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  • <p> <b>James:</b> Well, I don't know what came over me! They were just so round and big and beautiful... I had to touch them.<p/><b>Harry:</b> And then what happened?<p/><b>James:</b> She screamed, "OWW, MY EYES!!!" and that basically just killed the mood.<p/></p>




Kyanite Gemstone meaning

Kyanite is an interesting gem that was discovered during the nineteenth century. The most highly prized kyanite is the vibrant blue or blue-green hue. It is also found in shades of gray, yellow, white and a colorless variety that is considered quite rare. It was once believed that a kyanite suspended from a human hair could follow the earth’s magnetic force. Early travellers sometimes used it as a compass when exploring unknown territories.

Healing properties of kyanite

The fan like clusters or blades that are formed by kyanite make it an ideal stone for restoring energy balance. It is a very effective energy conduit that can balance most systems of the body. It can quickly create stillness and tranquillity, making it an excellent stone for meditation.

Sources of kyanite: Kyanite is found in mountainous regions in the United States (Montana and North Carolina), Switzerland, Brazil and Myanmar.

Black kyanite is great for deflecting negative energies thus is great for protection. Black kyanite also aids in meditation. Kyanite does not absorb negative energy, hence never needs energetic cleansing. Kyanite assists in channeling, altered states, vivid dreams, dream recall, and visualizations. It provides protection during these states. It brings loyalty, honesty and tranquillity, and diminishes anger and confusion. Kyanite quickly aligns and balances all chakras. Kyanite can remove energy blockages.

Kyanite is one of the few minerals in the mineral kingdom that never needs cleaning or cleansing. It will NOT accumulate or retain negative energy or vibrations. The energy of Kyanite in unlimited in application, making it one of the very best attunement stones. Kyanite aligns all chakras automatically and immediately, with no conscious direction. If directed with the consciousness of the user, it can also open the chakras. Conscious direction of the energy can also align the emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, ethereal, astral bodies. It brings tranquillity and calming effect to the whole being. Kyanite facilitates meditation. It balances the yin/yang energies. Assists in opening the Third eye for clear vision.

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Do you have a fancast for rhys? And for feyre? Love your blog and your edits!

“Hello, Feyre darling”

His vocie is the last thing I want to hear before I die. It clears my skin, brings world peace and gets me an ARC for EoS. Thank you @highfaelucien​ for gifting him to me. <3 (Working on Rhys for my Court of Dreams-edit series right now!)

“Illyrian baby”

Alicia Vikander is forever my Feyre <3 She is playful, intelligent, humble and she has Feyre’s determination and fearlessness. I love her as my High Lady.