mine: will and rj


Designed by BTS, BT21!

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ver 1 / ver 2 

Characters (in order):

Namjoon - Koya
Seokjin - RJ
Yoongi - Shooky
Hoseok - Mang
Jimin - Chimmy
Taehyung - Tata
Jungkook - Cooky

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Fighting the Power Rangers

Trini Kwan: if you choose to fight this tinie, she will surprise you and manage to thoroughly kick your ass. don’t be fooled by her height, she’s a funsized ass whooping. 

Jason Scott: i mean you could fight him, but honestly why would you? he’s such a good guy?? doesn’t mean he’ll hesitate to defend himself, though. 

Kimberly Hart: just as badass as her girlfriend; will end you and punch your tooth out just ask the kid that got his put back. 

Zack Taylor: do it. fight him. no one will stop you. in fact, trini and jason would probably laugh on the sidelines, especially if you can get a few good hits in. 

Billy Cranston: do not fight him. it’s in your best interest. if you do, jason will come for you. as well as kimberly. you’ll in fact personally offend and make an enemy of every single power ranger this way and ultimately be destroyed