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Rogue Head-Canon #3

1. Rogue keeps her hair in long curls. The color is on the red side of the spectrum, auburn to be precise. If she stays in a sunny place for a prolonged period of time, her hair will soak it up and the cherry wood hue will get shot through with warmer cinnamon and amber tones.

2. When those two dumbasses finally get their heads out of their asses you better believe this happens. Minimalist and small, still meaningful outside of the “matching tattoo” idea to each of them.

3. Because Hannah Ferguson absolutely is my ultimate Rogue’s body head-canon.

4. Rogues stance on bras? Optional. It goes 50/50, depending on her mood. 

5. Rogue’s haircut circa X-treme X-men Era

6. Anna really needs to chill with the “Queen of Hearts” thing. Blame Emma, she’s the one that introduced her to Agent Provocateur and their arsenal of cute pasties.

7. Rogue was a cute baby, toddler, and kid, but she hits a REALLY awkward spot after she hits fourteen.

(my rationalisation of how she went from this:

to this:

…The first years of puberty were not kind to her.)

She’s doomed with too-severe-for-her-age features, chubby-cheeks, and gollum/smeagol eyes for a hot minute until she grows into her looks to this:

So all’s well that ends well.

This Side Of Me | Hank McCoy

Words: 1,319

Fandom: X-Men

Pairing: Hank McCoy x Reader

Warning(s): None, too much fluff

Request: hey there! i read your last one about hank and i loved it so i was kinda hoping you could make another one where hank is feeling insecure about himself and his mutation and he thinks he’s going to hurt the reader, he’s doubting himself and thinks she’ll regret being with him so he’s being kinda distant, idk? 

A/N: I loved this idea, I totally believe Hank would be insecure etc. when in a relationship and being the cinnamon roll he is, he’d probably worry about hurting the reader as well. Oh, I enjoyed writing this so much - thank you for the lovely request! 😘


You tossed and turned in your sleep, the heat was insufferable no matter how many items you removed but that wasn’t what was keeping you up. Those past few days had been odd to say the least. Everything seemed to go so smooth inside the mansion, yet there was this emptiness inside of you and you knew exactly what – or better who – was causing it, Hank.

It had all been so perfect, you loved him so much and he would act like you were all that mattered to him but suddenly it all changed. You couldn’t tell why. Why he no wanted to be around you all the time, why he stopped stealing sweet kisses in every empty hallway, why he didn’t grin like an idiot every time he saw you anymore. Now he barely came near you, he spent all day locked in his lab and every time he was in your presence he’d be so awkward and never let his gaze fall on you.

Those thoughts plagued your mind all this time. Had you done something? Did he not love you anymore? Was it all just a phase? A period of excitement that ended soon and now he was trapped in a relationship he no longer wanted? Was there someone else?

How could you possibly sleep when the man you loved was acting so distant and wouldn’t even let you know why. You just wanted him to come and hold you, to whisper how much he loved you in your ear just like he had so many times in the past. To smother you in his overbearing embrace and wrap his huge body around yours as he gently kisses any place he can reach. You wanted Hank back.

Before you realized it, tears started falling from your eyes. It was such a weird feeling, you felt sad and miserable and angry all at the same time. But most importantly you felt so alone.

Your legs seemed to move at their own accord and suddenly you found yourself walking down the hallways all the way down to Hank’s room where you hoped he would be. Your bare feet padded against the marble floor that was freezing cold and your vision was blurry but you couldn’t care less. You needed him more than anything, even if that meant letting him see you this way.

Soon you were standing on his door, your hand hesitantly knocking the door – the noise was so faint you doubted if he could actually hear, so you knocked again and again – and again. You felt your heart break even more at him ignoring you, there was no way he didn’t hear. Hank was anything but a heavy sleeper.

“H-Hank?” you half spoke, half sobbed through your words.

You knocked again, louder this time. You didn’t care about how desperate you sounded or how you could disturb the others as you kept knocking on the wooden door and your knuckles were starting to hurt by now.

“Hank, please…” you finally gave up trying to contain your sobs and broke down, dropping on the hard floor with your back against his door. “P-Please…” your voice was barely audible and you continued sobbing uncontrollably.

