mine: xmen the last stand

  • Storm: *looking for Magneto during the battle of Alcatraz* I can't find Magneto.
  • Logan: Don't worry I've got this. *cups hands into a megaphone* CHARLES XAVIER DESERVED TO DIE.
  • Magneto: *fucking levitates into the air along with all the metal* CHARLES XAVIER HAS DONE MORE FOR MUTANT RIGHTS THAN YOU KNOW.
  • Logan: Found him.
  • Storm: ....

This is not something I get worked up over or anything, but whenever I see a gifset that includes Charles’s death in X3, where he’s looking to the side and smiling and there’s a gif of Erik immediately next to it, 

I want to say out loud, “He’s looking at LOGAN here. Not Erik. Logan is the last thing Charles sees before he dies.”