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i need her

Cameron: She was pregnant. She miscarried. 

Derek Reese: Why did you tell me that now?

Cameron: You put John in danger when you lied about Jesse. Sarah nearly lost her child. You’ve lost a child. You won’t make that mistake again.

Derek Reese: You knew her?

Cameron: I met her once.

Derek Reese: She never told me that.

Cameron: It seems she never told you a lot of things.

John and Cameron order a Pizza
  • Pizza girl: So ... a large pepperoni, a large Italian Sausage, and a medium Pineapple and Ham?
  • Cameron: John please inform her she forgot my soda.
  • John: Wha ....? Get off the phone!
  • Pizza Girl: Oh right, the soda ... what soda would you like ma'am.
  • John: No, don't address her, I'm in charge here, don't encourage this behavior.
  • Pizza Girl: I'm sorry, sir ... what soda would she like?
  • ...
  • ......
  • John: HRRRR ... What soda do you want?!
  • Cameron: What do they have?
  • John: Ohmygod ...
  • Cameron: Does Root Beer have Alcohol, John?
  • John: No Cameron ...
  • Cameron: Oh good, that would be illegal.
  • John: Yes it would ... Yes, it would, Cameron.
  • Pizza Girl: So a large pepperoni, a large Italian sausage, a medium pineapple and ham, and a Root Beer ... will that conclude your order?
  • Cameron: Yes, that will conclude our order.
  • John: No, it's my order.
  • Cameron: It's my order too John.
  • John: No, I ordered and you made a running commentary.
  • Cameron: Only because you wouldn't let me.
  • John: I 've told you hundred times I don't need you on the other line when I'm ordering something!
  • Pizza: Okay ... well, your total is 45,50 and might I suggest some marriage counseling, you have some serious dependency issues.
  • John: No ... Look lady, we're not ...
  • Cameron: Do you think we have dependency issues, John?
  • ...
  • ......
  • John: Hang up the phone, Cameron.