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“sit.” you stated. Theo sighed and sat next to you. you grabbed a wash cloth and wiped at his face. 

he rolled his eyes at you, “im fine.” he stated.

“you’re disgusting.” you laughed.

Theo growled slightly but let you continue to wash his face. his eyes followed your every movement and when you were done he nodded at you, “thanks… for always taking care of me. even though i dont deserve it.”

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Because I Love You | Theo Raeken x Y/n

episode : 6 , season 6 

prompt: Takes place when Liam ‘ressurects’ Theo with Kira’s sword.

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Liam, Hayden , Mason and you discuss about Liam’s plan of buying a lightning rod to catch ghost riders.

“A lightning rod costs 25 hundred dollars…” Mason trails off. Liam and you grimace, not knowing what else to do.

You guys were able to figure out that Mr.Douglas saw the ghost riders, asking him for help. Mr.Douglas explains how he can’t even build a conduit that could even absorb that much energy.

As you all walk out of his classroom in defeat, Liam speaks up.

“What if… we find someone that can absorb that much lightning?” Liam suggests, you and Hayden turn around to face him.

“ I don’t think even Kira can absorb that much energy” Hayden huffs at Liam’s bizarre idea.

“Josh did it, he ate electricity” Liam states; you raise your eyebrows.

“ Good job Liam. You did it. Now lets go resurrect the dead” you sarcastically say.

“ Josh may be dead but his powers aren’t” Liam says looking down. Your breath hitched.

What is this boy suggesting right now?

“Liam….” Hayden trails, looking at him suspiciously.

Hours later, Mason comes by to pick you up.

You bite your lip nervously, unsure of what Liam has in plan; hoping that it doesn’t involve who you think it involves.

You close your eyes drifting off as mason sped through the streets.

‘Hi, name’s Theo Raeken…..’


‘That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl’

‘Babe! Come take a picture with me ‘

‘You’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met ‘

‘Shut up Raeken’

‘ I love you y/n’

‘…. I love you too’

Your eyes open as Mason abruptly stops the car. You rub your eyes vigorously; not believing you even bothered to think about him.

Every step you took leading to the tunnel got heavier, your heart pounding. You see Liam and Hayden eyeing you.

“You Okay y/n?” Hayden asks, placing her hand on your shoulder. You glance at Liam to see him looking away from you. Your heart gets heavier.

“I don’t know”

You guys start walking into the tunnels to be greeted by Mrs. Yukimura and Kira’s sword. She hands it to Liam telling him whatever happens, Liam will be at fault.

At this point you were shaking in fear, you already know what’s going to happen.

The last time you saw him he was dragged into the ground. You cried endlessly. Your love literally was dragged into hell.

You watch as Liam stabs the concrete with the sword; Hayden tried stopping him but was too late.

You watch as a familiar hand sticks out of the ground, you grab onto Hayden; not believing what’s actually happening.

He jumps out of the ground and grabs Liam by the collar.

Yelling and asking where is his sister; then continues to scream that he’s gonna kill us all.

Hayden quickly jumps in and pleads with Theo, explaining that they brought him back. You stand there heavily breathing, not knowing what to do.

Liam retaliates and grabs Theo, yelling that he’ll send him back. You look up to stare at Liam.

“No” you said lowly. Theo and Liam turn to you.

You watch as Theo’s eyes widen.

“Babe…” you heart jumps out of your body as those words left his lips. Your emotions overwhelm you.

So there’s only one solution.


You turn around and quickly ran out of the tunnel, seeing him after all he’s done, scared you.

You hear heavy footsteps gaining onto you, you push a little harder to run faster but to no avail. Strong arms wrap around you forcing you to stop.

You hadn’t noticed earlier, but tears were streaming down your face like waterfalls.

“y/n calm down” he whispers, holding onto you.

“ LET ME GO” you scream, thrashing around. All the things he’s done to your friends, the people he has killed, rushes through your head.

“ y/n its me” he says softly

“ yeah, a god fucking murderer let go of me!” you yell, thrashing around will only exhaust you, so you stopped, just silently cried.

Seeing you like this, pained Theo. He did what he had to do to survive with the dread doctors, to protect you. His heart aches seeing you sob so much over the fear of him. He listens to your heart beat, the one thing that calmed him, is now pounding out of control.

