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#when you try to be subtle af in front of your otp so you can let them discuss their personal issues and watch them making heart eyes at each other#team olicity subtle af

Halloween Icons

Today it’s October 1st, so it’s Halloween time ^^ So I tried to make some icons to celebrate it. I can make others with pleasure but only if you give me caps you want (cause it took me more time finding a caps that making the icon itself). Hope you will love them.

  • 200x200 px
  • Please like/reblog if taking & don’t repost.
  • Credit isn’t necessary, just don’t claim it as yours.
  • Feel free to use

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“You need to be able to protect yourself,” Oliver said as Y/N called for a break during their training.
“Ollie, you and Thea are the vigilantes, not me. I just want to normal Queen. And most people assume we don’t know how to fight everyone off and want to defend the city. I just want some peace and quiet. It’s not too much to ask.”
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