was against killing bugs because they had names, becoming the apprentice of a murderer.
Like I see no connection at all.
And after he came back after being shipped to the looney bin, it’s like everyone forgot him.
Which is just weird considering how much they loved him. I mean he was Hodgins’ best friend.

I’m not saying that it shouldn’t of happened, or that Zack was completely innocent.
It’s just not the character profile at all in my opinion.

Sex With Zach Addy Would Include...

~ He’s clueless

~ Literally has no idea where to start

~ And what to start with

~ He asks a lot of questions

~ So you just do everything yourself

~ He likes head

~ …a lot

~ He’s a bottom

~ He likes you on top

~ You guide his hands

~ Rests his hands on your hips

~ He’s enjoying himself

~ He praises you

~ You introduce him to spanking

~ He’s not into it

~ He likes just doing the deed with passion

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Zach Questions:

1. Does Hodgins still visit him and give him things to solve? If not, when did he stop and why?
2. Does he still get asked questions about cases they can’t break?
3. Does he know about Sweets?? And if so, who told him?
4. Does he know Booth and Brennan are married and have two children? Has he seen pictures?
5. Does his family in Michigan come to visit him??
6. How many times did he swap the card band and break out of the looney bin?
7. Do people refer to him as “King of the Looney Bin?”
8. Was Hodgins the only one to visit?? What about Cam or Angela or Brennan?
9. Did Brennan ever write him letters?
10. Did he ever tell anyone else about not killing the lobbyist?? WHO IS HE PROTECTING?!


I love this show.

Hodgins: *examining remains* Well hell-o my exotic princess…
Cam:*walks on platform, smiling* What a charmingly inappropriate greeting, Dr. Hodgins.
Zach: *looks up helpfully* I think he’s talking to a bug
Cam: *not surprised, yet still slightly disappointed* Well now I feel a bit..rejected.
Hodgins: *not even listening* this looks like something from the nitadoola family, you gorgeous creature..Where did you come from and did you bring any friends..??