He closes his eyes, as he intakes your scent he has yearned for forever. He slowly lets you go, knowing that he has lost you forever.

You quickly made distance between the two of you, wiping your tears angrily.

“I’m sorry y/n” he says sadly, looking down.

“Fuck off” you growl.

“ Theo we brought you out so you could help us with the ghost riders, they took our friends and a whole lot of others” Liam interjects. you feel Theo’s eyes scanning you, so you walk towards Hayden.

“ I’ll do it, anything for y/n” he says staring at you.

“ what a dickwad” you whisper into Hayden’s back, currently hiding from him; like a small child.

Theo chuckles a little.

Good to know her personality hasn’t changed at all

“Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it” Theo huffs, glancing at Liam.

Don’t worry Y/n, I’m going to protect you whether you like it or not.

Because I love you.


“Theo, whatever it is you can trust me! I just can’t keep on pretending that I don’t know that you’re hiding something!”, you told him in desperation and anger. 

“Fine”, Theo said in slight frustration before he nervously then showed you his werewolf eyes. Whatever you had expected him to reveal, this wasn’t it. You didn’t exactly know what it meant, but you knew one thing. The way you looked at the world would change forever. 

Theo Raeken Imagine - Why Are You A Completely Different Person Towards Me When We’re In Public? Are You Crying? Somebody’s A Bit Protective. I Hate You!

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader
Word Count: 2850
Prompts: 1. “Why are you a completely different person towards me when we’re in public?” 6. “Are you crying?” 16. “Somebody’s a bit protective.” and 61. “I hate you!”
Request: Hey, could you write a Theo Raeken story with 1, 6, 16 and 61? With a sad ending?
Blurb: You love him, you really do, but why is he acting so different towards you in public? You decide to bring this up one night, but instantly regret it once you realise this may ruin your relationship with him. 
Authors Note: I love Theo.


You love Theo, you really do. You remember the first time you met him back in fourth grade with Stiles and Scott. You were all great friends until Theo left. You, Scott and Stiles remained really close, though, sticking together even through all the supernatural happenings. Although you yourself were not a supernatural creature, Scott and Stiles still classified you as part of the pack.

You had gone through many things with your two best friends and you had made more friends along the way. You never, not even for a second, would have ever believed that an old friend would come back. You were, of course, talking about Theo Raeken. You remember seeing him again after all those years, Scott and Stiles didn’t recognise him, but you did. He looked very similar to when he was young, except now he was very hot.

You and Theo had hit it off instantly, it was as if he had never moved. The only issue was that Stiles was very suspicious of him. You could never believe that Stiles would ever say or believe that, especially after being so close with him during his younger years. But Stiles was not convinced.

You, on the other hand, didn’t have one bad thought about Theo and before you knew it, you two were in a relationship. And you love him, you really do. In the beginning, he was very sweet and charming. He met you every morning at school and greeted you lovingly, he would walk you to your classes, even if it made him late to his own. He would always have an arm resting on your lower back, he would trace patterns and rub circles there as you walked to class. In his other hand, he would be holding your books as well as his own. You told him this wasn’t necessary, but he insisted, making you blush. 

He would always kiss the top of your head, or your nose or your cheek, saving the more passionate kisses for behind doors. He treated you like a princess like you were the only thing that ever mattered in his life. You never thought, not even for a second that one day you would be questioning your relationship. Because you told yourself you love him, you really do, but you weren’t sure whether he loved you.

You weren’t really sure when it happened or how it happened, it must have happened gradually otherwise you would’ve noticed it straight away. All of a sudden, Theo wasn’t greeting you in the morning, he stopped walking you to class and he didn’t carry your books anymore. The kisses in public stopped and his hands were by his side, not even close to touching you. The only time you ever saw him in public was when he was with the pack. At first, Theo was always by your side when you were with the pack, his hand was either on your lower back or laced with yours. Either way, there was some form of contact. He also made sure that they never put you into any dangerous situations where there was even a slight chance of you being hurt. But that changed as well. Theo didn’t even notice you while with the pack, he stood as far away as he could from you and barely made eye contact with you.

Stiles, being Stiles was the first to notice this. He pulled you aside during a pack meeting and addressed the situation immediately.

