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I've been wondering for a while, but how does Brii find her seemingly limitless supply of strapping Nord lovers when she's an Altmer in Skyrim? (This is based on somethings you've said earlier and when you swapped her sailor lover with another nord) I know she's got sexual appeal like-woah, but Skyrim seems to have an equally limitless supply of strapping Nord men who firmly Do Not Like those fancy, oppressive High Elves.

Brii would say of herself that she grows on people [like a fungus].

I definitely think that racism and prejudice play a large part in determining who takes an interest in Briisebrom.  Most of her Nord travelling companions who do not actively side with the Imperials probably take an apathetic, neutral, or even antagonistic view of the war and province politics at large.  So for example I include Farkas and Vilkas on her list of Nord lovers because they both poo-poo the ideologies and motivations that underpin the political tensions in Skyrim.  (I have included one Stormcloak—well actually a group of Stormcloaks—to the list of her travelling companions simply because I have very little in the way of self-discipline or self-restraint.)

I also think the fact that Brii was born and raised in Skyrim helps as does her active interest in Nord society and culture.

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