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Googliplier , Wilford, TheHost, Anti and Dark Convo 42

Google: (Looks at Wilford) “Dark won’t tell me what we are going to steal!”

Wilford: “Google if you ask me one more time I swear Im going to shoot you!”

TheHost: “As Wilford and Googliplier argue, the storyline then shifts over to TheHost who says nothing but thinks their all idiots

Anti: (On a Sugar High) “LETS GO STEAL! a PANDA! or a FUNEREAL!”( Starts nibbling on the cotton candy)

Dark: (Rubs forehead in irritation) “ I told you guys not to let Anti go to that Fair Festival unsupervised!”

So here’s a drawing of The Host that I made for the people who think my shit art is good…uhhh…


(I do not own the host in any shape or form, the only thing I own related to him is the love I have for the little
*cough “evil”* bab. The host was created by @markiplier and cyndago and originated from the April fools video cyndago posted online about a DIF part3 coming soon, but of corse it never came, and even if it was going to happen, it can’t happen now, due to the loss of Daniel Kyre back in September 2015 from a suicide attempt. And now cyndago and markiplier have since gone separate ways. Making any possibilities of DIF part3 coming be clouded my grey and rainy storms.

May you rest in piece Daniel.



Even though the Host doesn’t see his reflection, him changing his bandages in front of one has such a strange appeal to it. I imagine him just standing there, in a decrepit bathroom, staring through the darkness of his eyes at a broken mirror, just one tiny bit of his face reflecting. Blood dripping over his cheeks - but who says that those aren’t tears?


Dark woke up feeling like shit. His nose was stuffed up and he was coughing a lot. “You’re sick.” Google said as soon as Dark walked into the living room. “No, I’m not. I don’t get sick, Google.” Dark replied. Google’s eyes scanned him up and down, “Your body temperature is much higher than usual, and you have a high amount of mucus in your system.” “It’s rude to scan people without their permission Google.” Dark sniffed, “And I told you, I don’t get sick. There’s probably just a lot of dust in the air or something.” Google rolled his eyes, “Would you like me to call Dr. Iplier to do a check just in case?” “NO, Google!” Dark said, geting impatient, “I am NOT SICK!” Dark coughed, “So drop. It!” He huffed. Google stared at him with half lidded eyes for a moment. “You’re sure?” “YES, Google!” “Hmmm….‘kay.” Google leaned back in his seat. Dark was honestly surprised Google had dropped the subject just like that. He too sat back, “Good.” They sat in silence for a moment. “Would you like me to go to the store to buy cold medicine?” Google asked. “Goddammit.” Dark said, messaging his eyes. “Well?” Google said. “No, Google.” Dark said in an annoyed tone. Dark stood. “Are you going to get dressed?” Google asked. “Yes. Problem?” Dark said with a raised eyebrow. “You aren’t leaving this house today, Dark.” Google said, arms folded. “What?!” Dark growled. Google didn’t give Dark orders, Dark gave Google orders. “It’s recommended that you stay home and rest as to not make your sickness worse or spread it.” Google said. “Oh for the last time, I AM NOT SICK!” Dark shouted. “I will call Doc, and he’ll tell you that YOU ARE SICK!” Google shouted back. “Fucking fine!” Dark submitted, getting tired of their arguing. He stomped to his room. Google followed him, “who would you like to be in charge while you stay home?” There was a slight hinting tone in his voice. “Not Wilford.” Dark replied. Google grinned, “I’ll make sure he knows that.” “Don’t burn the building down today.” Dark said. “We’ll all be fine, don’t worry, Dark.” Google called as he left the room. “It isn’t you I’m worried about!” Dark called back. “Just stqy here and rest, you’ll get better in no time.” Google said. “Bye!” He shut the door. “Bye…” Dark grumbled to himself.

“Dark is sick, so I’m in charge today!” Google announced to the tables of egos. “Hey! Why the hell are YOU in charge?!” Wilford protested angrily. “Because, Wilfy, Dark specifically requested that YOU aren’t in charge.” Google said, grinning at the ego. Wilford looked enraged, “I want proof!” “Dark is sick?!” Dr. Iplier cut in, “I must go examine him to make sure that he is doing okay!” “Don’t worry, Doc, I did a scan of his health levels and I can show them to you as soon as you’d like.” Google told Dr. Iplier. The Host was muttering under his breath as usual. “I’m king of the Squirrels,” King said, leaning into the room. He then left. Wilford angrily grumbled under his breath. “Well, that’s all I really had to tell you all, so you’re dismissed.” Google said. All the egos except for Google and The Host left the room. Google sat in Dark’s normal seat, smiling to himself. “You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?” Host asked. “Yes, oh, yes I am, “Google said with a sigh, "Thank you, by the way.” “Any day I don’t have to listen to that insesant ringing is a fine day in my book.” Host said. “No author pun intended.” He added. “We should work together like this more often.” Google said. Host smiled, “Yes, we definetly should.”

