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I love DS9, and so I was stoked when an awesome new friend (the author Tristan J Tarwater–look her up!) commissioned this piece from me. Now that I’ve done this, I should probably do TNG and TOS–whenever I have time! One of the nice things about Star Trek is that the characters get to relax sometimes.  Also, this image is brought to you by hours of painting tiny tiny bottles.

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Spock and Jim take turns being dom and sub.

When Spock subs he almost enters a meditative state, letting Jim engulf his entire consciousness.
When Jim subs he likes to forget his Captaincy, forget the 400 people on his shoulders and focus on the one person relieving the burden from his body kiss by kiss, bite by bite.

When Spock doms he likes to feel the tension of the world escape Jim and see the devious glint in his eye when Spock doesn’t let him think about anything but the green-tinged boner near his body.
When Jim doms he likes to see Spock struggle to keep his calm and revels in the beauty that is unhinged Spock – animalistic, brutish, fucking hot.

Finally have a reliable enough connection to update my blog. There are so many pictures I want to share from my Everest Base Camp Trek, but this is the one that took the most effort. After multiple nights of waiting for weather to clear, then learning that the Milky Way actually doesn’t come out of the horizon until after 1am, I finally got this shot outside of the village Gorak Shep at 3am.

At 16,900 ft, Gorak Shep is the last village before Everest Base Camp. At this elevation, it is difficult to sleep, which ironically, helped me get out of my sleeping bag into the freezing night. I’ve never seen so many stars or the Milky Way so clear before.