mine: young avengers


pride month challenge
a marvel couple + a mlm couple + a palette of your choice


Summer special, lads. Send me a character and an outfit of your choice and I’ll draw it! 

Some Guidelines:

  • No nsfw or wildly inappropriate things 
  • Every item after 7 is +$1
  • Transactions done through Paypal or Cash.me
  • A low quality preview will be sent from me before payment
  • Finished piece will be sent high quality via e-mail after payment has been processed 
  • Open to most human characters (including oc’s if you have a reference)
  • backgrounds and/or additional requests may vary the price 
  • Please feel free to ask any questions via tumblr or contact me at bonsoirbirb@gmail.com

If you want this but are low on ideas, pinterest and polyvore are great places to find Neat stuff

(Billy source) (America source)

thank u  @heterophobichanzo for providing America’s outfit

happy summer !