“Did you and Theo have a fight?” He had taken you outside, very far away so no werewolves could hear your conversation.

“No, why?” You asked, your eyebrows furrowed. You couldn’t understand why he was asking you this.

“Because usually he is all over you, but I don’t think he has even looked at you today.” He explained and this was when you realised how different he had been acting and this is when you became unsure of his love for you.

“I guess you’re right.” You said slowly, everything came to you all of a sudden. “Hey, Stiles can I ask you a question?” You asked and Stiles nodded. “Has Theo been acting differently to you guys recently?” Stiles didn’t say anything while thought about it.

“No, he is still the annoying Theo that everyone likes.” He replied, nodding his head.

“Everyone except you.” You giggled as he agreed with you and you made your way back to the pack.

You got back inside and stood next to Theo. He looked over at you and smiled. You smiled back at him and internally slapped yourself. You were overreacting, Theo loved you, he really did.

You told yourself that every day, and as each day went on, you found yourself faking the belief that you had for the statement. Because how could that statement be true?. If someone really loved another person, they would always show their love, they wouldn’t just show it sometimes or whenever they felt like it. And it seemed Theo only showed his love for you in private when he sneaked into your room at night. You knew that wasn’t the real him, at least it wasn’t him when you started dating.

You got to school the next morning and once again, Theo wasn’t at your locker waiting for you. You were sadly getting used to the embarrassed feeling you got when you found he wasn’t there. You felt the whole school noticed and was judging you and your relationship. You were certain everyone thought you and Theo had broken up.

You walked by yourself to your class, if you were being honest, you now never knew when Theo was actually at school.

It was confirmed that Theo was at school when you saw him at lunch. He was sat with the pack and you, of course, went to go sit with them. You sat next Theo, hoping he would acknowledge you.

“Hey, guys.” You greeted sitting down next to him. They all replied, except Theo. You looked at him, but he was looking down. He must have seen you look at him and turned to look at the opposite side. You sighed, getting that embarrassed feeling again. You looked up and saw Stiles looking at you. You tried to give him a convincing smile, he gave you a sad one back.

The whole time you tried to talk to Theo. Of course, you did it while the pack was lost in their own conversations, you wouldn’t be able to face the awkwardness if the whole pack saw Theo ignore you.

“How has your day been?” You smiled at him.

“Alright.” He replied, looking down. You bit your lip and nodded. How were you meant to keep the conversation going?

“Are you coming over tonight?” You asked a slight smirk on your lips.

“Maybe.” He shrugged. You frowned, why was he being like this? His responses were unusually blunt.

You tried to talk to him, but he ignored you best he could, sometimes pretending he couldn’t hear you. Sometimes doing it when the pack was watching. You felt sick after lunch and basically ran to your locker, nearly in tears.

You were completely shocked to see Theo there waiting for you.

“Theo, what are you? How are you?” You started, but never finished the questions, being interrupted by him.

“Look Y/N,” he started and you were hoping this was the start of an apology, “I don’t know if I will get a chance to see you before tomorrow, but I need to tell you something important.” Your hopes were very high at the moment. “Don’t leave your house. Not tonight and don’t even think about leaving it tomorrow. Please, just stay home. If anybody knocks, don’t answer and don’t believe anything unless there is proof.” He commanded making your mouth open slightly from shock.

“What?” You asked, your eyes squinted slightly, not believing the words that just came out of his mouth. You were once again feeling embarrassed that you thought he was going to apologise.

“Just, don’t leave your house, alright?” He looked into your eyes to make sure you understood. You didn’t say anything so he continued, “Just trust me.”

“Somebody’s a bit protective.” You stated. You tried to make it a lighthearted statement, but it came out cold and suspicious.

“Y/N,” he spoke, holding onto your arm, you were sure this was the first time he had touched you in public for weeks. “I wouldn’t tell you this if I didn’t think it was important.”

“Okay.” You stated and pulled your arm out of his grip. As soon as you turned around you scoffed and rolled your eyes as you walked to your next class. You felt bad for being so cranky, but you had a reason to be. He couldn’t just treat you like that.

As you walked to class his words stayed in your mind. Why did he want you to stay in your house tomorrow? You could do whatever you wanted, you didn’t have to listen to him.

