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Hanging By a Thread

Tyler Kyte


Instant Star rant; Feel free to ignore.

Jude has always been surrounded by the nicest and most perfect guys that were always there for her. Even when they weren’t, they still were~ It’s just the biggest, hugest bummer that she chose Tommy. I know, I’m basically president of the Tommy/Jude fanclub, but he hurt her so freaking much. Shay was a jerk, yes. Jamie was not only her best friend, but he would do anything for her. He would take a bullet for her, he would die for her, even after she broke his heart. And that brings me to Spiederman. God, Juderman was perfect. They were best friends, they were buddies, they had chemistry, they did everything for each other. They could have fun & still date. Like, Jude could be ‘one of the guys’ but at the end of the day, they could makeout & whatnot. Even when they broke up, they were still buds, best friends, & had that same chemistry. It was like nothing even happened. 
Then, she went & chose Tommy. I mean, they were perfect together, yes, but you can only allow a person to hurt you so many times before you reach the breaking point. 
I mean, in the end, she chose her music over him anyway. And that bothered me & still makes me cry. He was ready to follow her anywhere, do anything, and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. And then she dumped him. 
I will ~never~ understand.