mine: vmm

[spoiler warnings all around] I watched the veronica mars movie a few days ago and at the end I got incredibly sad because Weevil is back in. It made me start thinking of constant fights at home and his wife leaving him and all of the things he’s risking by putting on that leather jacket and getting back on a bike and fighting a class war the only way he knows how. 

But then today I thought…what if it isn’t like that. We know literally nothing about her other than she’s a smokin hot Latina. So here’s my theory: What if she is supportive of him? Assuming she knows about his colorful past as the head of the PCHers, she loves him despite and maybe even because of the lengths he has been willing to go to in order to protect and fight for what he cares about. If they’re living in Neptune, she has to be aware of the race and class divides that characterize it. What if after her husband is shot by a wealthy white woman he was trying to help and then framed for attempted assault+ Jade Navarro stays. What if she’s there every step of the way with Weevil. If there’s one thing Rob Thomas does well it’s give women a surprisingly ambiguous morality. And I love that.

So for now that’s my headcanon. Big happy biker gang family fighting a class war.


                    “It’s 180 days, Veronica. What’s 180 days to us?
                                      Our story is epic. Spanning years, continents…”
                                                                                    "Lives ruined, bloodshed.“