mine: the twilight saga

Nemmeno tu puoi odiarmi più di quanto odio me stesso.
—  Stephenie Meyer, The Twilight Saga. (via painlivesinme)
Some thoughts about the Twilight Saga

This series has received so much hate in the last few years, it’s honestly astonishing. This was the main reason that I wanted to hold a readalong throughout September - to rediscover the beauty that can be found in these books. Yes, there are a lot of issues with them. Yes, there are problematic things. Yes, there are parts that are really badly done. But there are also good parts, beautiful writing at times, compelling characters and wonderful back stories. And, if you really stop and think about it, problematic things can be found in virtually any other book. But the scope of the popularity that Twilight achieved set it up for so many negative comments thrown towards it. Because, it’s often easier to hate something, than to just let it be.

If you really sit and give some thought to it, Twilight is the reason so many people rediscovered reading or got into reading in the first place. Especially teenagers or kids. They picked up these books and loved them and then wanted to read more, to rediscover the magic they found in these books. They’re so loved by so many people and I honestly don’t think this is such a bad thing. Most of the people who have read them recognize them for what they are: books depicting a fictional universe, an extraordinary love story and they enjoyed them for exactly that. Most of them also see the problematic issues depicted and acknowledge the flaws that these books have. But that doesn’t mean they can’t love them at the same time. There are numberless reasons for which people love this series. And we cannot deny that they may have changed some people’s lives. And that’s most definitely not a bad thing.

The problem with society today is that people like to tear others apart for the simplest of reasons. One of them is loving a certain book that is almost universally hated. Because that’s “the trend”. We give in so easily to these trends, we jump on the hate bandwagon without a second though, because it’s easier that way. There are so many people who have loved this series, but later on, for fear of ridicule, chose to hide that. I wanted to give them a chance to say: “You know what? I like these books. They were a big part of my life and that’s not easily erased. So I’m going to keep loving them for as long as I want. And that’s okay.” We’re allowed to read what we want, like what we want and not fear backlash over it. Live and let live, right?

I loved this series when I was younger. And I found enjoyment reading it now that I’m older. And this is something that you don’t find very easily: to love a series even years after reading it for the first time. I think there are so many more important things that we can channel our energy towards debating, rather than a book series about a vampire falling in love with a human girl. There are so many more important and awful things out there than this.

Read what you love and love what you read. No fear and no regrets. Life is too short to be scared about the things that we love.