mine: zac levi


Jesus CHRIST, Zachary. I didn’t think you could make me fall any more in love you, but you did.


Title:  Awakening

Chapter Number/One shot

Author Mischabea/Welcometocraptasia

Which Zac/Character:  Actor!Zac

Genre:  Erotica

Rating: Mature

Fic Summary:  Zac/Reader  You walk in on Zac taking a nap and can’t help but wake him.

Actor notes:

Inspired by this photo and subsequent conversation.

As you walk through the door, you notice Zac sleeping peacefully.  You can’t resist the urge to walk behind the back of the couch and lean down over him.  You begin nuzzling his ear until he starts to stir, then gently run your teeth over his earlobe.  As he wakes, you run your tongue along his neck and he reaches up and pulls you down over the back of the couch on top of him.  He pushes his hands into your hair and pulls your face down into a kiss.

“Mmm.  Now what did you go and wake me for?  I was having such a nice dream,” Zac continues to hold you close.

“Oh really?” you ask.  "What were you dreaming about?“

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