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since its pride month can we get a shoutout to marvels lgbt characters please and thank you :)))

Absolutely! Here’s just a few of Marvel’s LGBT characters. From the top - Ms America, Iceman, Wiccan, Deadpool, Mystique, Moondragon, Shatterstar, Rictor, Daken, Phyla Vell, Northstar, Karma, Karolina Dean, Hulking, and Anole!

Ian McKellen Shares Thoughts On A Gay Superhero Movie
When it comes to Hollywood’s superhero films, the genre is just starting to dive into [...]

“Frankly, looking at some of the images of these superheroes, I’m surprised to know that they’re not gay…It’s the reason I played Magneto; I wanted to look like that.”

“I would think Marvel is a very responsible publishing house who came up with X-Men - which is a political story about life as it is lived by minorities of whom mutants are a prime example - would respond very favorably to the idea of having a gay or bisexual or transgender superhero. Can you imagine because of it all the wonderful complications of the story - mistaken identities, etcetera etcetera,” the actor explained.


Hi everybody! 

This is a reminder that applications for the Tumblr Nerds group chat are due in less than over a week, on July 1. If you’d like to apply, here is where you can find all of the application information.

I look forward to seeing all of your applications! 

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