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What is The Movement?

It’s a comic from around 2013, written by Gail Simone! It’s about a city in the DCU where superheroes have been outlawed by a corrupt mayor, and a group of homeless teens and young adults come together to become superheroes. They kickstart the titular movement, which involves civilians and heroes exposing corruption in the police department, government, etc.

The team lineup is…

Virtue: A Black lesbian who can “ride” emotions, and has a loose connection to the emotional spectrum from Green Lantern.

Katharsis: A former police officer (iirc she’s from Laos) who has wings.

Tremor: An asexual Indian woman with the ability to control the earth.

Vengeance Moth: A disabled woman who can summon a giant green energy moth. I think I remember something about her being Killer Moth’s niece? I know they’re related somehow.

Mouse: He has a mouse army. Thats all you really need to know.

Burden: A gay runaway who can shapeshift into a demonic form, and believes it’s because he’s possessed by a demon (spoiler: he isn’t, he’s just got issues from his childhood)

Rainmaker from Gen13 also appears, though not as a member of The Movement.

It’s a really good comic, but due to some horrible marketing (DC tried tying it to Occupy Wallstreet, which it has nothing to do with) it had horrible sales, and was cancelled after a year. It’s got a strong focus on social justice, which is what drew me to it when it was still going. It’s one of the few New52 titles I’d highly recommend.

Character: Roshanna Chatterji / Tremor

From: Secret Six (2008),The Movement (2013)

Representation: Asexual, Bengali

Their Importance: In her original appearances, she’s from a poor farming family. Her powers manifest as earthquakes, leading her to be seen as a “witch” to her village and moves away. She is the only asexual character I can think of that is portrayed as a person who happens to be asexual, and not a caricature for asexuality. She isn’t the oddball of the group or treated like she was weird for being ace, but her asexuality is still addressed. In an issue of The Movement, a major character, Mouse, has a crush on her and tries to flirt with her. When she realizes that he has a thing for her, she gently shuts him down, explaining that she isn’t into him because she just doesn’t feel any attraction to anybody. 

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In episode seven of The Movement presented by AT&T (Season Two), host Calen Carr travels to Portland, where the Timbers and NWSL’s Thorns, both owned by Merritt Paulson, are making diversity, inclusion and acceptance hallmarks of their clubs.

I had this silly little dream. I thought that we might be part of something better.

Where people cared about each other.

Where compassion wasn’t seen as weakness.

Where those in power helped people, without judgement.

I thought maybe we could remind people, you know?

That it’s okay to care.

—  Virtue, The Movement #12

In episode six of The Movement presented by AT&T (Season Two), host Calen Carr travels Atlanta to uncover how Atlanta United has captured the imagination of the city.

 During its first season in MLS, Atlanta United set a record for attendance by an expansion team and looks poised to make the MLS Cup Playoffs.