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#ThatTourettesFeel when Dan Howell 😝

@danisnotonfire I genuinely hope you see this and know that because of you all my classmates think I’m an even bigger freak than was previously thought!!

still love you though 💜

A Dream of Honeyed Words and Perfumed Winds [Schedule]

Congregation for RP / Merchant RP :  Begins at 5:30 server time.  

While the Nearly Departed prepare for the evening’s festivities, merchants throughout Mar'at will be available for early birds. Their wares will vary, running from fragrant flowers and sweet treats to alluring finery and loyal companions. However, on all of them, deals to last the coming season and then some will be made.

More information on what will be sold here

Performances:  Begins at 7:30 server time.  

To kick off the auction to come, the participating Departed have each prepared a performance close to their hearts.   Starting the seventh of February, love will be in the air, and the Nearly Departed are pleased to bring you their first silent auction celebrating the season! Throughout the night, attendants are invited to place bids on some of the best performers the Departed can offer. The winner of each auction gains the companionship of their favored performer for the duration of the Love is in the Air festivities.

More Information about the Nearly Departed can be found here

The Ways of Weapons and Words:  Begins Upon Completion of Performances. 

Competition as a means to stand a cut above the rest is part natural inclination and part valorous tradition. To celebrate, there will be two skirmishes this night, one of body and one of mind. The victor of the former will be awarded the title of Harbinger, whereas the victor of the latter will be awarded the title of Herald. Both, as well as their runners-up, will be given their choice of the relevant spoils in that order. A third participant, the best sportsman as judged by the audience, will receive the remaining prize.

More information / As well as updated rules, can be found here 

We hope to see you tonight!! 

When your lover has Tourettes

Note that accidents are going to happen, that they might hit you or kick you without warning, they might pee on themselves, they might hit themselves so hard their nose starts to bleed or body parts get sore, stories might get interrupted, conversations might be put on pause, words might be shouted without warning. Protect your lovers, restrain them when they hit themselves or others, make sure that they’re okay and if something embarrassing happens DONT make them feel bad, continue conversations as usual, never make someone feel bad for their tics especially a loved one.  

Hi friends. Does anyone know/ have a reasonable headcanon as to what ethnicity Cinder is? Like, Channary and Levana were readheads, right? So did Cinder get her coloring from her father? I know she was raised in the EC so I kinda always just assumed she was East Asian until I reread the books and realized how much darker she supposedly was than her stepfamily. Plus the huge amount of diversity in Luna makes it hard to pinpoint. I mean I didn’t even realize Wolf was middle eastern until I saw someone else write about it.
So any ideas? South Asian? Mixed race? Anyone?