mine: twelve kingdoms


“I will die here.” One bite from any of those hideous jaws could turn her into a quivering lump of meat in seconds, a gruesome meal to be summarily devoured. The monsters would eat her just like they had the guardsman.

my idea of drawing a favourite character properly for the first time….. i love! youko from the twelve kingdoms!! so much!!!! she’s so flawed and genuine and human, she is my absolute favourite female character in anything ever, i recently re-read the sea of shadow and then read the rest of the novels for the first time and i’m reeling, i’m so in love. (and i can’t stress enough how much i recommend the novels over the anime, or at least to accompany the anime, the first novel is so much more powerful a story about youko than the first arc of the anime, no offense because i still like things about the anime too but uhhhhh. no comparison)

…. anyways this was a fun draw and i’ll do more for sure because i can’t stop drawing youko anymore


Youko sat and stared at the blade. It seemed brighter now. Yes, it certainly was – this was more than her vision trying to adjust in the dark. The blade was glowing. Youko’s eyes opened wide. First the outline, then the whole surface of the blade became as clear as glass. – – Then she heard a sound: the high, far-off echoing drip, drip, drip of water hitting the surface of a pool.

another little illustration of youko from the twelve kingdoms, because i just like experimenting with this brush and some palettes. and i’m so fond of the sea of shadow as a book that i’ll probably do a few more. just because

Dear Remake Fairy,

Since you have been so kind these days, I was wondering if I could maybe request a remake/sequel for Juuni Kokki? You still have a lot of material to adapt and it’s fantastic.

PS: Please don’t take 18 years this time though. Still, THANK YOU ILU.

Also I would love at least a panel confirming Fakir was successful in writing his story. Or a tweet. Or something.

12k historical clothing

Did a little bit of research into ancient Chinese military armor & clothing. What Gyousou wears in the anime is actually normal foot soldier or cavalry armor? instead of a general’s?? His clothes in the book art are sometimes more elaborate, but even given the inevitable dumbing-down of design for animation, he’s not wearing the right stuff.

If you’re interested, here’s a good comparison from the era they were drawing from, the Qin dynasty, which conveniently enough is exactly the era of the several thousand clothing examples we have in the terra cotta warriors of Qin Shi Huang…


Foot soldier:


Reconstructed image of terra cotta general:

I don’t think that this was a deliberate choice to show humility; Gyousou himself said that he was very prideful, and it’s pretty obvious that while he IS a very good civil servant, he would never pull a Shoryuu or Han-ou and dress in clothes beneath his station. He’s an ambitious guy!

Anyway. #researchforcosplay

Oh: does anyone have any good recs for a material i can substitute for boiled leather? The only thing i can think to use rn is vinyl, but…i feel like that would be p. obvious. (& I’m not shelling out a few hundred for hides and then actually boiling everything in wax, i’m not that dedicated ;_; )