Blind Envy For The Crown

(What a METAL-ASS title. Help. I can’t separate cool from cringe anymore. Thank you once again to @onlyonecanbeking for the prompt!

Had some help writing Host by a friend this time ;)

Hope you enjoy!)

Dark was situated behind his desk, rifling through and sorting paperwork. He hummed monotonously while smoothing them into organized piles, sorting what needed to be sent off from what needed to be completed. He was undisturbed; peaceful, quiet, productive. For the time being.

Host teleported into Dark’s void, quickly walking up toward his desk with his hands in his pockets; he looked fairly casual, comfortable to be there. “Dark,” He greeted quickly, nodding his head once; “I have a question for you.” He said, sounding almost condescending.

Dark took a prolonged moment before looking away from his work and up at Host with lowered eyelids. He raised a brow, his forehead creasing slightly. “And what might that be.” He murmured, very little interest in his voice. He was rather busy, and Host had appeared unprompted. He’d interrupted his work. He’d really like to get back to it and finish.

Yet, he found himself both irritated and intrigued; what made Host feel so confident and comfortable in his void? What made him feel that he took precedence over Dark’s work? Dark decided he would humour him unless he had a reason to forcefully extract him.

“Well, I’ve come to realize some things.” He said, standing up straighter as he paced in front of his desk slowly. “I’ve come to realize your strength, as well as my own…” He slowly spoke, his words cascading elegantly; tauntingly from his mouth. He paced around his desk, behind Dark, knowing Dark was watching him. That he straightened, tensed, his spine straightening as his head didn’t so much as swivel; only his eyes moved.

“So, Dark…” Host hummed, his voice low as he bent down by his ear, “What if I wanted to be king?” He asked, as if it were an everyday question, spoken oddly close to his ear. He lingered there, raising an eyebrow.

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My 4 favorite markiplier ego as P!ATD songs

(Wilford got four songs just becuz :/ )

If crazy equals genius :

There’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet:

I write sins not tragedies:

Miss Jackson: https://youtu.be/LUc_jXBD9DU

LA devotee:

Emperor’s new clothes:


The host:

Death of a bachelor:

House of memories:

This is gospel:

Let’s kill tonight: https://youtu.be/uu2XSQgdQDY

The Host Headcanon (and how I see Darkiplier, Googleplier, Wilford Warfstache and Dr. Iplier)

Alright! I saw many people wirting down their Headcanon in regards to the Host, so I will put my own here as well.

But first I will write down how I see the other Ipliers, such as Darkiplier, Googleplier, Wilford Warfstache and Dr. Iplier.


I will begin with Darkiplier, because he’s the one that gets all the attention anyway. Not only from fans, but also from the other Ipliers. During Markiplier TV you can see him sit at the end of the table, seemingly calm without speaking or saying anything. The only thing that happens is him glitching out, screaming in rage. As Mark once explained, Darkiplier gllitching out doesn’t mean that Mark wants out, those glitches are what Dark truly is. Pure hate and emotional outburst. So he’s pissed, he only wants to come across as calm to keep control. Because we all know how much Darkiplier loves having control. Also during the conversation of the different Ipliers, some of them seem to look for eye contact with Darkiplier as if they’re looking for his attention, showing that Dark is very respected among all the Ipliers. Darkiplier is manipulative. He plays with victims but never gets his hands dirty. He plays you like a puppet to either hurt you or others and although acting calm, he’s filled with rage and hate towards Markiplier. He wants to see Mark burn. He also seems to be the leader of the Ipliers. His canon appearance isn’t as old as the other ones and he’s the dark counterpart of Markiplier, being jealous of what Mark has accomplished.

Googleplier is something similar to a robot. During Markiplier TV we see him stutter and glitch out, because he’s still broken after Matthias asked way too many questions. He’s very intelligent and seems to be the only one who wants everyone to work together. He also looks back to Darkiplier relatively often as if he wants to ask Dark for permission for his words, showing that he respects Dark. It’s unknown if Googleplier still wants to destroy mankind, but it would make sense that he would at least seek some sort of revenge towards Matthias after being broken and malfunctioning.

