mine: torchwood

Last night I was listening to John Barrowman’s cover of Heaven and I made myself cry a little because I realized that is a Janto song. Especially when it says “Baby you’re all that I want when you’re lying here in my arms” it makes me think about how Jack was ready to give up every single child on earth to save Ianto.

Oh, I will never stop crying for this ship.


& you are thankful, so thankful for this men.
who sees you as neither a saint or a sinner.
but as a soul. frayed & ripped at the seams.
& he uses his smile as a needle that stitches you up.
and he loves you. god, he loves you.

- - -

{credit; gifset by me}


She said it was intimate. I said, well, he’s had girlfriends, and she said, well, no girl was getting her feet round that table, no chance. Have you gone bender?
Mica’s hearing this.
She’s not bothered. Her friend Sian’s got two mothers. Go on. You never tell me anything these days. Dad died, that was it. You were off. You couldn’t wait. Like I did something wrong. I didn’t, did I?
It’s not that. It’s my job. It’s difficult, it’s… he is very handsome.


Requested by leana-armen

This was such a good request, award to the requester for thinking up such a brilliant idea.

You were pregnant and laying in the midst of your tears, sobbing loudly and uncontrollably as you kneeled down in the dirt, the end of your gown already covered in muck. You’d finally done it, you’d finally escaped your abusive husband, and though you knew that you should be happy you can’t help but feel like you’d brought yourself into more of a mess. The year is 1901 and you are cursed with being a female, and now you are a pregnant female. There is no chance in hell you’d be able to find work unless it was in the brothels, but you couldn’t see yourself doing that, not with a child… but then again, did you have a choice?

Your body began to shake violently as the sobbing just became louder. Suddenly a hand fell against your shoulder, like a rocket you shot up and jumped away from the stranger. It was so unsafe for a woman to be out this late, let alone out this late without a husband by her side. “I’m sorry,” an american voice soothed, you just blinked at the stranger with caution. He took another step forward, causing you to take another step back, and then he held his hand out, “the names Jack Harkness, I really didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to know what was wrong?”

At the thought tears fell out of your eyes once more, and you decided you might as well tell this Jack man your problems anyway. Either he will rape you and kill you, or actually be of use and maybe help you. Though thanks to the way you’d been treated so far by men, you didn’t feel very optimistic. And so you explained it as well as you could, telling the man about how you’d spent five years being abused and after finding out you’re pregnant you decided that you couldn’t allow a child to grow up in such an environment. But it seemed as though the world was against you because of your sex, and you worried deeply that your child might be born a woman.

He looked at you with sympathy, his eyes dropping to the floor before he looked up again, a metaphorical lightbulb going off in his head. “Let me show you something,” he put his hand out for you to take but instead you just stared down at it in confusion. “Follow me, and I can show you a world where women aren’t treated this way, you really want to see this.”

His words enticed you, and even though this place sounds more like heaven than an actual place, you knew that you had nothing left to lose. You didn’t want your child to grow up in this world, so if there was anything that could give you hope of a better one, then you would take that chance. When you grabbed a hold of Jack’s hand he swiftly pulled you closer to him, “close your eyes,” he warned and as you did you became surrounded by a weird feeling, like you were flying. But that’s not possible.

It seemed as though it was hours later when Jack told you that you could finally open your eyes and what you saw was amazing. Tall buildings that you’d never seen before stood high and the streets were busy, full of people, as you looked around you caught sight of women in weird looking suits, they had weird devices in their hands and also a briefcase. “Do they have a job?” You turned to look at Jack and he smiled, shaking his head ‘no’, enjoying the look of amazement in your eyes. “But what about the housework, and looking after the children?”

“They don’t have that sort of life, they are much more independent.” He explained, “I doubt half the women walking past us right now have husbands.”

As he said that a very rich looking woman with pearls around her neck walked past them, a child in her hand. Then you remembered what Jack had said, that woman could be a… “single parent?” You finished her question out loud, once again looking to Jack for confirmation. This time he saw tears in your eyes and he confirmed it again with simply another nod, allowing everything to sink in.

You felt like you’d been hit by hope, and that was the only violence you would ever condone.


I really like this scene. It’s just a moment and it happens fast but their glances are so private despite being surrounded by the team and you can obviously see they have a whole conversation just by looking at each other. I like to think that they went in Jack’s office because everytime Jack dies during a mission, the rush of adrenaline makes him want…things. With Ianto, possibly.