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Nature Prompt Fic/Drabble Collection.

I had a huge idea. 

Huge ideas come from brilliant minds.


I take that back, brilliance is not my trait. 

So, I’m putting down tons of naturistic photos and you can request one or I’ll prolly just write something I come up with with one of them. Or I might put both my idea and request into one post with one pic. If I write some of these with my own idea, some may have Winter Kirk. Winter Kirk is an oc of mine. You can look at some other Winter Kirk writing in my blog if you like or whatever to have it explained. She’s Jim’s daughter. Or I might just make an OC explanation post or something. 

 So yeah! Go ahead and request away!!!!

Later on, I will link seperate fics from these pics to this page or a separate one. 

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Weetabix promotes Star Trek The Motion Picture, in 1979. Sadly, I no longer have any of the collectable Action Cards, but on the back of the boxes were cut-out models of the U.S.S. Enterprise and a Klingon Cruiser that could be attached to the information card printed on the inside of the front to form a nifty* diarama! I’ve still got the Enterprise one…

* The word “nifty” here is used in its loosest and least-accurate sense.

The cut-out U.S.S. Enterprise…

… and the Klingon Cruiser.

Information on the Imperial Klingon Battlecruiser Amar. Colours by me. I was thirteen.

Information on the U.S.S. Enterprise. As you can see, in the upper pic I attempted to give Kirk his proper yellow shirt, thereby correcting a serious mistake in the movie where someone decided that most of the crew would be wearing giant onesies.


Playing around with designing a ship. I began doodling with early TNG style in mind (think Stargazer…) but as the ship developed the Voyager/First Contact sleekness took hold. These are all very rough sketches, just looking for a pleasing design. The more I drew this ship it began taking on the personality of a very fast scout vessel. It’s small but has pretty long nacelles which suggest speed. I could see it running Star Fleet admirals around the galaxy, or doing in-and-out surveillance jobs (note big sensor dome on hull). I will add more sketches as they come. I welcome critique and comments.


No one asked me, but… 

While Sisko begins on DS9 as a Commander (he is the Commanding Officer of Deep Space Nine the whole time, but doesn’t make Captain until season 3), no Star Trek show has focused on a First Officer becoming a Captain. Casting Sonequa Martin-Green as a Lieutenant Commander and making her the show’s lead is, I think, a big clue about what the show is about.

So, here’s my theory…

I think Isaacs, who plays Captain Lorca, will in some capacity become unable to lead and Lt. Cmdr Rainsford (Martin-Green) will find herself, our lead, as acting Captain. I think the show will, in many ways, be about her learning the role and learning how to command a starship, the tough decisions, the loneliness, the pressure… I think Discovery, as a title, may be about more than space discovery, I think it will be about Rainsford discovering how to be a Captain.

I have a million other theories based on very little, but I think this is likely to be the case. Each Trek has sort of a core conceit that differentiates it (What is Starfleet like on a station instead of a starship? DS9. What if a starship was cut off from the Federation? Voyager.) and I think Discovery will be about learning who you are when circumstances call on you to assume a new, tougher role. 

In short, I’m pretty fucking excited about this how!

(My other theories revolve around the show being pretty political and Isaacs’ and Yeoh’s ships are sent on a joint mission to somewhere dangerous and Isaacs becomes a prisoner of war or is somehow abducted. Or, perhaps, he’s a Vulcan captain who’s actually a Romulan spy and maybe is actually the show’s main antagonist. Perhaps Martin-Green doesn’t take command till the season 1 finale, but I think it’s more likely she will become the captain early on in the show. I think something big, a la Battlestar Galactica’s pilot for example, will happen that puts Discovery in a jeopardized position in need of a new Captain and that’s when we see Rainsford step up and have to deal with a ton of crazy intergalactic stuff!)


Time lapse shots taken starting in the lowlands at the foot of the Himalaya and then gradually ascending towards Everest Base Camp, finishing with the view of that summit.

wow could you imagine what spock must have been like, studying for academy exams though?? Like, even though he obviously knew all the material back to front, and more competently than any of the other cadets, he’d probably be unbearably intense and studying around the clock, coming up with all of this extra information out of the woodwork and actually teaching his professors thing with his final exam essays