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[request prompt: A Peter x reader one shot where the reader is mute and is always writing down what she wants to say to Peter? Then one day she signs something to him and it keeps happening over and over at random times when they hang out?? he realized later on that she keeps signing “I love you”???]

now it’s time for something sweet ♡

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truth - peter parker

Truth - ((Tom Holland)) Peter Parker x Reader | 3rd Person

Prompt: When (Y/N) can’t complete a dare, Peter must admit a truth. (part one here)

a/n: THIS IS SO LONG OVERDUE!! but i’m back!! thank you for the kind messages!! i feel better and seriously the love on the previous part was amazing. if you’re new, hey, i’m gabriella, i say hell yeah a lot and love you to death. :-)

School had ended and summer began, leaving time for (Y/N) to do whatever she pleased. Instead of being with her friends or having fun, she had decided to work on her dare. She wanted–needed–to find out who Spiderman was. It drove (Y/N) insane, and that was how most people chose to describe her now.

Peter had to sit and watch the mess unfold before his own eyes. He watched as (Y/N)’s sanity diminished and her confidence in dares deplete. What had happened to the fun-loving girl that he knew as his best friend? Peter knew that this was all his fault, but he didn’t do anything about it. He should’ve told her ages ago, but didn’t.

Two weeks later, (Y/N) was camping with her friends. On the trip, Peter tagged along with the large groups of soon-to-be seniors and mainly went to make sure (Y/N) was okay. In truth, she wasn’t. She was so caught up in her own thoughts and feelings that she couldn’t focus on anything.

Peter was worried about her, she would start going on walks alone and straying from the group. Yes, (Y/N) was her own person free to make her own decisions but her judgement was clouded and her mental state was rocky at best. Peter deeply regretted this dare and was about ready to tell (Y/N) the truth.

A few nights later, (Y/N) and Peter were the only two awake. This was Peter’s chance, he could fix everything and help his best friend so much. The two talked and laughed and Peter slowly begun to coax the old (Y/N) out.

She was laughing and smiling and her and Peter were happy. That all changed in a second. Peter had accidentally brought up Spiderman and (Y/N) panicked. Her whole persona changed and she instantly became the driven, Spiderman-obsessed girl she was.Peter frowned as (Y/N) went to bed, he would fix this in the morning.

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Let Daddy Make You Feel Good | Part One

soooo this is the first fic I’ve written in a while and the first one ever that I’ve decided to publish online haha it was also supposed to be a short one-shot but I got carried away and ended up with like 5K words of pure fucking smut. like beginning to end, this is all smut. so I’m splitting it up into two parts.

this is based off an actual dream I had about Tom a couple nights ago where we were staying in a hotel and someone was trying to flirt w me or some shit and I was texting Tom about how annoyed I was, and the most vivid part of the dream that I remember is a text from him that said “Come let daddy make you feel good” (A+ subconscious over here - Tom with a daddy kink). so this is loosely based off that dream, hope y’all enjoy 💖

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