mine: winnick

Dan Winnick

Today isn’t a remarkable day by any means. But, damn, do I ever miss this dude.

We haven’t seen each other in ages. But I miss you so, so, so, so, so (to infinity) so much. I don’t think I ever want to go to Coachella again because I don’t want to taint the memories of driving down from Calgary to Palm Springs (Costco, motels, skateboards, pigeons, Bible belt, Beige Lightning, Las Vegas and underage -except for Steve -, Arcade Fire, you stealing my denim cut-offs, Hollywood, staying at my aunt’s, my grandfather finding you passed out in the toilet with a penis drawn on your face, Newport Beach, Tim Hortons gas break, returning to yours, Wendy’s….)…Right before our roadie, we were on campus talking about how that black guy should be pope and went to the mall to accuse Camara of ‘robbing’. We were incredulous that Old Navy was playing an LCD Soundsytsem song then…

I was back in Calgary recently. Camara and I met up and drove near Connaught to take a photo of your old house (and Steve and Lauren’s lower floor).

I wish you were still in Vancouver. I wish the circumstances of us being in different countries still existed, excusing the long pause since we’ve seen each other. Or maybe I wish we were back at MRC, and you’re telling Camara and I stories of holding girls up, against the wall. Wish we were at Hi-Fi, on a Tuesday, singing along to Holland, 1945. Or at the ‘Flec office, and I’m writing a feature piece for you. Wish we were talking about sailing. Playing squash. Having white chocolate brownies. OR, better yet, BACON, as we watched Memento…Again. While slagging wuts-his-face off. Gossiping about the women you’ve bed. At Broken City. On a Sunday. Where I made you sing ‘My Girl’…

I miss the fuck out of you. I wish I had been in Vancouver to visit you when you were still yawning, or twitching your nose…at the very least, to hear Steve talk about you. And I wish I had been in Calgary to hear your brother speak about you. I’ve read both written words, and they measure up to the wonderful man you are.

Come visit me in my dreams tonight?