mine: yuna

okay but yuna.

yuna, who lost her mother and father when she could barely remember their voices and lived knowing she was a tiny necessary part of something far, far bigger than herself

yuna, who hid the parentage of her mother from the world and her guardian because she knew he would object to the al bhed blood in her

yuna, who at the age of 17, willingly agreed to sacrifice herself for her world, just like the high summoners before her - not for the fame or the glory, but because it was the right thing to do

yuna, who admitted that when she was feeling sad, she forced herself to smile because she didn’t want to give the others any grief 

yuna, who tried so hard not to fall in love with him, so hard not to let him fall in love with her, because she knew she her journey would end in her death and 10 years of a diseased calm waiting for the cancer to return

yuna, who agreed with yevon that it was better not to question why or how, because she knew it was for the best, even the parts that ended with blood spilled

yuna, who sent lost souls to the farplane because they were suffering and valued the lives of others so far above her own, she refused to cry when faced with death

yuna, who in all of her innocence and naivete, nearly married a monster just so she could get close enough to kill him

yuna, who was never allowed to have any fun and lived with a burden on her shoulders, a limited lease on her life, a determination to rescue spira even if spira didn’t want her

yuna, who saved the world and could not even touch the man she loved one last time before he disappeared