mine: xmen the last stand

  • Storm: *looking for Magneto during the battle of Alcatraz* I can't find Magneto.
  • Logan: Don't worry I've got this. *cups hands into a megaphone* CHARLES XAVIER DESERVED TO DIE.
  • Magneto: *fucking levitates into the air along with all the metal* CHARLES XAVIER HAS DONE MORE FOR MUTANT RIGHTS THAN YOU KNOW.
  • Logan: Found him.
  • Storm: ....

This is not something I get worked up over or anything, but whenever I see a gifset that includes Charles’s death in X3, where he’s looking to the side and smiling and there’s a gif of Erik immediately next to it, 

I want to say out loud, “He’s looking at LOGAN here. Not Erik. Logan is the last thing Charles sees before he dies.”

One thing that I really enjoy about X-Men in general is the idea that the mutant condition can serve as a parallel to many other ideas of underrepresented or dis-empowered groups of persons… often offering up loads of social criticism even within a comic book context.

Within this context, however, it really bums me out to see that X-Men: The Last Stand pretty clearly promotes the idea that militant activism is bad and painted as the way NOT to go about things. This pretty much fits right in with the idea of respectability politics within protest and is really quite frustrating.

*Note: I am watching this for the first time and it’s definitely a bit of a clusterf*ck of a film, and probably my least favorite (other than Origins: Wolverine, of course)

**Another note: Hit me up if you feel me? Like at all?