mine: tph

Happy Birthday to my novel and its main character, Jade, I self published 5 years ago, and started working on 10 years ago. It was totally shitty because I had no idea what the Fuck I was doing, but, I love the characters so much. I am working on a rewrite. Until then, happy birthday THP and Jade!

Some wanna say how much of feminists they are. Even preaching to others. Knock down a specific group of shippers (( I’m not one but )) for harassing people. Yet those same individuals go and harass some random woman because she has a coochie and said something you took as an attack (( which was not even anything but a damn caption on a cake pic )). You feel so threatened by woman around Harry. Why ? Because this means you don’t have your chance with him ? Or you know who’s best for him ? He’s said it himself before. Not every woman he goes around is someone he’s dating and even if it were so. He’s a grown ass man. He can do whatever he wants. Maybe that’s what the caption on the cake pic meant ? Teenage hearts are breaking because he’s growing up ? Who knows. But as usual. I’m tired of people thinking they know who’s best for Harry. You. Are. Not. His. Mother.