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I really wanted to try these on since I saw simsimi’s amazing Adidas top ts3 version!! (here) unfortunately, I only have sims4 =( , so I made it for myself !!! zipper could be squashed if your sim’s breasts are big  (if it’s squashed, simply just reduce breasts’ size) 

skirt (xx) by marigold

15 swatches

  1. do not re upload other sites.
  2. do not re-edit include Mesh without my permission.
  3. Feel free to recolor without mesh included.

I made leggings for this jersey (xx)


Look 1.

hair @leahlillith
choker @pralinesims
bodysuit&jeans @tajsiwel
shoes @theslyd
hair @adedarma
top @serenity-cc
jeans @tajsiwel
shoes @xscapesims

Look 2.

hair&bangs @blahberry-pancake
choker @pralinesims
top @spectacledchic-sims4
jeans @elliesimple
shoes @citrontart
hair @adedarma
choker by Salem_C
top @hallowsimss 
jeans @citrontart
shoes @theslyd

Look 3.

hair @hallowsimss
shirt dress @sentate
shoes @madlensims
hair @blahberry-pancake
dress @serenity-cc
shoes @madlensims

S4- 80′s style (inspired) high waisted jeans 

Hi everyone!

I have done something completely different today that I have never done before and it’s truly unique from all my other creations made another pair of jeans for you to download - you know you need them! These jeans are really high waisted and have that 80′s style wash effect. 

  • 30 colors (including black, gray, red and some greens)
  • CAS thumbnail
  • Handdrawn textures by me

Enjoy! Use #cleotopia in your pictures to tag me! :)


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Happy Simming! xx


What have you been doing? You’ve been out here for hours.Making something…for you. What is it? You tried to fix me. Twice now. It’s not working. And?I’m not capable of self-termination.Suicide. I can’t kill myself, but you can. Why would I want to kill you? You might have to some day. I’ve planted an explosive in my skull near my chip. It’s a small amount, but it’s enough. Enough? All you have to do is hit the switch.What would future John do now? Future John doesn’t live here. You do.

I decided to go through the works of my favorite _Person of Interest_ writers before and after POI. 

(Since I’m already familiar with Jonathan Nolan’s work, I’ll be skipping him).

The first on the list is Denise Thé – looking through her IMDB, I’m pleasantly surprised that Denise’s first credited work was for _Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles_, its the kind of start that really primes a writer for POI. It’s no surprise then that she wrote the brilliant _If Then Else_ (which should at the least have won a Hugo!) and _6741_!

For TSCC her first episode was the second season episode _The Tower is Tall but the Fall is Short_, which dealt with issues of trauma and suicide ideation while also touching on how machines are learning to be more human like through the T1000 that took over Catherine Weaver’s life.

As a machine ‘Catherine’ doesn’t know how to relate or know how to raise Catherine’s daughter, Savannah.

The T1000 was even at a loss how to get through the still infant emerging AI known as The Turk.

One of the things that struck me on this rewatch of TSCC is how spiritually ancestor to _Elementary_. TSCC is, despite the AI war plotline, all about the characters. The tone and the deliberate way it delves into the character’s mental and emotional state is something that’s very _Elementary_-esque.

The episode examined the consequences of an attack that *people* (not a Terminator) visited on John and Sarah, and what John was forced to do to defend Sarah.

Both Sarah and John were both lost at sea because Sarah’s immediate response is always to shield and protect John and a large part of that is determining to move on in a kind of state of denial. Except, that John still knew and felt what it was like to kill a *person* and not a machine.

In TSCC, life is important.

Denise’s next episode for TSCC was _Some Must Watch Some Must Sleep_, an episode where its Sarah’s turn coming to terms with herself after she’s forced to kill a man.

Denise seemed really interested in examining the reactions of Sarah and John, soldiers who trained to fight against machines, but who were determined never to kill people but are placed in circumstances where killing is unavoidable.

For Denise’s first credited work, it’s very good and, according to the wiki, her episodes in the second season are notable for bringing back Sarah’s voiceovers.


Speaking of TSCC, Josh Friedman, the creator and showrunner of the _Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles_ is also the showrunner of _Emerald City_! More reasons to watch the show!

The Stag Crown's Champion Chapter 9
Tweek's past catches up with him while the the tension with Ike continues to mount. War has no time for an errant prince. It's day 11 and the sky is falling.
By Organization for Transformative Works

This took a while because I got distracted but I got two reviews within a day of each other and well. Here we are. 

Also less than 7800 words so a much more manageable read.

ALSO I AM AT  77,946 WORDS OMG  and I’m only just now getting into the second arc…