mine: the mindy project


the mindy project aesthetic ⇨  dr. mindy lahiri

“I’m not picky. I just have high standards.”

( for my darlings @mindykahling and @alienrumi ♡ )


my forever favorites: (15/50) male characters ◈ Morgan Tookers

Look, whenever I got my ass kicked, whether it was my literal butt ass or my emotional heart ass, I did the same thing. I got back out there, and I made ‘em regret they ever messed with me in the first place. Think of the best, strongest warrior version of yourself. Give that warrior a name. Never tell it to anyone. Mine is Axehead Lundgren. Come on, Morgan! Then whatever he’s doing to the warrior, he’s not doing to you, so you find his weakness, and you tell your warrior to go get him.