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Please reblog if you think visual kei isn’t suicide music. Please reblog if visual kei has made you stronger. Has filled you with good thoughts and strength and happiness. If it has put a smile on your face. If you don’t think it makes people suicidal, if you don’t think it’s dark and depressing.

Vampire Knight- second extra chapter

Here we go guys! We’ve finally released the second extra chapter of Vampire knight, translated from japanese to english. We’ve released two versions of the chapter, one of them in english, and the other one in italian. A special thanks to Shirayuki93, the only one who accepted to help us with the translation. I hope you enjoy it! Here the link of our forum where you can download the chapter: http://amethysteyes.animemanga.forumfree.it/?t=70832153

              Your heart is full of broken dreams 
       Just a fading memorie and everything’s gone,              
                 But the pain carries on.      
But I, I am here. I am with you, I will carrie you          
                     throught it all.
   I won’t leave you, I will catch you when you fell like
            Letting go, ‘cause you’re not alone.

We had a special guest tattooing at VK today! Introducing JoeYaKnow! He’s not a real tattoo apprentice, he just plays one on TV! @mrjoebarlow from WCIA CILiving filmed a “Joe Do My Job” segment and did his first tattoo! Not too shabby! The segment should air sometime next week! #JoeYaKnow #jobstopper #joedomyjob #ciliving #chambana #champaign #apof #tattoo #vintagekarma #VK #urbana (at Vintage Karma)