Wilford Warfstache is a silly, somewhat sadistic murderer and talks much. He only has eyes for his own plans and loves attention and it seems that people randomly die around him without him having anything to do with it. He kills people and acts as if it was their idea, being a liar without being ashamed of it. He actually was a interviewer and started as such in Markipliers videos - and he still loves to play around with other people. He acts silly but he’s a cold blooded murderer and would kill yiu if you’re not having the same opinion as he has. He sees himself as the leader and even though he and Darkiplier get somewhat along, they argue much. Especially because Wilford doesn’t care about Darks plans and only wants to get attention.

Dr. Iplier is the doctor, and as such “knows what’s best”. He likes seeing his own face and hearing his own voice and is mostly the same opinion like Wilford because he likes attention just as much. They do argue though, because both seem to „know what’s best.“ He’s pretty neutral in the fact that he doesn’t disobay either Dark or Warfstache even though he’s not happy with most of the things. He also has a very dark and crude humor.

The Host was formerly known as the Author, and the one Iplier I will write about the most. As the Author he had a gift – everything he wrote happened and so he had the most fun of his life trapping and manipulating other people. He was also very hot-tempered, showing what angered and frustrated him and often taking it out on his victims. He was very sadistic and only thought about himself. He wasn’t afraid of either hurting, torturing or killing people for his own fun or to waste time. During the first Chapter of Danger in Fiction you can hear him write on paper, showing that he has either a notebook which he used to write down his stories or that he has a pile of written paper on his desk. He’s easily frustrated about his victim not obeying his commands and utters them as well by punishing his victim. After Daniel (his first victim) got locked up in a mental asylum the Author had to look out for a new victim and took Ryan. He found a notebook from the Author, in which his story slowly began to unfold. Trapped inside a forest and being hunted down by an unknown entity Ryan was the victim of the Authors dark humor and then got knocked out by the Author himself using a bat. Then Ryan woke up in what appears to be a cellar, surrounded by various tools, the whole mood shows that he’s either about to get punished or killed. Then the Author steps into the light, showing how frustrated and sadistic he is. He lets Ryan know that he would do anything to make him cooperate his commands. Then the Author gets shot at by Daniel, facing his own, slow death.

And there comes my headcanon.

While the Author lies there, dying in his own blood, he writes his last lines. Everything he writes happens after all, so he saves his life by writing it down. After waking up, his frustration is getting even bigger because he was so proud of his gift, but it betrayed him. Frustrated about his useless hands, the Author decides to cut them off using the saw in the room. He turns the saw on but it only sparks and is malfuctioning what makes him only more frustrated. So he tries to take out whatever is blocking the saw, whereabout it turns on and sparks and pieces of metal fly into his face and wound his eyes. After being treated by a doctor (namely Dr. Iplier), the Author is burdened with the loss of his eyes, slowly sinking into depression, until finding out about his new powers. He’s now able to predict the future, and he still has a part of his old powers. He can still write, after all, and he’s still an author. But his writing powers use a lot of his energy and he can’t use them like back when he was the Author.

Now to the fun part of the headcanon

-After the Author became the Host, he became way calmer, keeping his emotions to himself. He rarely yells or swears, never raises his voice because he doesn’t like the attention.

-He still kept his sadistic side and he still enjoys hurting people, but he’s not showing it.

-He doesn’t care much about the other Ipliers, used to being alone. And he doesn’t care about their plans. He does respect Darkiplier, but that’s about it.

-The Host and Wilford get along quite well, both being sadistic and enjoying the suffering of humans.

-The Host dislikes dogs. They’re loud and smelly. He does like cats, though. They fit his character very well.

-Whenever upset the Host often listenes to classical music or audio books.-He can’t read Braille. He’s too proud to learn it because he still sees himself as an author.

-He still writes, but his handwriting is almost unreadable, but he doesn’t care about that.

-The Host likes rainy weather and the way the raindrops hit the ground. He also likes the smell of rain.

-Neither alcohol, coffeine or drugs can afflict the Host and he prefers tea anyway.

-The Host hates loud noises, this is why he can’t stand Ed Edgar, dogs, children or rock music.

