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Marvel Women + Body 1/?

America Chavez: The Kickboxer.

I have been giving a lot of thought to how women in comic books are drawn by different artists, not always taking into account how they would physically be built depending on the activities they do. Not all bodies are built equal. So I have put together a small collection of comparisons of how I headcanon how their body would realistically look like.

For America, I think it’s a general co census that her thighs are thick and strong and awesome, but there’s a tendency out there to draw her too thin or too built up.

In my opinion, America would have a kickboxing built. When fighting, she punches a lot but relies heavily on her kicks both to kick ass and to open interdimensional portals. This means her legs are strong, big and muscular. Her arms are strong too but not as thickly built as, say, a regular boxer. Neither is her back or shoulders. However, she must have a great deal of abdominal strength considering all the twists and balance the kicks require to be done properly.



Humberto Lopez as “Reptil”

Berto grew up loving superheroes and yearned for the day that he would be able to join the ranks of the superheroes of the world. His parents were world renown paleontologists and taught Berto much about dinosaurs. On one particular investigation, a teenaged Berto stumbled upon what is now known as the Fossilized Amulet, which grants its wearer the ability to transform any part of his or her body or entire form into that of any prehistoric animal. Using the amulet, Berto began to experiment and refine his powers, using them efficiently due to his vast knowledge of prehistoric life that he had learned in his studies and from his parents.

During his college years, Berto had began moonlighting as a superhero named “Reptil”. As REptil, he was able to keep his community free of trouble and had on some occasions teamed up with his future friend and ally, Sam Alexander aka “Nova”. His actions granted him a big reputation and it was only a matter of time before SHIELD asked him to join the Young Avengers Initiative, which is a program that seeks out young superpower heroes and provides them guidance under the tutelage of Janet van Dyne aka “Wasp” and James Rhodes aka “War Machine”.

Design notes: Just went with his usual outfit, but giving him boots instead of his jeans and tennis shoes!


Noh-Varr: I have mind control saliva. I don’t use it. That would be utterly immoral. Do you think Billy immoral?
Teddy: But what if he doesn’t know he’s doing it?
Noh-Varr: Teddy, I do understand your fear. When we first met, I was in prison. And they made me attack you, remember?
Teddy: I remember being bruised for weeks.
Noh-Varr: Doing things but being aware that it’s not you. Nothing is worse. But that is not how you are. This is different. You should talk.
Teddy: What can he say? “Gee! I’m not warping reality to make you fall in love with me”? How does he know he’s not? I can’t get the idea out of my head. In our downtime on earth, I’m sort of sneaking off and seeing a therapist, and I think she’s helping me process everything, but… I love him so much. But what if it’s just a lie?
Noh-Varr: You are both good people. To have such love is precious. Trust me. I know what it’s like to love. If it was taken, it’s ghost would linger and torment you… You will find a way. Have faith in this. It is like the Supremes say, you can’t–
Teddy: Thanks, Noh-Varr:

– From Young Avengers v2 #7 by Kieron Gillen, art by Jamie McKelvie, coloured by Matthew Wilson

Marvel Women + Body 2/?

Kate Bishop: The Archer + Martial Artist

That Kate’s body type is an archer should come as a surprise to no one, but I was frankly amazed when looking for Olympic Archers references. You’d expect them to be more built up, with wider backs and arms considering all the work they do with them. However, aside from beautifully defined arms, they are mostly very lean.

This could easily mean Kate is one of the smallest built (muscle-wise) female superheroes. However, given that we’ve seen her do her fare share of hand to hand combat alongside both the Young Avengers and Clint, I think her built would be even more muscular than a regular competitive female archer. I believe Kate would have martial artist muscles, though still widen her smaller frame.

This strong but still petite body type would fit very well the fandom wide Asian-Kate headcanon.

“All we’re asking is please don’t turn out like your mom.”

“What with the going insane, killing your dad, and rewriting reality. Twice.”


So, the only Nathaniel I can think of from the comics that’s connected to the Avengers somehow is Nate Richards, AKA Kang the Conqueror.

And the MCU can’t use him because his name is too tied to the Fantastic Four, but.

We just got a non-comics-canon Nahaniel that happens to be related to a superhero in the movies, didn’t we?

And time-travel has always been one of Kang’s specialties.

anonymous asked:

Who do you cast as America??

This is a hard one, oh my good. Look, I don’t think there’s anyone right now who’s perfect for her. I mean, I’m sure if a casting was made a new fresh would be picked out, or maybe a tv series actress who hasn’t had that much media exposition. 

I could say I don’t mind as long as she’s latina/afrolatina, but I have a few pet-peeves about it. 

Mostly. Not Naya Rivera. Please. I know she was a popular choice back in the day, still is somewhat right now, but aside from being a latina she looks nothing like America. She’s tall, thin, with straight hair and too old!

I mean, yes, she’s got the attitude, but that’s her Santana character. A good actress could get it right too for America. 

Then, there’s Jessica Parker Kennedy. She looks latina to me (pretty sure she plays one in Black Sails) and I personally like her a lot as a faceclaim for America, but again there’s the age thing and unsure heritage. So, as much as I like her for gifs, I wouldn’t really “cast” her as America.

(I still think she looks a lot like America, though). 

Then, there’s Madeleine Mantock, who is more africanamerican than latina but still looks a lot like America. Not sure if I’d cast her, though, because she looks a little too soft and sweet. Still, I might just be wrong and that could be her character. She certainly resembles America:

And there’s that actress from The 100… Lindsay Morgan, who could certainly pull it off but I’m not 100% sure… I mean she doesn’t have to look exactly like America, but I still feel like a lot of people are blindly choosing her just for being a “latina in the media” as if all latinas were made equal. Still, maybe…

Then, for my Young Avengers Aesthetics Post I used supermodel Jordan Richardson, who I felt fit the Aesthetics mood but isn’t, again, latina enough. Plus, she’s only a model, not an actress… and I almost feel she’s too thin for ass kicking thighs of America Chavez

(she’s so pretty tho!!)

And, well, after that I could just give you a long list. 

Some people cast Gina Rodriguez, but this is another one I’m picky about because “default latina” mindset and she’s too old to play a teenager… 

The girl who played Lilith in Once Upon a Time definitively had an America Chavez vibe (and a start birth mark that almost kills me) Her name’s Nicole Muñoz and she’s a latina (but almost too white for America, I think…)

And maybe the girl from The Hunger Games when she grows up a little more?

And, really, I’m sure there’s many other Afrolatina’s who don’g get enough media attention and would make an Awesome America Chavez, so I always keep my eye out for them.