You stopped trying to get through to Theo after that. He was just a bit too commanding for your liking.

You got home that night and threw your bag across your room. You let out a grunt as you threw it and then jumped on your bed. Why did he have to be like this?

You laid on your bed, just thinking, thinking about Theo, stupid Theo. Your thoughts occasionally wondered to your homework, but you weren’t bothered to do it.

It had been hours since you got home and you still hadn’t moved. What was the point? Apparently, you weren’t allowed to leave your house, because Theo told you not to and Theo had been ignoring you for the past few weeks, so why should he have a say in what you do it’s not like he pays attention to you anymore. You ranted in your head and as you finished you felt your throat tighten and the tears began to form in your eyes. As soon as your mind wandered off to Theo again, the tears started falling down. Stupid Theo, he had no right to treat you like that.

You continued sniffling, thinking about Theo. You thought you heard something at your window, but didn’t think twice about it. It was probably the wind. The noise came again and you lifted your head up. Your face was probably tear stained and red and blotchy, you knew you looked horrible. The sound came a third time and you got up. A tiny part of you hoped it wasn’t Theo.

You hopes were lost as you saw the familiar face standing outside your window. Your bedroom was on the bottom floor, which made it easy for him to come in whenever either of you felt like.

As soon as you saw him you walked away. Your window was closed, so he was stuck outside. You sat on the edge of your bed, your back facing the window.

You assumed he would go away, but he didn’t. Instead, he continued knocking at your door making you roll your eyes. Tears started forming again as you remember why you were so pissed at him.

His knocks continued and you turned around to see him standing outside, a pleading look on his face. You walked back over and opened the window, but not allowing him to come in.

“What do you want Theo?” You asked bitterly.

“Are you crying?” He asked as you subconsciously wiped your eyes.

“No.” You replied bluntly.

“Why are you crying, princess?” He asked softly, but this only made more tears fall down your cheeks. You didn’t feel like his princess anymore.

“Go away, Theo.” You choked out, going to shut the window. He stopped it from shutting.

“Let me in.” He told you, it wasn’t in a demanding tone, but in a soft tone. You shook your head as you sniffled.

“Why should I?” You asked.

“What are you talking about baby girl? Let me in, come on we can have a proper conversation.” He told you. You didn’t want to give in, but you did want to talk about the events that had been happening between you two. You turned around, leaving the window opened. Theo took this as an invitation to come in, so he did.

“What’s wrong princess?” Why did he have to call you that name? It reminded you of when he actually treated you like one. You were both sat on the edge of your bed, your backs facing the now closed window. “I’m glad you stayed home tonight.” It sounded as if he was trying to lighten the mood, but that only made you angrier.

“Why are you a completely different person towards me when we’re in public?” You came out and said it straight away. You were hoping to actually build up to it, but it just sort of came out. You looked over at Theo whose face looked hurt.

“What are you talking about?” He asked, his soft voice had gone and he sounded quite hurt and angry. You rolled your eyes internally at him, you should be the one hurt and angry, instead, you are hurt and sad.

“You’ve just been a different person lately and I don’t know.” You trailed off. He raised an eyebrow at you as if to ask you to explain further. You sighed before continuing, “I don’t know, it’s just that you don’t greet me in the mornings or walk me to class or even just talk to me at school. But when you come here at night you turn back into my sweet boyfriend. Like today for example, when we were eating lunch you ignored me and then you turned all commanding near my locker, but as soon as you came here you were all sweet and caring.” You explained, going on into a mini rant. “Even Stiles noticed.” You instantly regretted saying that as soon as it came out of your mouth.

“Stiles?” He asked, his jaw was clenched. “What, have you been having advice sessions about our relationship with Stiles?” He emphasised the name, ‘Stiles’. You shouldn’t have said that as you knew Theo wasn’t exactly happy with Stiles at the moment considering the fact that Stiles didn’t exactly like Theo.

“No, he just, I don’t know, but that isn’t the point!” You exclaimed, trying to get your conversation back to what it was meant to be about.

“What is the point then?” He asked, his eyes squinted slightly.

“The point is, why are you acting really weird in public and why do I have to stay home? It is my life.” Your tears had ceased now. He scoffed.

“Everything I do is to protect you, why-” He was going to continue but you cut him off.

