mine: vincent spiederman


Top 10 Instant Star Songs (Honorable Mentions):  Unraveling

Maybe the moon’s just a hole in the sky. One day at a time, my world is shattering. Maybe the answer’s to never ask why as I watch my life unraveling  As I watch my life unraveling.

Spied: You uh, mind if I cut in?
Jamie: Sure. I’m just going to uh, go request a Jude Harrison song.
Jude: He’s a cutie.
Spied: So don’t do this to him.
Jude: Do what?
Spied: Make him your second choice guy, again. Dude’s been your rebound so many times he’s gonna get whiplash.
Jude: It’s not like that.
Spied: Jude, you and I used to go out. And it was fun. But I always knew you only had room in your heart for one dude. And that’s Lord Squinty Frown. Come on, you know I’m right. But uh, what do you got to lose, huh? Except your best friend.

313 - All I Want is You


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