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Defense of Korra (Book 2)

Okay before I begin my defense I need to clarify that I understand that criticism is not equal to hate. There are a lot of valid criticism on Korra’s character and the writing in the series but here is a blurry line between Korra’s actual character flaws and decisions versus what the story delivers. So in this defense I will be defending Korra on the things where I think hate is unjustifiable or disproportional. I will not be arguing whether the series properly executed its ideas.

I will also not defend Korra on the following: immaturity, bratty attitude, tendency to use violence for intimidation, impatience, impulsiveness and abuse of the Avatar State. Some dislike Korra because of those things, some think it makes her more interesting and different. I’m more of the latter. Also, she dropped some of those traits anyway later in Book 2 when the need arose.

Let the defense begin!

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Aang vs Korra analysis by Antoine Bandele

i love my bby Korra but i think Aang would ultimately win in a fight between the two

now if this was a contest of who had the hotter girlfriend, Korra would win by far though (Katara is my smol bae but Asami is the love of my life 😜 )