“Protect me? Are you serious? You telling me to stay home was very demanding and it didn’t sound like protecting me at all.” You challenged him, your voice rising.

“It’s a supermoon tomorrow and I don’t want you getting hurt.” He explained, the volume of his voice had lowered.

“I’ve survived many supermoons, without you.” You pointed out making him roll his eyes.

“Why can’t you just listen to me?” He asked, the volume of his voice rising again. You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms, allowing him to go on. “The reason I’m telling you to stay here is because I care about you and I don’t want you getting hurt. Yes, you have gone through many supermoons, but I just have a bad feeling about the one coming up. And yes, I have been distant with you, especially at school and in public in general, but I have a very good explanation for-”

“Of course you do.” You spat making him stand up.

“I do.” He screamed making you stand up as well.

“Then what is your amazing explanation?” You asked.

“I don’t want them to know how much you mean to me, I want to keep you safe.” He explained gently.

“Who is them?” You emphasised getting angrier with him.

“I can’t tell you.” He said through gritted teeth.

“Of course you can’t.” You scoffed sitting back down on your bed.

“Just listen to me, alright Y/N?” He sounded very angry. “I told you to stay home and you are going to stay home.”

“I hate you!” You really do. The tears were back again and Theo looked shocked when you looked up at him.

“Y/N.” He whispered your name, his face looked hurt once again.

“No, Theo you need to leave.” You said bravely, trying desperately hard to stop your tears. He scoffed at you and rolled his eyes before leaving out your window. You looked back, but he was already gone.

You got ready for bed and started crying into your pillow. You honestly weren’t sure whether or not you meant those words, but at the moment you did. You basically cried yourself to sleep, with so many questions still unanswered.

Sleeping Juicey

Juice imagine based on the request:

“Hi if the requests are open then Id like to make one 😊 Imagine Juice having a wet dream and waking you up to have sex. Im obsessed with your Juice smuts 😍”

Juice holds your hips as you ride him, your hair cascading down your back as your head is thrown back in pleasure. You feel so tight around him, and your hips move like no other.

“Fuck, (Y/N).” he moans, his body nearing closer to the edge as you clench around him. He thrusts to meet your movements, the feeling even more incredible.

As you come around him, he releases inside of you, his whole body feeling relief. You lean down, kissing him deeply on the lips, your body collapsing on top of his out of fatigue.

Juice’s eyes shoot open. He looks to his side, you sleeping peacefully beside him. It’s dark outside, his phone showing 2:43am when he checks it. He wipes his forehead, sweat on his brow from the heated dream he must’ve had.

He can feel the moisture in his boxers, the come he spewed whilst sleeping still damp in his underwear. He goes to the bathroom, throwing the dirty fabric into the hamper. He looks down, his cock still hard as he thinks of you, your pussy clenching around him, so warm and slick.

Groaning to himself, he knows he’s not getting to sleep anytime soon. He bites his lip, wondering whether you’d be pissed if he woke you up just to fuck.

He looks down at his aching shaft again, pumping it a few times in his hand, his head dropping back as his body is more sensitive than usual. He knows he has to have you, he just has to.

Sliding back into bed, completely naked, he moves over to you, slowly placing kisses on your exposed shoulder. You’re only wearing your underwear, you and Juice both liking the feel of the sheets against your skin.

You still don’t wake, his lips trailing down to your chest, taking one of your nipples in his mouth and sucking on it gently, his tongue swirling around it. He hears you gasp slightly in your sleep, subconsciously turning to lie on your back, your legs spreading open. He feels his cock throbbing, knowing that even in your sleep you’re ready for him.

As he lightly nibbles on your hard bud, his hand slides down your stomach, your skin soft and warm under his touch. His hand slips into your panties, moving his fingers up and down your slit, his mind clouded with lust.

He straddles you, throwing the covers off the bed as he slides down, moving between your legs. He pulls down your underwear, discarding it somewhere on the floor, before he slips his arms around your thighs, pulling your heat close to his face.

And fuck, he can smell you. The smell of your excitement slipping into his senses, the smell driving him wild. He looks up to you, your bottom lip pulled between your teeth, your eyes shut.

