mine: tokio hotel

Supporting the Arts... (for bubble-gumbarbie)

______ POV
We sat in our room, after eating an early dinner downstairs, and sat on the reclining sofa, watching My Super Sweet 16 on TV. There had been an awkward silence for the past half hour, and whenever I thought about turning to talk to her, I decided against it. I needed to get her mind off of the break-up, and quickly.
“So…” I started, and she looked at me warily, but upset. “So, I was thinking, there’s a surround system in here, right?”
“Yeah, and…?” She sighed.
“So, get up, and I’ll put some music on. We can dance and party, wooooo!” I gave a cheer, and she looked at me, confused.
“We don’t have any alcohol-“
“Open the mini bar, I read that it’s stacked.”
“But don’t we have to pay?” She got up and opened it, looking at the contents with a raised eyebrow.
“Hey, Brigitte. It’s totally fine, don’t worry, it’s all on me. Think of it as a favour.” I smiled at her, reaching into my bag and taking out my iPod and hooking it up to the surround system, and turned it up to the fullest setting. Looking over to the corner, I saw Brigitte in front of the small fridge, a bottle of Grey Goose at her lips, then she turned around and smirked at me.
“What are you waiting for?” She stood up and walked over to where my iPod was plugged in, thrusting the bottle at me, and selecting a song to play. I jumped as the music began to blast through the sound system, the bass vibrating underneath my feet, and it wasn’t long before we had knocks on the door, and people who we had never seen piling in through the door, ones that we’d never met.
It was totally crazy. We didn’t know anyone, but still, we allowed the alcohol and music to course through our veins as we danced with guys we didn’t know or would ever see again, and took shots on the balcony after we tried to sober up a little bit to try and figure out what was going on.
A loud knock at the door brought me out of my drunken haze, and my eyes widened, looking over at Brigitte.
“It’s probably the police, okay, so like everyone needs to hide.” I whispered loudly, not being able to distinguish between speaking and a whisper at the moment.
“Right…” she nodded slowly, and screamed over the music for everyone to hide. The music still blared, and I could feel the bass vibrating underneath my feet, but I didn’t care. Inhaling deeply, I opened the door, and instead of the police, there stood a tall man in a dark suit, looking seriously pissed off.
“Miss, can you please turn the music down, and keep the noise to a minimum? There is somebody who just performed and they really need their rest.” He glared at me through his dark sunglasses, and I laughed.
Was that it?
“No.. Thank you! Tell whoever it is that they are totally free to join in because it’s totally wiiiiiiiiiiiild-” I drawled out, giving him a huge grin.
“Don’t make me call security.” He hissed, and walked away. I slammed the door and spun around on my heels, nearly falling over and laughing at myself. “Paaarrrtyyyyy!!!!!!!” I screamed, and everyone came out of their hiding places and resumed their fun. It wasn’t until there was another knock on the door, that I realised that we may just be in a whole lot of trouble. Brigitte pirouetted drunkenly to the door, laughing, and opened it wide.
“Oh, SHIT!” I heard her screech, and I shuddered at the shrillness of her voice. “Guys, I’m so sorry, I mean, do you want us to turn the music down, or… Fuck.” Looking past her, my eyes widened, and I wanted to just-
“It’s fine. I mean, we wanted to see what was going on, are you celebrating something?” Bill asked, as Tom side-stepped into the room, pretty much getting swarmed by women as soon as he entered the small space, and I rolled my eyes as he began grinding on this random girl. Looking back at Brigitte, she and Bill were already in a deep discussion about something, and she looked happier than she had been in a while. Who knew that her dreams were going to come true tonight? Looking around, I was happy to see that everything was going just fine, and now that Brigitte was dancing with Bill, I was pretty sure that they were going to end up sleeping with each other. Narrowing my eyes, I was sure that I could smell weed, and I rolled my eyes. Really? Looking around to try and find the culprit, I rounded the corner into the kitchen, where, sitting on the kitchen table, sat nobody other than Lenny Kravitz, surrounded by a group of people, laughing, joking and smoking.
Wait, when did he even get in here?
My eyes widened, and registering what I’d just seen, I walked back into the living room area, and proceeded to drag Brigitte away from her new toy.

