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One of my biggest pet peeves is when imagine writers make Uma this huge jealous bitch to the reader when it comes to Harry and then make Rotten Four like angels saving the reader, as if Uma would really be like that. idk why that really pisses me off!
P.S. I hate when they kept calling only the Rotten Core the “vks” like THEY ARE ALL VKS TF. UMA, HARRY, AND GIL ARE VILLAINS’S KIDS! Sorry for the rant…

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Ok ok hear me out. This will be the best. Seventeen as potatoes........ yes. (Fries, mashed potatoes, even a straight up raw straight from the ground potato, anything is possible my love)

author’s note: MY TIME HAS COME YES for I am too a potato

S.Coups: extra and filling with a handful of cheese and heartiness

Jeonghan: Lucious but bad for u

Joshua: traditional but irresistible plus super pretty, all the grandparents to the toddlers love him

Jun: cajun fries cause this boy is never boring and always flavorful

Hoshi: tornado fries? nah, HURRICANE FRIES 

Wonwoo: sophisticated but fun 

Woozi: Korea’s (potato) pancake 

DK:  ba da dum dum dum everyone’s lovin you

Mingyu: looks manly and intimidating but soft on the inside

The8: u can try to eat it but it’ll fuc u up

Seungkwan: extra asf and will probably make u cry from how good it is

Vernon: he’s a hot potato ;), but he’s just happy to be here and to be a part of something

Dino: a sweet potato pie but spiced 

thanks for requesting ^.^ - admin v.k