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While, compared to the police, revolutionaries may currently present themselves as weak, unarmed, unorganized, and watch-listed, they have the strategic advantage, however, of being nobody’s instrument, of having no order to maintain, and of not being a corps. We revolutionaries are not bound by any obedience, we are connected to all sorts of comrades, friends, forces, milieus, accomplices, and allies. This enables us to bring to bear on certain police interventions the threat that an operation to enforce order might trigger an unmanageable disorder in return. If since the failure of Operation Caesar, no government has dared to try and expel the ZAD, it’s not out of a fear of losing the battle militarily, but because the reaction of tens of thousands of sympathizers could prove to be unmanageable. That a ‘blunder’ in a banlieue sets off weeks of widespread riots is too high a price to pay for the Specialized Brigade’s license to humiliate. When an intervention by the police causes more disorder than what it reestablishes in the way of order, it’s their very reason for being that’s in question. So, either they insist and end up emerging as a party with its own interests, or they go back to their kennel. Either way they cease being a useful means. They are destituted.
—  Now -The Invisible Committee

#ThatTourettesFeel when Dan Howell 😝

@danisnotonfire I genuinely hope you see this and know that because of you all my classmates think I’m an even bigger freak than was previously thought!!

still love you though 💜

anonymous asked:

Lately I've started doing semi-voluntary (?) movement, which is jerking my head to the sides/up/down or doing little jerks, sometimes they are harder and sometimes not that hard. Anyways I get this feeling in my neck and the muscles there get tight and I start jerking my head on purpose, cause that makes it feel better. But I can't really stop. So the start I voluntary, but continuing isn't. What could that be/cause it? I don't know?

That feeling! For me, it’s like a tingling chill that creeps up my neck and everything tenses. I usually try to hold it in, which results in hard jerks of my head, though if I don’t hold it in so hard, they don’t hurt as much. 

So, yeah, this could be a tic. I would suggest talking to your doctor about this as tics can be caused by a variety of things. 


Translating Identity Conference

Hey shapeshifters!

Just a reminder we’re gonna be heading up to Burlington, Vermont next weekend for the Translating Identity Conference at the University of Vermont! Trans Olympian Chris Mosier, who helped change the IOC’s rules on trans athletes, is their keynote speaker this year.

So if you’re headed that way come on by our booth and get measured, try on a binder, maybe even buy one or one of our memetastic buttons!

Also make sure to check out our binding 101 panel, “Chest Binding: Just the FAQs,” which we’ll get the scheduling details to you guys as soon as we have them!

Hope to see you guys there!

-Ark & Poppy

Due to Unforseen Circumstances Concerning Various Participants

The Crystal Jubilee [Aug 25th-27th], will be cancelled.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however we do urge you to be on the lookout for our event in October:  The Haunted Masquerade! 


“It itches. Hurts even. Time, crawling along my skin. I want it to stop. For me, for everyone…” -Tic

It’s my job to keep everyone safe. No one asked me to do it, I just know it is. I see it, just like I see everything.” -”Bot”, the Last Artist. 

We’re back, with @kittykatzvillage ‘s addition to the Project. They took on Tic and “Bot”, two side characters who probably drive the plot of the later books more than the actual main characters do.

Tic, which is short for the Callsign “Chaotic” and who’s real name might be Lauki, used to be a slum rat who lived around Jerichi. Due to some rather unfortunate events, she was one of the first people to survive Hydian and become an Assassin. She has a past with the man who became the feared Dr. Jeckle, though she doesn’t like to talk about it. And may try to cut out your tongue if you ask. She has the ability to control time. An ex-Assassin now, she works with Bot to build the resistance to take down the Emperias, and will do everything in her power to keep the girl alive. 

I did this for you. I came back for you. All I was, all I am…it’s your fault

Bot, also known as “The Girl in Blue,” is one of the other survivors of the Siazia massacre along with Taka. She was studying to be an Artist, though many believed her to be a reincarnation of a Muse. She also is clairvoyant, and has the ability to see what has happened and what may still come. These things are often the subject of her art.  During the massacre, she encountered Dr. Jeckle, who–in his attempt to kill her–cut off her right hand. She was saved by Tic, and nursed back to health, but both do not know if Jeckle’s poison still lives within her body and how it will manifest if it does. Tic gave her the nickname “Bot” as a slightly off-colored joke about her replacement hand.  

Kind and compassionate, she is the unexpected leader of the resistance against Isaac Emperia, and seems to know more about Taka than the Clockmaker himself.