mine: the vaccines

  • Weirdo
  • The Vaccines
  • Come of Age

I chose this next song of my list because I am incredibly excited to say that the Vaccines are back in the studio. With that being said here is #98, Weirdo by the Vaccines. 

Weirdo is the seventh song of the 2012 Vaccines album, Come of Age. This song comes at very interesting place on the album, bringing the up beat and fairly fast paced LP to a much somber slower pace. Lead Singer Justin Young delivers an amazingly emotional performance on this song that would make any listener empathize. This song stands out to me as a particularly good mix. The effects give a carnivorous feel, witch support the melancholy loneliness of the song. On top of all this the song builds up slowly to a more powerful and from the heart take of the choirs that will leave you wanting for more.           

Summer is literally right around the corner so i complied a playlist of cool songs that i will most probs listen to in the summer

enjoy! *sunglasses emoji face*

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