mine: xmen the last stand

Whatever you do don’t think about the fact that the Erik we see in the dark future in DoFP had already watched Charles die once, so of course he’s the one that goes out to fight. He knows life without Charles and he’s still just selfish enough to hope that he dies first.

  • mom: are you okay
  • me: why is it that kitty pryde, a strong female character, was put into a love triangle with iceman and rogue in x-men: the last stand when she has gone back in time and stopped the assassination that would have resulted in the destruction of the world and mutant race along with routinely being a vital part of major rescue missions and plots to defeat Magneto, not only that but she had a pet dragon with whom she could communicate with telepathically, yet she barely appeared in X-Men and X2 with brief cameos and being mentioned by charles xavior. why was kitty pryde only used as a plot device to come between iceman and rogue in x-men: the last stand? why won't the marvel writers give strong female characters the screen time and good writing they deserve?