What you didn’t know was that Hank was right on the other side of that door, desperately clutching the doorknob and struggling to keep himself from coming to you. Hearing your sobs and how broken your voice was hurting him more than you could ever imagine. Tears had started to form in his own eyes and he barely fought the urge to open, but this was the only solution.

He couldn’t let you be around him anymore. He could barely control himself and the mere thought of hurting you in any way was unbearable. His other form could be so dangerous and unpredictable and you were so fragile in his eyes. He just couldn’t take that risk.

Deathly silence ensued as your sobs died down, but tears continued streaming down your cheeks and you simply stayed there, curled into a ball and shivering lightly from how cold the marble floor was.

He could hear your heavy breathing from the other side, the small sniff noises coming from your nose and all he wanted was to stop torturing you.

You took a long breath and broke the silence. “H-Hank, p-please talk to me. What did I do? Please Hank…” you whimpered as your hand grabbed the doorknob again and you fought to open it but it was locked from inside.

You finally surrendered when the door suddenly opened and you almost fell on the ground but two strong arms grabbed you and you found yourself buried into a familiar soft fur that you knew who it belonged to.

Slowly opening your eyes, you buried yourself further into his embrace and looked up to meet his yellow irises, his eyes were also teary but there were bags underneath, as if he hadn’t gotten proper rest for quite a while.

You wanted to stay in his arms forever but even more you needed answers. And you needed them now. You pulled away quickly and cupping his cheeks, you forced his gaze to turn on you no matter how much he tried to avoid it.

Smothering your hiccups, you spoke. “What did I do? You have to tell me.”

His hands gently locked around your own that remained on his face and you could see him frown in confusion. “W-What? God no. Y/N, no you didn’t do anything.”

“Then why? Why are you avoiding me? Do you no longer love me? Because if that’s why, I think I deserved to know instead of-“ Hank crushed his lips on yours before you got a chance to finish your sentence.

“No-no-no-no-no, I love you. I love you more than anything, every day away from you was killing me. I just…”

“Then what? Why are you trying to push me away?” you started crying again and he kissed the inside of your wrists.

“I-I haven’t been able to control myself lately and I’m afraid.”

“Afraid of what? I would never judge you.” You tried to make sense of his words.

“Of hurting you. I don’t know what I’d do if anything ever happened to you.” He admitted weakly.

You sniffed your nose again and let out a bitter laugh, confusing him even more. “And avoiding me was a way to not hurt me?” you traced a finger across the features of his face, taking in his appearance since he had never been so close to you when in this form.

“I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry. It’s just – I’m so afraid of hurting you.” The pads of his fingers were soft against your cheeks as he wiped your tears away.  “I’m so stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid.” He muttered with his head buried in your hair.

“I love you. I love you in your every form and you could never hurt me. Not unless you push me away like you did. Besides, I’m not made of glass.” You whispered softly and peppered his face with kisses, ignoring the blue hairs that found their way into your mouth with every little kiss.

You felt his own tears in your hair but you decided it was best to not speak of it. You both needed this. So you stayed like that for what seemed like forever; your hands trailing patterns on his chest as he soothingly ran his hands through your hair and held you.

After a while, he noticed your hands had stopped moving. “So…you’re not mad at me?” he asked gingerly, but received no answer.

Looking down at you, he saw you were already fast asleep and he stayed there forever, admiring your peaceful features, how beautiful you looked even with your red and puffy eyes – he loved you so much, how could he ever think a life without you was possible?


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  • someone: why do you like the xmen so much?? i mean they're cool and all but so are the avengers
  • me internally: because the xmen are a group of oppressed people who are Constantly fighting for their survival and equality, while also fighting for all of mankind, the people who actively discriminate against them, when they really don't have to (unlike the avengers who mainly spend their time fighting each other or not caring about mutants). Their story of oppression is relatable to those who deal with discrimination and oppression in real life, therefor making their story all the more compelling. Not to mention, the xmen stories have magneto who is one of the most interesting, complexing and captivating villain, (if you can even call him that), in the entire marvel universe.
  • me out loud: idk they have pretty cool powers