-The Host doesn’t care very much about either Ed Edgar, Bim Trimmer or the Silver Shepherd. He can’t stand people who talk without saying anything.

-He sometimes dislikes the way Googleplier talks, even though both tend to be the same opinion from time to time.

-The Host can still use his writing powers, but they exhaust him fast. He can’t manipulate people as well as he’s used to and if he uses his writing powers too much, his eyes begin to bleed even more and he gets weakened by it to the point of him passing out. When he’s too weakened after using his writing powers he falls silent becausehe can’t predict the future anymore in that state. Sleep regenerates those powers pretty quickly and after four to five hours he’s back on track again.

-The Host is blind, but he can locate and see his surrounding by narrating them. He can’t see anything if he’s quiet which is why he talks much while walking. It’s something similar to echolocation.

-He doesn’t narrate everything, only stuff that happens around or with him, to see what is going on.

-The Host rarely shows emotions other than pure disinterest.

-The only Iplier who is able to make the Host smile is Wilford because of his similar humor.

-The Host changes his bandages often to not be too messy and cleans off the blood regularly.

-He’s not interested in any emotional binding, may it be love or friendship.

-He still keeps his old books, even though he can’t read them anymore.-He’s a very proud and intelligent person, acting as if he’s not a threat at all while being still dangerous and sadistic.

-The Host dislikes absolute silence and whenever being alone either talks or listenes to calm music.

-He gets very protective or mad whenever someone jokes about blind people and his voice gets threatening. He also threatens whoever told a joke about being blind to cut out their eyes, which always ends in the other person being frightened.

-Whenever someone does apologize for him being blind he reacts kind and doesnt‘ want anyone to apologize for his lost eyesight.

-As soon as he’s in company of cats he gets calm and kind and talks much more.-He likes compliments, because after all he’s still pretty arrogant like way back when he was the Author.

-He doesn’t need to eat because he’s not a human per se, but he enjoys the smell and taste of bread, especially freshly baked ones.

-He doesn’t like spicy or sour food because crunching up his face is very painful.

-His eyes do hurt all the time, which is why he’s rather grumpy most of the time.

-It can happen that he dozes of while sitting, his arms folded in front of his chest. The other Ipliers notice him dozing off as soon as they look at him and he doesn’t react by narrating it.

-The other Ipliers also don’t dare to talk about his time as Author, because they do respect him and don’t want to upset him.

-The Host also has a three cats. The one is called Calliope, a long haired cat with black and white fur and golden eyes. She has a very soft and beautiful meowing sound and often sits at the Hosts side whenever he’s listening to an audiobook or the rain. Then there’s Melpomene, a short haired cat with grey fur – she’s blind and seeks the Hosts attention whenever he is upset or sad. And last but not least is Clio, a small black kitty with green eyes who tends to steal the Hosts attention whenever he tries to write or is conenctrated. He loves them all but Clio sometimes strains his nerves.

-The Host loves to wear his trench coat because he’s cold all the time and likes having warm clothes on.

-Whenever the Host is upset he tends to tear apart his old books but feels bad afterwards, which is when Melpomene comes to him to calm him down.

-He can’t stand the smell of peanut butter.

-He also dislikes Antis or Darks voice because they sound distorted and are hard to focus on.

-He likes to touch things, mostly soft things or things with an interesting texture.

-He dislikes winter because he can’t see where the floor is slippery.

-He loves the sound of rustling paper and typing keyboards, it reminds him of his old times as Author.

-He also likes to talk about music and could talk about this for hours.

-He dislikes storms and jumps whenever he hears thunder because he’s not prepared for it. Same goes for sneezing people. They just make him jump.

-Since he’s the Host he hasn’t touched a single basebal bat and tries to avoid forests.

-During Markiplier TV he seems without any interest into what’s going on and rather talks about what is happening instead of actually taking part of the conversation which shows that he doesn’t care about what is going on at all.-He may be polite but he’s not the caring type at all.

-He can’t sleep if there’s absolute silence and at least needs some soft music playing in the background.

-Whenever he’s alone and silence is surrounding him he may start humming a beautiful song. But only if there is no one around.

“’Good morning dear Readers,’

“the Host sighs, sitting up. ‘I still don’t know where I am… but that hardly matters right now. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ll be busy for quite some time in the afternoon today, and I don’t have much time between now and then, so please bare with me in that time I will be absent. This schedule will likely continue for the next couple of days, so be prepared for that as well. I hope you all have excellent days/nights, wherever you are.’“