Brigitte POV
“Aaaaaand, what’s going on?” I spoke, exasperated, as I felt Bill grab at my hips again and pull them into his.
“Aaaaaand, Lenny Kravitz is in the kitchen smoking weed, that’s what’s going on. If anyone smells that outside of this suite, we’re in serious shit. You need to like hide him and the twins so that I can run down to the front office and distract them from sending up security.”
“Distract them?”
“I’m going to screw whoever I need to screw to make sure that they don’t get caught.”
“And why do I need to ‘hide’ them, by the way?” I raised an eyebrow at her, and she shrugged.
“It’ll be fun for you to get to know them. And plus, if Security come, then paparazzi and shit. I don’t know, just do it. I’ll be back up soon.”
“Okay, fine.” I watched her leave, and I took Bill by the hand and looked into his eyes.
“Ummm, get your brother and wait in the bedroom. I’ll be in in a moment.” He nodded slowly, confused, and I made my way through the crowd of people, following the smell of weed until I found the source, and goddamnit, I just wanted to sit on his face. Calling his name and tugging at his waistcoat, he stood up and looked at me, and I didn’t say a word, but instead just dragged him with me to the room. Closing the door behind me, I smiled at the three men that stood in front of me, confused looks on their faces.
“Don’t look at me weird. I’m saving your asses. My friend just went to deal with security and I needed to hide you so that you couldn’t get screwed over by paparazzi or that sort of shit and-”
“Is that really the reason?” Tom shot a sly look at Lenny and then back at me, a smirk on his face.
It made me want to sit on his face.
“Honest to god, it is. Why?” I rolled my eyes, looking at him, and making the mistake of looking him in the eye.
“Because you have three rockstars in the same room as you, and you’re telling me that you weren’t trying to get us in here to sleep with you?”
Ulterior motive= exposed.
“It’s not like I could sleep with all three of you at the same time anyway. So do whatever rockstars do to kill time whilst I wait for her to get back…” I trailed off, the suggestion hanging heavily in the air.
“You know exactly what we do to kill time.” Lenny spoke from the windowsill, looking out onto the streets below, and then looking at Bill, a mischievous smile on his face.
“Sleep with rockstars and support the art.” Bill approached me, and I felt my heartbeat quicken, and his proximity caused me to fumble behind me and lock the door before I felt his lips on my neck, lingering and teasing. My eyes closed slowly, and I felt hands on my hips, and one hand pulling my head backwards, making me arch my back and push my hips back into Tom’s… At least I thought that it was him.
But I really didn’t care.
I was the filling in a delicious rockstar sandwich, and I wanted to be naked right then. Naked, legs wide, and getting fucked senseless by any one of the three men that was currently in the room. I felt a hand ghost across my ass, and then spank me, making me gasp, and my eyes flew open, and I saw Lenny across the room in a chair, trying not to laugh, one of the most beautiful smiles gracing his features, as I looked down, watching Bill unbutton my shirt, and with his brother’s assistance, pushed it off of my shoulders. The pace picked up as I felt Tom quickly take his shirt off, pressing his hard chest against my back, and I could feel his hard cock straining against the zipper of his jeans as it pressed into my ass. Looking down, I locked eyes with Bill, who had one hand up my skirt, pulling my panties down, and the other unbuttoning his shirt. His eyes searched mine for permission, and he lifted my skirt up, licking my clit from bottom to top, making me moan and push my hips back further into Tom’s crotch, and he was now kissing my neck, leaving little red marks along my skin as he made his way down.
“Liebe…” Bill mumbled against my clit, and I could feel the vibrations travelling through my core, making me moan again. “You taste so good, you’re so perfect and wet…” He proceeded to make me come hard, my legs shaking, by slipping two of his long, slim fingers inside of me and curling them until he found that special spot. He kissed my “lips” and stood up, allowing me to take his shirt off as he unbuckled his belt buckle, in complete sync with his twin brother, whilst Lenny looked on, a disinterested look on his face, when I knew that inside, all he wanted to do was just join in. It wasn’t until I was bent over in front of Bill, his dick in my mouth, that he decided to join in the fun.
“Let me show you how it’s done.” He walked behind me and dropped his jeans, making me shudder in anticipation and moan around the dick that was currently occupying my mouth, in turn making Bill moan. Feeling a hand come down hard on my butt and him push slowly into me, I had to take Bill out of my mouth and moan again, throwing my head back and allowed Lenny to take a fist full of my hair and tug on it, and he leaned forwards so that he could whisper in my ear.
“You like that… Don’t you?” He thrust into me again with a lot more force than the last time, making me gasp and nod. “Don’t just nod at me, what’s my name?” He demanded, spanking me once more.
“Lenny…” I whispered, closing my eyes, unprepared for the second spank that followed.
I screamed out his name, begging him to fuck me, my voice hoarse, and he pulled my hair back again, and proceeded to pound into me, whispering seriously dirty things into my ear.
After that, things went blurry as the alcohol really hit my system. I can remember mainly riding Bill all night long, his hips bucking into mine, and the sounds of our moans mixing in with the sound of slapping skin. My best friend returned, and was instantly taken and undressed by Lenny and Tom. The whirlwind of smoking, riding, spanking, having orgasms, licking, sucking and fucking lasted through the night, long after the party had ended in the rest of the suite, the stench of alcohol, weed and sex stinking up the bedroom.

The following morning, the sunlight streamed through the windows, making my eyes burn as I began to get up.
I failed.
Lifting my head up, I looked around the room, blinking and squinting as I took in the aftermath of the night before. Realising that I wasn’t sleeping on a mattress, I smiled, remembering how crazy last night was and shifting my hips, I felt the delicious ache inbetween my legs, making a very half-naked Lenny Kravitz that I lay on top of groan softly. His arm tightened around my waist, and to the next of me, in a Kaulitz sandwich, was my best friend. Our clothes were scattered around the room, bottles of god knows what stood up in the corner, and the amount of cigarettes and what looked like stubbed out joints of weed in the ash tray next to me was incredible. My head pounded and my mouth was dry, and there was no way that I was leaving this room today. Stretching out, I picked up the first phone that I could find, a silver iPhone 5S and checked the time. It was only half past 8, so I put it down again, snuggling back into my new fuck buddy, falling back into my dream.
But it wasn’t everyday that you woke up with three of the hottest guys on the planet in your bed, and so I did what any girl would do.
I took a selfie with everyone sleeping in the background.