mine: the search

Of course I watched Avatar when it was on, but I was little

I really got into it when I was 14

And then made this account when I was 15

I passed 3000 followers when I was 16

And I just turned 17 (which I assume she’s 17/18 in this)

And I love being the same age as a character and, in a way, growing up with them (especially when it’s your favorite character)

HEY I had no idea that this happened, but right back when The Search first came out, Dante did a read for several different lines in the comic and put them up on his YouTube. They were across 3 different videos so I compiled them all here. Some of them are really good (particularly towards the end). It’s so cool hearing his Zuko voice.

Here’s the sources for the videos, they’re worth watching as he gives some commentary and stuff too:

GARAK: I’ve missed you. I’ve been genuinely concerned for your safety. Lunch hasn’t been the same without you.

This is said in The Search Part II, so it never really happened. I don’t feel like Garak would actually have said something like this at this point in the series; it’s not subtle enough. But since Julian was hooked up to the simulation deal, this likely means that Julian either knows Garak misses him or wants him to–or both.