mine: video game


honestly I think the jungle biome has been my favorite since it was added

Somebody should make a resource management sim game about a veterinary hospital.

You’d start out with a little clinic and a budget, and get to choose which equipment you invest in, like Xray or Ultrasound, what types of surgical equipment and lab set up you have, etc and just one vet.

Your vet gains experience by the caseload they see.

You get to set your opening hours, and basic prices. Occasionally ‘special’ cases will pop up that either ask you to work for free/goodwill, or are aggressive clients, or otherwise unusual where you can make a choice of action. You also get to see assorted comments pop up from social media about your practice, whether the vets are likable, whether you cost too much etc.

Over time, if your practice is profitable, you can hire more vets and staff, buy more equipment, expand the building or hire a locum so your sole vet can have a break.

Hired vets and staff have assorted stats detailing their experience, interests, skills, mental health and burnout. They might even have other stats like ‘alcoholic’ or ‘bird phobia’. Sometimes they will get injured or need to take parental leave. Manage them well and everything’s good. Manage them badly and they quit, one way or another.

It would be interesting to see a game from a management and behind the scenes reality side rather than the ‘save all the cute animals’ side of things that we usually get. Might also help the general public understand what happens when you’re constantly told you’re too expensive, regardless of your costs.