mine: tommy merlyn

  • Arrow:Tommy and Laurel grow closer after Oliver’s ‘death’ and started an actual relationship after Oliver’s return
  • Flash:Iris and Eddie grow closer while Barry’s in a coma, and start a relationship
  • Arrow:Oliver's still in love with Laurel
  • Flash:Barry's still in love with Iris
  • Arrow:Laurel’s father is a police officer who isn’t pleased with the relationship at first
  • Flash:Iris's father is a police detective who isn’t pleased with the relationship at first
  • Arrow:Tommy's the comic relif.
  • Flash:Eddie's the comic relif.
  • Arrow:Tommy's 'billionaire playboy'
  • Flash:Eddie's 'detective prettyboy'
  • Arrow:Tommy thinks low of himself
  • Flash:Eddie thinks low of himself
  • Arrow:Tommy break up with Laurel because of Oliver
  • Flash:Eddie break up with Iris because of Barry
  • Arrow:Tommy's father is a psychopath
  • Flash:Eddie's descendant is psychopath
  • Arrow:Tommy sacrifice himself to save Laurel’s life
  • Flash:Eddie sacrifice himself to save Iris's (and everyone’s) life
  • The fandom:How none of us saw it coming?!

get to know me meme (6/50) romantic relationships → tommy and laurel (arrow)
“I remember some of the mornings when you and I were together, and I made you omelettes. And I’d be in your kitchen and I would think to myself, this isn’t just fun. This is more than fun. This is… this is different. I’ve never felt that way with anbody else. And I miss it.”