He attaches his mouth to your core, his mouth suckling at your clit, a soft moan leaving your lips. He kisses your centre, his tongue making long strokes up and down your slit, darting slightly into your entrance. You grab his hair, having a wet dream of your own by the looks of things, as he drinks you and tastes you like you’re the last bit of water in the desert.

He moans into you, his face buried in your pussy as he licks and sucks, your juices on his face, in his mouth, sliding down his throat. He slips a finger into your entrance, your body accommodating him easily. You’re always so wet and so prepared, so desperate for his cock no matter when or where you are.

He adds another finger, curling them as he thrusts in and out, his tongue making figure eights on your clit.

“Juice…” you moan loudly, him looking up as your eyes still remain closed. Fuck, he needs to be inside of you now. Knowing that you’re dreaming about him, unaware that what you’re thinking of is actually happening, is so fucking sexy to him.

He moves him self to your side, slowly rolling you over. He spoons you, lifting up your leg as he moves his cock, finding your entrance.

He slips into you, you grabbing the pillow in your fist, moaning, and him shutting his eyes in relief, your walls squeezing his dick in all the right ways. He just stays there for a second, soaking in that first feeling of your soaking wet cunt.

He slowly starts to rock his hips, his long, hard cock moving in and out of you. He knows he won’t last too long, but fuck, he wants it to last forever. You continue to let out little gasps, moans, your juices leaking down his shaft and soaking him.

You slowly open your eyes, the movement around you bringing you to reality. You just had the best dream, even though you woke before you managed to come. It felt so real-

Your thoughts are stopped by the feeling of something sliding in and out of you. A hand on your thigh, a warm chest pressed against your back, you turn your head. You see Juice, his eyes watching his cock as it slides in and out of you. He looks up as you moan loudly, your voice laced with sleep as you do so. He attaches his mouth to yours, his lips working passionately with yours as he continues to sink himself into you.

You pull away, the two of you looking into each others eyes as he speeds up his hips, the bed shaking as he slams in and out of you. Your mouth is open, no sounds escaping as he fucks you with so much hunger, so animalistically, his balls slapping against your skin.

You turn your head, facing away from him, as you pull at the pillow case, your body heavy with ecstasy. He feels so good inside you, his hot breath on your neck as he quickly takes your pussy.

He keeps himself inside of you, turning you over so you’re on your knees, your head face down into your pillow as your hands grasp the material.

He grabs your hips, his cock driving even deeper into you in this position, your ass exposed to him completely. He pulls his shaft out of you, your body feeling empty, as he dips his finger into you once, pulling it back out and swirling the juices on your tight asshole.

You feel him slide back into you, a long moan leaving your mouth as he fills you up again. He drives into you, hitting your gspot with every thrust, his finger teasing your ass.

You bite the pillow as he pushes his finger into your puckered ass, the feeling of having something in both holes so fulfilling. He matches the thrusts of his finger with the thrusts of his shaft, your mouth leaking sounds of pleasure as he takes both your pussy and your asshole for his own.

You’re so so tight around his body, his cock throbbing as you clench around him, your asshole tight around his finger as he makes a promise to himself to plow your back entrance next time, his high on the brink as his mind is swarmed with thoughts of filling all of your holes.

“Juice!” You moan loudly, a warning that you’re going to come. He curls his finger, his cock still slamming into you, as you feel your body tip over the edge, your hands pulling onto the bedframe as you come. Your body convulses, the shattering orgasm completely overtaking you.

Your tight, clenching pussy pulls him to his own release, a deep groan leaving his lips as he pulls out, emptying himself all over your back. Ropes of thick come splatter all over your skin, his hand slowly pumping himself as he pants.

You feel him move from behind you, your body too tired to move. You feet a wet cloth on your back, Juice cleaning himself off your skin. Once he’s finished, he places the blankets on top of you, your body flopping onto it’s side.

He spoons you from behind, tangling his legs with yours as he holds you, your heart rate almost back to normal. He nuzzles into your neck, placing a kiss there, before you both slowly drift off to sleep, well fucked and well spent.

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A/N - Wowwwww! This was so hot to write, I wrote it so quickly once I got it rolling lmao. Damn this was hot! Tell me if you like this sort of thing, and feel free to request too! Thank you for the person who requested this, and thank you all for reading. Hope you liked it! Xx