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The Steps to Surviving an Audition

Helpful advice by: http://orinandaudrey.tumblr.com/

1. Lie down 

2. Get under blankets 

3. Turn on a movie/ recorded musical or musical soundtrack 

4. Start praying to what ever you believe in that you get the role 

5. Repeat step 4 as needed

6. Play the waiting game 

7. Enjoy the role you got or if you got the role you auditioned for feel free to scream in happiness 


7. If you didn’t get in … Find a friend that didn’t get in also and one be misses Lovett and the other Mr. Todd and one kills the cast while the other cooks them … Then together you eat all the meat pies of the people that got the role you wanted.


Look at these super cool people from my school when they performed pieces from The Book of Mormon for our speech contest last year!

omg did i ever tell you guys about the time my drama teacher was like “wow u r so good at acting in love with a person” and i was like “thx” and laughed bc i was only trying to impersonate dan when he is around phil